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ARMS: Argent a chevron engrailed gules between three ravens proper

Sable a lion rampant argent over all a bend (OR bendlet) sable [CHURCHILL]

Sable a fesse (or a chevron) between three escallops argent [?MICHELL]

Argent on a bend double cottised sable three cinquesfoils argent [DOWNAY]
Argent on a bend cottised azure three cinquesfoils argent [DOWNAY]

CREST: A raven proper

CREST: Or a two handled goblet charged with a rose gules and issuant therefrom three fleur-de-lis proper

An old Devon saying "Crocker, Crewys, and Coplestone, When the Conqueror came were at home"

Lyneham, in this parish, gave name to a family who possessed the manor till about the year 1340: it was afterwards, for a short time, in that of Topcliffe. In the year 1402, it belonged to John Crocker, son of John Crocker, Esq., of Hele. Sir John Crocker, of this family, was one of the knights who were attainted and outlawed by Richard III., and who accompanied the Earl of Devon to the relief of Exeter, when besieged by Perkin Warbeck, in 1497. (fn. 46) Courtenay Crocker, Esq., who died in 1740, left an only daughter, who brought Lyneham to James Bulteel, Esq., grandfather of John Bulteel, Esq., of Fleet, the present proprietor. Lyneham is now a farm-house. [MAGNA BRITANNIA: VOLUME 6: DEVONSHIRE (1822), pp. 562-579.]

Richard Crocker
(M.P., Tavistock, Devon) 1335 [PARL]

William Crocker of Hele, Devon c1320-
(M.P., Tavistock, Devon) Jan 1377 [PARL]
chn: John Crocker below

John Crocker of Hele, Devon c1350-
m Joan .....
[??? m Agnes Churchill]
(Portreeve, Tavistock) 1393-4
(M.P., Tavistock, Devon) 1394 [PARL]
(Commissioner) 1405-6 1412
chn: John Crocker below

CROCKER, John, of Tavistock and Hele, Devon. M.P., Tavistock 1394. s. and h. of William Crocker of Hele. m. Joan, 1s. Portreeve, Tavistock Oct. 1393—4. [1] Commr. to cause merchants to make restitution for piracy, Plymouth Oct. 1405, Feb. 1406; Commr. of oyer and terminer, Devon Oct. 1412. Crocker's ancestors included Richard Crocker, MP for Tavistock in 1335 (whose assessment at 16s. to the subsidy of 1332 had then been the second highest in the town), and his father sat for the same borough in January 1377. [2] Various members of the family served as portreeve of Tavistock in the 14th century, and John himself was holding that office at the time of his only known election to Parliament. He witnessed deeds at Tavistock between 1378 and 1398, and paid rent to the abbey for two tenements and a messuage in the town as well as for land at Newton and Inswell Down within the lordship of Hurdwick. [3] John's father had obtained in 1383 a licence from the diocesan to have mass celebrated in the chapel at Hele. Precisely when John inherited the family lands is not known, but in 1395 he brought an action at the Exeter assizes for property in Black Torrington, and from 1398 onwards he was often designated as 'of Hele'. His landed holdings included several acres at Cheriton Bishop and elsewhere, which he settled in 1398 on John Smyth and his wife Joan, for their lives; and in 1400 he himself acquired a lease for life of the manor of Hemmerdon, for which he agreed to pay £4/13/4 p.a. Five years later Crocker served on the jury which met at Exeter to assess a parliamentary subsidy levied on those owning land worth £20 a year or more, but whether it was he or his son, John Crocker of Lineham, who fell into the same category of wealthier Devonshire landowners when further assessments were made in 1412 remains uncertain. [4] Crocker acted as a trustee of the property in and near Plymouth which belonged to Richard Spicer I, one of his fellow trustees apparently being John Holand, earl of Huntingdon, whose condemnation for treason in 1400 led to the confiscation of the premises by the Crown. Crocker 'of Hele' attended the parlia-mentary elections held at Exeter in April 1413 and October 1414, having in the meantime become in¬volved in a dispute over land at Plympton Erie and elsewhere. [5] However, it is not always easy to distin¬guish him from his son and namesake, especially as the date of his death is not recorded. [6] [1] Trans. Devon Assoc. lxxix. 150. [2] Ibid. lxxi. 151, 155, 157; lxxix. 149. [3] Tavistock Parish Recs. ed. Worth, 72-73; Devon RO, Bedford mss, D2/144, 179, T1258 M/S21, f. 134, D84/29, ff. 7, 14. [4] Reg. Brantingham ed. Hingeston-Randolph, 494; JUST 1/1502 m. 144d; CP25(I)45/69/i96; Plymouth Lib. Woolcombe mss, 16, 18-20, 22; E179/95/69; Feudal Aids, vi. 418. [5] CIMisc. vii. 75; CPR, 1399-1401, p. 276; C219/11/1, 4; CCR, 1413-19, p. 46. [6] See Vivian, Vis. Devon, 254 and Trans. Devon Assoc. lvii. 316-17. The younger John Crocker m. by 1400, Alice, da. of John Gambon, senior, thereby acquiring the manor of Lineham in Yealmpton: Reg. Stafford ed. Hingeston-Randolph, 274; CP25(i)46/82/90. It was probably he who served on important royal commissions in Devon and Cornw. between 1416 and 1432 and attended the parliamentary elections at Exeter in 1420, 1423 and 1425. His extensive lands eventually descended to his gds. Sir John Crocker, knight of the shire for Devon in 1491: C219/12/4, 13/2, 3; Feudal Aids, i. 453-5, 457- 461, 485. [THE HISTORY OF PARLIAMENT: THE HOUSE OF COMMONS 1386-1421 695-6]

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon c1380-....
[??? m ..... ..... "heiress of Corim"]
m1 a1400 Alice dau of John Gambon
(by right of his wife, lord of Lyneham)
(Commissioner) 1416-32
chn: John Crocker below

(12 Nov 1431) (1) John Penhale, clerk, querent, and (2) John Crokker of Lyneham, esquire, and Alice, his wife. deforciants. Property ... in Bonelegh', Wynkelegh' Kaynes and Nymet Bordeuyll' [Devon]. .... [mentions] (1) John Gambon' the elder, father of the aforesaid Alice, and the heirs of his body and (2) to John Gambon' the younger, brother of John Gambon' the elder, and his heirs. [CP 25/1/46/82, number 90]

Hic jacet Johannes Crokker, Armiger, una cum Alicia et Alicia uxoribus, qui obiit xiiii die Mensis Martii anno dom. MCCCCXXXIIII. [A HISTORY OF YEALMPTON]
[?RELIABLE 14 March is same date as Sir John Croker below]

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon c1410-
m Margaret -----
chn: John Crocker below

(8 Mar 1434.5) Grant (& counterpart) (1) John Copleston, Nicholas Radeford, Henry Fortescu, John Jaybien and Robert Spry (2) John Crokker of Lynham, esq and Margaret, his wife. Manor of Hemerdun, which they had of John Copleston. Witnesses: Robert Chalons, knight, Alexander Champpernoun, Robert Hill, John Hill, John atte Wode & others [710/50]

Sir John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Knight c1433-1508
[? m1 Elizabeth Fortescue dau of Richard Fortescue of Ponsbourne in Hatfield, Herts
c1400-1455 and Agnes Holcombe dau of Richard Holcombe ; m?1 John Wood; m?2 -----
Elliott] [see NOTE BELOW]
m2 (contract dated, 4 Jul 1507) [below] Isabel Yeo dau of Robert Yeo of Heanton
Satchville, Devon c1455-1530; (but had no chn); m2 John Upton of Trelaske,
d 10 OR 14 Mar 1507.8; i Yealmpton; M.I. [below]; IPM 24 May 1508/-----
(cup bearer and standard bearer to Edward IV, [reigned 1461-83])
(Commissioner) 6 Jun 1462-22 May 1494
(M.P., Devon) 1491
chn: John Crocker b c1458; (aged 50) 1508 [IPM] below
William Crocker
Anna Crocker m1 John Seymour; m2 Nicholas Carew of Hackcome
Elizabeth Crocker m John Gilbert of Compton; (but had no chn): He b c1479;
d 1 May 1539 aged 60+; Will (PCC) 7 Jul 1539

[NOTE: His first wife is said to be "Elizabeth dau of Sir Richard Fortescue of Punsbourne, Herts and Windsor, Devon and widow of John Wood and ----- Elliot" [H&G 8 380]. However no acceptable source for this statement has been found]

Hic jacet Joh'es Crokker, miles, quonda' ciphorarius ac signifer illustrissimi regis Edwardi quartii, qui obiit xiiij die Marcij Anno Doni missi'o quigentesimo octavo

(4 Jul 1507) Marriage Contract. Between (1) John Crokker, knight (2) John Bassett, knight, Thomas Haycche, Roger Graynefeld, William Walrond, Edmund Yeo and Edward Yeo for the Manors of Hemmerdon and Bykeford for life of Isabel, daughter of Robert Yeo , esq and the witnesses were Humfrey Fulford , Thomas Graynefeld , knights, and William Yeo , & others, all well known names.

(1504/15) John Upton, of Treloske [Trelaske], and Isabel, his wife, late the wife of John Croker, of Lyneham, knight. v. John Croker, son and heir of the said Sir John.: The manors of Hemerdon, Bickford, and Blakelondes.: Devon.

(20 Nov 1508) IPM 553. JOHN CROKKER knight. Writ, wanting; inquisition 20 November 24 Henry VII [1508] He died seised in fee of the under-mentioned messuages and lands &c. in Torpyke, Chyriton Burnell, Bukbroke and Chyriton land. Long before his death he was seised in fee of the under-mentioned manor of Crokkeres and messuages &c in Burdeveliston, Litelham and Exmouth, and by his charter dated 10 April 6 Henry VII [1491], granted them to John Crokker, Anne, his wife, and John Southcote, and the heirs of the said John Crokker and Anne between them to be begotten. Anne died; and John Crokker and John Southcote survived her and are still seised of the premises in fee tail by survivorship. Also the said John Crokker knight, was seised in fee of the under-mentioned manors of Hemerdon and Bykford and by his charter dated 14 August 22 Henry VII [1507], enfeoffed thereof John Basset, knight, Thomas Hacche, Roger Greynfeld, William Walrond, Edmund Yeo and Edward Yeo, to hold during the life of Isabel daughter of Robert Yeo, for her sole use, as her jointure and whole dower pertaining to her by or after the death of the said John Crokker, knight. The said feoffees are still seised thereof to that use. He was also seised in fee of the under-mentioned manor of Lyneham, and in [Hila]ry term 13 Henry VII [January 1498], suffered a recovery thereof to William Curtenay, knight, William Burgyn (since deceased) and Andrew [Hi]llersdon, to the use of himself and his heirs. The surviving recoverors are now seised thereof to the use of John Crokker. esquire, his son and heir. He died 10 March last [1507.8]. John Crokker, aged 5O years and, more, is his son and heir. DEVON. 14 messuages, 40a. land, 40a. meadow, 20a. wood and 140a. furze and heath in Torpyke worth 5 marks, held of the king, by reason of the minority of the prince, by knight-service, as of the honor of the castle of Tremyton parcel of the duchy of Cornwall [- LOST -] 40a. meadow, 40a. wood and 40a. furze and heath in Chyriton Burnell worth 40s., held of the heirs of John Herl, knight, by knight-service, as of their manor of Colryge. A messuage, 100a. land, 20a. meadow, la. wood [- LOST -] heath in Bukbroke within the parish of Taynton Drew worth 21s., held of the king, as of the honor of his castle of Exeter, in free socage, by a rent of 3s 4d yearly.

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1458-1521
m1 Ann Arundell dau of Renfrew Arundell and Joan (Coleshill); (but had no chn);
d 25 Aug 1507; IPM 30 Oct 1507/27 May 1508 [below]
m2 Elizabeth Pollard dau of Sir Lewis Pollard Knight (Justice of the Common Pleas)
c1460-1526 and Agnes Hext dau of Thomas Hext of Kingston by Totnes, Devon;
b c1490; m2 Sir Hugh Trevanion of Caerhayes, Cornwall Knight; d 21 May 1531;
IPM (Devon) 20 Oct 1531 [below]
d 20 Jan 1520.1; i Yealhampton [will]; IPM (Devon) 12 Apr 1521 [below]; Will of
Lyneham, Devon Esquire (PCC) 12 Jan 1520.1/1 Feb 1521.2
(aged 50+) 1508 [IPM]
(had license to empark certain lands and heath in his manor of Lynham with free-warren in Lynham, Hemerdon, Brixton, Smalehanger and Torpike) 28 Nov 1514
(High Sheriff, Devon)
[2] John Crocker [1] b c1515; (aged 5) 12 Apr 1521 below
Gregory (OR George) Crocker [2]
Elizabeth Crocker m Andrew Maynard of Shilford/Sherford; (and had chn:
Ann Crocker m Edward Drew of Newton St Cyres c1516-1580; (and had chn: Edmund,
Mary, Joan); i 13 Apr 1557 Newton St Cyres

(27 May 1508) IPM ANNE CROCKER. Writ dated at Westminster 30 Oct 23 Hen VII [1507] Inquisition taken at Exeter 27 May 23 Hen VII [1508] before Richard Garlond, escheator. The jurors (Philip Butler, Will. Ryesdon, Roger Veysyke, John Pursse, Rich. Bower, John Legh, Davit Challocomb, John Hatton, John Langdon, Nichs. Flemmyng, Henry Seyntyll', & Ralph Kyngeston) say that a fine was levied Trinity 1 Hen VII [July 1486] between Robt. Throgmorton, esq., and Edward Bertlet, plain¬tiffs, and Will. Houghton, knt., and Joan his wife, deforciants, of the manor and advowson of Huish, the manor and advowson of Stowford by Lifton, and 280 acres of land in Bowreland, which deforciants quitclaimed to plaintiffs, and plaintiffs granted to deforciants and to the heirs of Joan. Joan died 20 Dec 13 Hen VII [1497]. William then held the lands, the reversion thereof belonging to Edmund Arundell, knt., kinsman and heir of Joan, to wit, son of Renfrew, son and heir of said Joan by Renfrew Arundell, knt., her first husband. Said Edmund died without issue 27 Nov 19 Hen VII [1503] and the reversion fell to Anne wife of John Crokker, daughter of Renfrew Arundel, son of Joan. Said Anne died without issue 25 Aug last past [1507], and the reversion fell to Anne Danvers, aged 30, daughter of John Stradlyng, son of Elizabeth, eldest daughter of said Joan and Renfrew, to John Whytyngton, aged 44, son of Elizabeth 2nd daughter of the same, and to Richard Bolles, aged 30, son of Isabel 3rd daughter of said Joan by John Nanffan, esq., her second husband. William Houghton, knt., died 29 Feb last [1507.8]. The manor and advowson of Huish are held of Margaret, Countess of Richmond of her castle of Cheping Torrington, by one 20th of a knight's fee; worth by the year, clear, 5 marks. Stowford held of the same by one 30th of a fee; worth. &c., 60s. Boureland held of Edward, Earl of Devon, of Okehampton Castle, in free socage, by service of a load of hay; worth by the year, clear, 20s. [Volume 21 (85)]

(1 Dec 1517) Grant (1) John Crokker of Lynham, esq (2) John Hount. Manor of Hemmerdon. Witnesses: Lewis Pollard, knight, a justice of the Common Pleas, Andrew Hyllersdon, esq, John Copleston of Yealmpton, esq, & others [710/58]

(Will) In the name of god amen the xvi day of January the yere of our lorde mvxx [1520.1] I John Crocker of Lynham in the countie of Devonshire esquire being sike in body and hole in mynde and freshe of remembrance make my testament in this manner First I give and bequeath my soule to almighty god our lady Saint Mary his blessed mother and to all her company of hevyn my body to be buryed in holy ?grace in the litell chapell of our blessed lady Saint Mary within the parishe church of Yalhampton where Sir John Crocker knight my fader is buried. Also I will that immediately after my decease there be v masses of the fyve wounds of our lord Jhu criste saide for me and also a trigintall of masses for my soule ---- daies next after my decease. Also I give and beqeth unto the ?stone of Saint Bart---- at Yalhampton forsaid xx ?d. Also I bequeth unto my sonne John Crocker my best basyn of silver with the ewer thereto belonging and my best salt of silver with the with the cover of the same and my best bolle of silver gilt with the cover of the same and alos my flatt boll of silver gilt that is ----- ed with the cover to the same belonging Also I bequeth unto Elizabeth my wyfe a bason of silver with the ewer belonging to the same and also one gilt salt of silver with the cover of the same & standing cupp of silver gilt ij white bolls of silver ?oon ?pointed and any other unpoinnted one doseyn of spoones of silver and ii spomys of silver gilt And also I give and bequeth unto the said Elizabeth my wyfe all my Tynne werks within the county of Devonshire to have and to hold to her and her assignes terme of her lyfe after the ---- of the ?Stannery to thentent therweith to help fynde my children and her. Also I bequeth unto my fader in lawe Sir Lewes Pollard knight a standing cupp of silver and gilt to pray for my soule and for the soules of my fader and moder And also if my said fader in lawe wilbe at my burying or at my monethes mynde and to help se this my last will performed and kept. I will that he have for his labour and payne v marcs And also yf my cosyn Thomas Copleston wilbe at my burying and moneth mynde and putt his goods help therunto I will that he shalhave for his labour and payne five marcs and a blak gowne to pray for me Also I will that my cosyn John Copleston of Yalhmampton shallhave a black gown if he wilbe at my burying and at my monethes mynde to pray for me Also I will that Sir John Hunt my preest shallhave by vi li every yere during the tyme of v yeres next ensuying after my decesse to syng for me in the chappell where my body shalbe buried And if the said Sir John by reason of any benifice to him gevyn cannot conveninetly attend this to doo that then I will find other honest preest be provided after the discretion of my executors to syng for me in the said chapell during thes said yeres and that preest to have for his wage yereley vi li Also I will that of the residue of my goodes not bequeathed that the said Elizabeth my wyfe shalhave the thirde parte theroef or one hundred pounds in money at her pleasure Also I will that if it fortune my said wife to be abiding at Lynham that at any conveneinet tyme shall please her commannde the said preest to saye masse at Lynham that he so doo specially remembring to pray for my soule the soules of my fader and moder and at every masse to say deprofundes with a speicall collet for the soules abovesaid The residue of all my goodes not bequeathed I give and bequeth them unto the abovesaid Sir Lewes Pollard knyght and unto the abovesaid Thomas Copleston which Sir Lewes and Thoams I ordeyn and make myn executors to dispoase for the welth of my soule and of my children as by them shalbe thought moost necessary In witness wherof I the said John Crocker have putte my Seal; the yere and day abovesaid. These witnessing Sir John Hunt preest Edmund Cryspyn preest curate of Yalhampton for said John Blakeford John Stibill John Arkesworthe and other (Probate granted to named executors 1 Feb 1521 [1521.2])

By an Inquisition p.m. held at Exon, on the 12th day of April, in the 12th year of the reign of King Henry VIII. [1521] &c. before Richard Strode, Esq. Eschaetor, and a jury therein named, &c. &c. found that John Crokker, Esqr. was seized in demesne and of fee of the manors of Torpeke, Crokershele, and Cheryton Burnell, with 20 messuages, 300 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, 60 acres of woodland, one mill, 50 acres of furze and underwood, and ten marcs rent, with the appurtenances, lying and being in Torpeke, Uggeburgh, Crokkershyll, Methe, Cheryton Burnell, Cheryton Phypane, Herford, Bordenylyston, Sele Cranworthy, Brodeclyste, Monks hyll, Bouley, Traylysworthy, Shaa, Lytelham, and Exmouthe, in the county of Devon, &c. whereby it appeared by a record of the roll of Michmas Term, in the 24th year of King Henry the Seventh [cOct 1508], that the said manors, lands, &c. were held in demesne and fee for the sole use and benefit of the aforesaid John Crokker, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, &c. &c. &c. Also that the said John Crokkcr was seized in demesne and of fee of the manor of Lynham, with the appurtenances, &c. that is, in¬cluding 11 messuages, 400 acres of land, 60 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 20 acres of woodland, 100 acres of furze and under¬wood, and 10l. rent, with the appurts. in Lynham, Lotherton, Yalmeton, Bryxton, and Holbeton, in the county aforesaid, &c. &c. &c. Likewise the manor of Hemerdon, with 15 messuages, 100 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, 20 acres of woodland, 2 mills, 200 acres of furze and underwood, and 10 shillings rent, with' the appurtenances in South-Shore, Peworthy, Fenton, Longes, Chery¬ton Episcopi, Suggebroke, in the parishes of Drewystaynton, Crokkerswyll, Shepewaysshe, Plymouthe, Buckland, Bruer, Padstowe, Godelegh, Hatherlegh, Stuklond, Plympton St. Mary, and the town of Plympton, &c. &c. (Note.) Then follow the tenures of the aforesaid estates, &c. &c. The said John Crokker died on the 20th day of June [?recte January], in the afore¬said year [1520/1], &c.; and John Crokker is declared to be his son and heir and is of the age of five years. [IPM (Devon) 12 H VIII [1520/1] No 22] [H&G 8 386]

By Inquis. post mortem, held at Exeter, on the 20th day of October, in the 23d year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth [1531], &c. before John Hexte, Esq. Eschaetor of our said Lord the King, for the county of Devon, &c. (and a jury therein named), found that Eliza¬beth Trevanyon, wife of Hugh Trevanyon, and before wife of John Crokkcr, Esqr. &c. &c. &c. (Note. Then follows the same descrip¬tion of the manors, lands, &c. as given already in the Inquis. p. m. of John Crokkcr, 12 Hen. VIII.) And after the decease of the afore¬said John Crokker the said Elizabeth became seized of the said manors, messuages, lands, &c. &c. for her use and benefit during her natural life, and after her death for the use of John Crokker, son and heir of the aforesaid John Crokker deceased, &c. &c. &c. (description of tenure, &c.) The aforesaid Elizabeth died on the 21st day of May last [1531]. Lastly, the aforesaid John Crokker, the son and heir, was found to be 17 years of age. [IPM (Devon) 23 H VIII [1531/2] No 8 [H&G 8 386-7]

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1515-1560
m Elizabeth Strode dau of Richard Strode of Newnham in Plympton St Mary, Devon
Esquire c1478-1551 and Agnes Milliton dau of John Milliton of Meavy, Devon; (said
to be mentioned in her father's will) 26 Aug 1550; (with her husband, said to be
mentioned in her mother's will) 6 Nov 1553
d 30 Jun 1560; IPM (Devon) 1560 [below]; Will [X PCC/Exeter]
(aged 5[sic]) 12 Apr 1521 [IPM]
(aged 17[sic]) 20 Oct 1531 [IPM]
(said to be in wardship to Sir Lewis Pollard Knight)
(said to be mentioned in the will of his mother-in-law Agnes Strode) 6 Nov 1553
chn: John Crocker [1] b c1532; (aged 28) 1560 [IPM] below
Thomas Crocker [2] m Margery Gyll dau of John Gyll of Tavistock; (and had chn);
(ancestor of CROKER OF ST AGNES, CORNWALL) [see John Crocker of St Agnes, Will
(PCC) 24 May 1658]
Richard Crocker [3] m ----- -----; (and had chn); (of Ugborough, Devon)
Nicholas Crocker [4] i 6 Feb 1605 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]
Robert Crocker [5]
Edward Crocker [6]
Philip Crocker [7] [? (of Gloucester)]
Samuel Crocker [8] (as of Lyneham gent., assigns a lease) 1592 [NATIONAL
Agnes Crocker m Thomas Burell of Woodland in Cornwood, Devon c1546-....; (and
had chn: Arthur b c1576, Thomas) [see VIS.CORNWALL.1620 25-6]
Alice Crocker m George Kempsham/Keynesham of Brixton, Devon
Elizabeth Crocker
Mary Crocker
Joan Crocker
Ann (OR Amy) Crocker

(IPM) By an Inquisition p.m. taken at the Castle of Exeter, in the county of Devon, in the 2d year of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, &c. before Leonard Loveys, Eschaetor of our said Lady the Queen, &c. &c. it was proved that John Croker was seized in demesne and of fee in the manor of Hemerdon, 26 messuages, 2 mills, 50 acres of land, 300 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 120 acres of woodland, 200 acres of common, 300 acres of furze and underwood, with 10l. rent, lying and being in Hemerden, Byckford, Ramysland, and Lotherton, in the aforesaid county, and of free warren in all the said manors, and also in Lynham, Hemerdon, Bryxton, and Small Hanger, in the afore¬said county, &c. &c. And the aforesaid John Croker was found seized in demesne and of fee at the time of his decease of the manors of Longen and Hyll, with the appert's in the foresaid county, with 17 messuages, one water mill, 17 gardens, 50 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 40 acres of wood, 200 acres of furze and under¬wood, and 16 shillings rent, with the appurts. in Longen, Cheryton, Crokkernewell Epis, Methe, Eddersdon, Buxbroke, Sprayton, Sheppeswaysche, Petroxstow, Hathereseye, Torre, Goodleigh, Lyneham, Wysgere, Buckland, Bruer Hyll, Bundeleigh, and Plymouth, in the afore¬said county. Also part of the manor of Craneford in Beteleye or Bredeleye, with the appurts. in the said county, &c. &c. &c. The aforesaid manors, lands, messuages, &c. &c. were secured, &c. after the death of John Crokker senior, to John Croker his son and heir, Agnes his wife and the heirs of their body, &c. &c. Lastly, the manor of Lynham, including the rectory of the parish church of Yealmeton, valued at 20s. per annum, and truly of the annual value of 23l. &c. &c. (Then follow how the various estates were held, &c.) John Crokkor died the last day of June, in the year aforesaid [1560], John Croker, is son and heir, being of the age of 28 years. [IPM (Devon) 2 Eliz [1559/60 No 20 Exchequer Series]

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1532-1612
m c1551 Agnes Servington dau and coheir of John Servington of Tavistock, Devon
gentleman c1490-?1563 and Agnes Arscott dau of John Arscott of Arscott in
Holsworthy, Devon, Devon gentleman c1469-1541; b c1537
d 18 Nov 1612; i Yealmpton [will]; Will (PCC) 19 Dec 1611/21 Jun 1613 [below];
IPM (Devon) 7 Oct 1613 [below]
(aged 28) 1560 [IPM]
chn: Hugh Crocker [1] c 30 Mar 1552 Lyneham below
John Crocker [2] (had no chn)
William Crocker [3] b c1562; (aged 17, matriculated from Broadgates Hall,
Oxford) 23 Jul 1579; (as 3rd son of John C. of Lyneham, at Middle Temple) 1581;
(had no chn)
Agnes Crocker [1] b c1558; m John Penhallow/Penkellow of Cornwall
Frideswide/Friswith Crocker [2] m ..... Challons/Champernoun of Modbury
Mary Crocker [3] m1 Henry Knyvett ....-1617; m2 Thomas Southcott of
Calwoodly/Callerleigh ....-1622
Ann Crocker [4] m c1597 John Fowell of Harewood, Calstock, Cornwall; (and had
chn: Edmund Fowell c1598-1664 [PARL])
Barbara Crocker [5] b a1564 [VIS]; d young
Christopher Crocker b c1568; m 30 Dec 1603 Yealmpton: Philippa Gregory; (and had
chn: Joan c 4 Feb 1606 Yealmpton); (of Ramsland)
George Crocker b c1570; m Mary Honychurch dau of John Honychurch of Aveton
Giffard; (but had no chn): She m1 John Cole; (of Budockshide)
Barbara Crocker b c1575; m Walter Elford of Sheepstow: He b c1575; (aged 7)
1583; i 9 May 1648 Sheepstow; M.I.; Will (PCC) 2 May 1648/24 Jun 1648:
She d 1658 aged 83; i Sheepstow; M.I.

(1574) John Crokker of Lyneham, Devon, esquire v John Eveleigh esquire, feodary of Devon, and Vincent Calmady, gentleman. Defrauding of wife of plaintiff and her sister of their legacies by hiding will of her brother and acquiring letters of administration by declaring him intestate. Bill, two answers. Short title: Crocker v Evelegh etc. Covering dates 1574

(Will) In the name of God amen the nyntenth daie of December in the yeare of our Lord god according to the computation of the church of England one thousand six hundred and eleaven and in the ninth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god of England Fraunce and Ireland kinge defendoor of the faith --- and of Scotland the five and fortieth I John Crooker the elder of Lineham in the county of Devon Esquire beinge aged in yeares feeble in bodie but of good and perfecte memory thanckes be given to Almghtie god doe make and ordaine this my last will and testamente in manner and forme following First I comitt and commend my soule to Almghtie god from whome I reevied it constantlie believing by the death and apssion of Jeus Christ my redemmer to be made partaker of everlastinge --oyes with him the blessed Virgine Marie and all the holy company of heaven and my bodie to be buried in holie grave in the little chapple of the parish church of Yalmton somtyme cakked our ladie chapple where Sir John Croker knight and other my ancestors have been buried Item I give and bequeath to the poore people of the parrish of Yalmton aforesaid tenn shillings Item I give and bequeath to the poore people of the parish of Plimpton Marie tenne shillinges Item I give and bequeath to my servannte John Smale tenne shillinges Item I give and bequeath to Phillipp Croker the wife of John [? error for Christopher] Crooker of the parishe of Ugborough fifty poundes of lawfull English money to be paide within six months after my decease Item I give and bequeath to George Croker my sonn the some of one hundred markes of lyke lawfull money of England to be paide lykewsie within six monthes next after my decease And also one feather bed performed which I myselfe doe ust to lye on Item I give and bequeath to John Crooker the sonne of John Crooker sonne and heire of Hugh Crooker my eldest soone deceased my little bason and ?yare of silver And whereas James Martine of the Inner Temple neare London gentleman executor of the last will and testament of Christopher Martine his father deceased by his deede indented dated the second daie of Januarie in the six and thirtieth yeare of the raigne of our late soveraigne Queene Elizabeth did demise give graunte bargaine and sell to me the said John Croker my Executors and assignes all those three partes of two tenements into four partes to be devided whereof the one tenement is called Batteffordes and the other Mackerell Parkes scitaue in the parish of Plympton Marie in the said countie of Devon in the tenure of me the saide John Croker or my assigns together with all his right interest and estate therein as by the said indenture it at large appeareth which saide two tenementes the saide Christopher Martine somtyme bought as by four svereall indenturs thereof made to the said Christopher Martine conteyninge the demised and grauntes of three partes of the said tow tenementes of Battesford and Mackerell Parkes in four partes to be devided for and duringe the tearme and tearmes of fower scoore and nynteene yeares yf John Martine Nicholas Marytnne and Roger Martine sonnes unto the saide Christopher or any one of them should happen so longe to live to begine at a daie and tyme then to come as by the saide indenture most plainlie appeare the first of which said indentures beareth date the eighteenth daie of November in the six and twentieth yeare of the raigne of our saide late soveraigne Elizabeth [1583] and was made betweene William Mohnne of Bockmcke in the county of Cornewall knight of thone partie and Christopher Martine of Plympton Marie in the said county of Devon of thother partie the seconde of which said indentures beareth date the tenth daie of April in the six and twentieth yeare of the raigne of our saide soveraigne Elizabeth [1584] made betweene John Arrundell of Colverne in the said countie of Cornwall esquire of the one partie and the saide Christopher Martine of the other partie the thirde of which said indentures is dated the first daie of March in the seaven and twentieth yeare of the raigne of the saide late Queene Elizabeth [1584.5] and was made betweene Peeter Courtney of Trethurffe in the said county of Cornwall Esquire of the one party and the said Christopher Martine of the other partie The fourth of which saide indentures beareth date the eleaventh daie of June in the two and thirtieth of the the raigne of our saide late Queene Elizabeth [1590] and was made betweene Hamball Divian of Telawaren in the saide countie of Cornwall of thone partie and the said Christopher Martine of thother partie as by the said severeall indentures yt plainlie appeareth Nowe my will mynde and intent is And I doe herbey give graunte and assigne unto the said John Crooker sonne of the said Hughe Crooker aswell all the saide three partes of the said two tenments in fower partes to ?be devided with thappurtenances As also all such right estate title and interest as I have of of right ought to have either by the graunte of the said James Martinne or by anie of the saide indentures before expressed of in or to the premisses and every parte and parcell thereof together with the saide indentuers and the full benefitt and commoditie of all such grauntes covenantes and agreements in the saide several deedes or any of them are mentioned and expresed to the onely use of the said John Croker his executors and assignes dureinge the continuance of the terame and tearmes before recited and of every of them Item the residue of all my goodes and chattells moveable and immoveable quicke and deade of what nature or qualitie the same is I doe give and bequeath to the saide John Croker the sonne of the saide Hughe whom I make and ordaine to be my sole executor of this my ?pute last will and testament And I doe hereby revole and make frustrate and voyde all willes and testamentes by mee formerlie or heretofore made and doe pro--ise and publish these ?putes to be my ?pute last will and testament and do nominate and appointe John Vowell Esquire and Robert Tozer to be my overseers and for the better testimony hereof I have herunto sett my hande and seale the date and yeare above written John Croker witnessed at the sealing hereof John [blank] per me Johannem Wolcombe ?Testeme Robert Tozer. (Probate on 21 June 1613 to John Croker)

(IPM) Devon — Inquisition taken at the Castle of Exeter, 7th October, 11 James I [1613] (in pursuance of the writ annexed), after the death of John Crocker, Esquire, deceased. He was seized in fee of the Manor of Lynham, in co. Devon, and of ten messuages, 400a. land, 40a. meadow, 200a. pasture, 20a. wood, l00a. furze and heath, and 10l. of rent in Lynham, Lotherton, Yealmpton, Harston, and Brixston, in the said county. Also, long before his death, he was seized in fee of the Manor of Longes and Hill, and of twenty messuages, one corn-mill, eighteen gardens, 560a. land, 120a. meadow, 220a. pasture, 40a. wood, 200a. furze and heath, and 16s. rent in Longes, Cheriton Episcopi, Crockernewell, Crockershell, Meath, Eddersdon, Buggcbrock, Craft, Rugrawde, Sprainton, Sheapwashe, Petroxstowe, Hatherleigh, Tordeane, Goodleigh, Wishare, Buckland, Bruer, Bundleigh, Ramsland, and Plymouth, in the said county; and of the moiety of the Manor of Craneford, in Broadeclist, and of free warren in all his Manors and lands of Lynham, Hemerdon, Brixton, and Smallhangcr. And so being seized by his charter indented he enfeoffed thereof Roger Fortescue, of Buckland Filley, Esquire, and Christopher Crocker, of Lynham, gent. To hold to them, their heirs and assigns, to the use of the said John Crocker for term of his life, without impeachment of waste, and after his decease to the use of John Crocker junior of Lynham, son of Hugh Crocker, Esq. deceased, and his heirs male by Joan Crocker then his wife, and in default thereof to the heirs male of the said John Crocker junior, and then to his right heirs. By virtue whereof the said John Crocker senior was seized of the premises (except the said warren). He was also seized in fee of the Manors of Hemmerdon, Bickeford, and Venton, and in twelve messuages, two corn mills, 200a. land, 40a. meadow, 100a. pasture, 20a. wood, 300a. common, 300a. furze and heath, and 5l. of rent in Hemerdon, Bickeford, Venton, and Plympton, and by his charter be enfeoffed thereof John Fowell, Esquire, and George Crocker, gent, to his own use for life, then to the use of the said John Crocker, junior, and his heirs for ever. The tenures and yearly values of the premises are set out. J.C. died 18th Nov. last [1612], and J.C. junior is his kinsman and next heir, viz. son of said Hugh, son and heir of J.C. senior. [IPM (Devon) Part 12 No 61]

George Crocker of Crocker's-heale in par. of Meeth, co. Devon, gent, to par. of Meeth 20s.; kinswoman Agnes Woorthall £20 three years hence; goddaughter Joane Crocker of Ramsland £20 ; godson Obadiah Heiron £10; goddaughter Elizabeth Cole 20 nobles; John Randell 40s.; cosen Joane Cole 40s.; grandchild John Cole one of my silver bowles; his mother Margarett Cole the other silver bowle; cousen Edward Powell the gold ring which his father gave me, which is now in custodye of my wife; sister Barbara Elford my lute or afferialle, either of which she plcaso to chuse; my loving frende Edward Roules a silver bowle of 3l. price; an estate or terme of 50 years (more or less) in Crocker's heale to Mary my kind and loving wife for her life; remainder to my son in law Richard Cole and nephew Francis Crocker, to be equally divided between them, on condition that they give unto my brother Christopher Crocker of Ramsland his children 20l. a piece (except my goddaughter Joane Crocker to whom I have given 20l.); residue of estate to wife Mary; she sole executor Dated 21 Sept. 1630; prd. by exec. at C.P.C. 31 Jan 1632.

Indenture, dated 5 Aug. 10 James I. [1612] between Anthony Copleston of Pynes, co. Devon, of the one part, and George Crocker of Lynham, co. Devon, gent., of the other, recites that John Crocker of Lynham, esq., decd, gave 12 March 37 Hen. VIII. [1545.6] to Robert Yeo, esq., all the lands, &c., called Crocker's heale in parish of Meeth, which Robt Morcombe and Elizth his wife, and John Morcombe their son, then held to hold for 90 years, to begin after the expiration of Morcombe's lease. That Robert Yeo devised his interest 7 April 8 Eliz. [1566] to John Shibburgh at Shebbeare, and said John S. devised it to Anthony Copleston, since decd, and Richd Westcombe, and that Anthony Copleston (son of said Anth. C.) is now rightfully possessed of said lands. Anthony Copleston, in consideration of 50l. given by said George Crocker, grants to him his interest in the said term in half the property, reserving all rights wch had been reserved in the original lease given by John Crocker, esq., decd. By indenture, dated 10 Feb. 12 Charles I. [1636./7] Francis Crocker of Treeby, co. Devon, gent., sells his share of Crocker's heale lease to Richard Cole of Aveton Giffard for 320l. The deed recites, that this estate had been settled on George Crocker by his father, John Crokker of Lynham, esq., 11 Dec. 15 Jac. I. [1617] [but John died in 1612] By indenture, dated 11 Aug. 13 Charles II. [1661], Edmond Fowell of Harwood, co. Cornwall, esq., leaves to John Cole of Meeth, gent, (who surrenders a lease dated 11 Dec. 14 Jac. I. [1616], given by John Crocker of Lyneham, esq., decd, to George Crocker of Aveton Gffard, gent., decd) for 100l. the estate of Crocker's heale for the lives of said John Cole and Mary his wife.

Hugh Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire 1552-a1614
c 30 Mar 1552 Lyneham
m Agnes Bonville dau of ----- Bonville (son of Humphrey Bonville of Ivybridge in
Ermington, Devon gentleman c1490-1573); b c1557
d before his father a1614
chn: John Crocker b c1580 below
Francis Crocker [2] b c1583 below
Hugh Crocker [3] b c1585; [? m ----- -----; (and had chn: Margaret c 2 Jun 1607
Ermington] [? m 14 Jan 1610 Ermington: Thomas Michell; (and had chn: John
c 6 Mar 1611 Ermington, John c 21 Jul 1612 Ermington, [? William b 11 Feb 1615
Ermington] ] [NOTE: His brother Francis was "of Ermington" on marriage in 1619]
[H&G makes him to be Hugh Crocker of Exeter, Devon merchant c1591-?1662, below]
Christopher Crocker [4] [? c 22 Mar 1587 Braunton]; (as Crokker, signed the
Visitation) 1620
Joan Crocker m ..... Peirse/Piers
Elizabeth Crocker m1 ..... Rale/Rule; m2 ..... Moon/Mower
Agnes Crocker m John Worthall of Womburnford, Devon [VIS.DEVON 1620 361]
Margaret Crocker m Richard Koone/Keer
Mary Crocker b c1600; (unm.) 1620

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1580-1646
b c1580
m1 1 Jan 1605 Yealmpton: Jane Leigh dau of ----- Leigh (son of James Leigh and Agnes
(Hockmore); m1 ..... Webber ALIAS Gilbert; Adm as Joan Crokker alias Leigh (PCC)
15 Jan 1634.5 to husband John
m2 11 Aug 1613 Broadwinsor, Dorset [IGI, submitted]: Elizabeth Champernowne dau of
Sir Arthur Champernowne of Modbury, Devon Knight; (but had no chn); 1647 ha
i 16 Nov 1646 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]; Adm (PCC) 11 May 1647 to wife Elizabeth
(aged 25[sic]) 1612 [H&G 8 380, but no source quoted and must have been older]
chn: John Crocker c 31 Aug 1609 Yealmpton; d 28 Apr 1629; i Exeter College;
M.I. [below]; (aged 10) 1620 [VIS]; (at Exeter College, Oxford) [NOT IN FOSTER]
[?] George Crocker c 24 Jul 1610 Yealmpton; d in infancy
[?] Mary Crocker b c1612; m c1642 Bernard Prince c1613-1689 [see NOTE below]

Bernard Prince c1613-1689
m1 c1642 Mary Crocker "of Lyneham" c1618-.... [ODNB, calls her dau of John]
m2 Jane Drake dau of Philip Drake of Salcombe, Devon
d 1689
chn: John Prince b c1643; (aged 17) 1660; d 9 Sep 1723; (author THE WORTHIES OF
Mary Prince
[2] Bernard Prince (of Newenham Abbey, Axminster)

(Axminster) In Memoriam Dilectissimi Patris Bernardi Prince Gen'si Nuper de Abby & Mariae Crocker Uxoris ejus 1mae de Lyneham oriundae Et Janae Drake uxoris ejus 2dae ex longo Stemmate natae. Hoc monumentum pietatis ergo Joh'es Prince, A.M. olim Vicarius de Totnes, nunc de Berry-Pomroy, d'ti Bernardi et Mariae filius, moerens posuit. 1709.

NOTE: Sir Arthur Champernowne, who died at Modbury in the reign of James I, was an eminent commander in Ireland, under the Earl of Essex, by whom he was knighted in 1599 [MAGNA BRITANNIA]. He married after 1599 "Amy dau and heir of John Crukern of Childhay" [BLG]

Egregio juveni Joanni Crocker / filio unico Joannis Crocker / Devoniensis Armigeri / Hujus Collegii Commensali / Sacrum. / haec unigenitum parentis orbi / dilectum facies rerert Joannem / Crocker Devonia dolente natum. / cujus spem pietas fidemque certam / invicta extulit halitus supremus / expirantis, erat nee absque teste. / famae quod reliquum est brevi superstes / comprendi negat hoc satis lapillo. / sat te quod monuit semel legentem / qua tandem moritur pius salute: / Ut HIC qui obiit Apr. 28, 1629 [?OXONIENSA NOTES AND NEWS ?1948 82-4]

Francis Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1583-1659
m (by Exeter licence, 18 Mar 1618.9) 18 Apr 1619 St Stephens: Thomasin Kempe;
m1 7 May 1604 St Stephens: John Pascowe of Torr in St Stephens, Devon gentleman
....-a1618; (and had chn: Elizabeth, Joan, Pentecost, Mary); i 11 May 1630
Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]
i 13 Jan 1659 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]
(of St Stephens, Cornwall gentleman)
chn: John Crocker c 16 Jan 1619.20 St Stephens below
Francis Crocker c son of Francis and Thomasine 15 Mar 1620.1 St Stephens
Alice Crocker c son of Francis and Thomasine 10 Mar 1621.2 St Stephens
James Crocker c ----- St Stephens [TO CHECK]
Dorothy Crocker c 9 Apr 1624 St Stephens
Dorcas Crocker c 22 May 1625 St Stephens
Matthew Crocker c 2 Aug 1626 St Stephens; [? m 17 3m [May] 1663 Plymouth FMM:
----- -----; [? Mary Kingstone OR Anderton]; (? of Ermington) [see below]
Moses Crocker c 12 Oct 1627 St Stephens
George Crocker c 4 Dec 1628 Yealmpton further below

(Exeter Marriage Licences) 18 Mar 1618.9. Francis Crocker gent, of Ermington and Thomasine Pascow of St Stephens by Saltash

Fraunciscus Crooker gent. ?per---- duxit ?Thomesinania Paskow vid die
?Com----- decimo octavo die menses Aprilis [18 Apr 1619] [St Stephens]

(1641/2) Gill v Crocker. Plaintiffs: Robert Gill . Defendants: Francis Crocker, [Osborne] and others. Subject: property in Ermington, Devon . Document type: bill, three answers. . Short title: Gill v Crocker. Plaintiffs: Robert Gill . Defendants:
Date: 1641 - 1642 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings, S... C 3/425/38

(1649) Release (1) Francis Crocker of Lyneham, esq, George Revell and Oliver Revell, his brother, both of Ugborough, yeomen (2) Thomas Cantrell of Ugborough, yeoman Part of a messuage in Ugborough, part of Townplace, lately in the tenure of John Mudge, [NATIONAL ARCHIVES]

(1663) Assignment of lease 1 Mary Hingeton of Plymouth 2 Matthew Crocker of Ermington, gent 3 Francise Crocker of Yealmpton. Three parcels of land called Kittorr, Shortland and Shortland Grove in Newton Ferrers. [Plymouth and West Devon, Holbeton Deeds] 708/45

(1693) Lease for 99 years 1 Matthew Croker of Ermington, gent, and Mary, his wife 2 Hugh Treby of Holbeton, yeoman Three parcels of land called Kittorr, Shortland and Shortland Grove, Newton Ferrers. [Plymouth and West Devon, Holbeton Deeds] 708/46

(1697) Assignment of the remainder of a term of 1000 years 1 Matthew Croker of Ermington, gent 2 Philip Croker, gent, his son. Property as above. [Plymouth and West Devon, Holbeton Deeds] 708/49

John Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire c1620-1684
c 16 Jan 1619.20 St Stephens
m1 28 Sep 1657 Yealmpton: Jane dau of Sir John Pole of Shute, Devon 1st Baronet
c1594-1658 and Elizabeth dau of Roger How; (sister of Sir Courtenay Pole 2nd
Baronet 1619-1695); [b 7 Apr 1625]
m2 aged c50[sic] (by VG licence, 12 Jul 1680) Houghton Jefford: Jane -----; m1 -----
i 3 Dec 1684 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]
chn: John Crocker c 26 Feb 1658 Yealmpton; i 7 Oct 1671 Yealmpton
Courtenay Crocker c 13 Jun 1660 Yealmpton below
Hugh Crocker c 12 Nov 1662 Yealmpton; i 22 Feb 1668 Yealmpton
Jane Crocker c 27 Oct 1664 Yealmpton; i 17 Dec 1667 Yealmpton

(?DATE) Marriage Settlement. Between (1) Sir John Pole of Bromley St Leonard, Middx (2) Francis Crocker of Lyneham (3) John Crocker son and heir apparent of Francis Crocker (4) Jane Pole daughter of John Pole. £1500 was to be paid to Francis in several instalments by Sir John Pole in return for all the properties of Lyneham, with Francis to retain the title of Lyneham esq and to receive an annuity from the said properties. These properties were to pass to the male heirs of the bodies of John and Joan, this being the eldest son, or the eldest son of the second son, or the eldest son of the third son etc. In default of any male heirs, the property was to pass back to Francis and his male heirs, and in default of this to the male heirs of John. Daughters were to receive £2000 to be equally divided amongst them, and John was to provide for the children of Francis, out of the profits of the estate. Francis states that he was the brother and heir of John Crocker deceased and in 1655 he took out a chancery cause against John's widow Elizabeth. She then had to convey the estate to the heir Francis, and he gave her £400 annuity for this. There is a mention of Philp Champernon having the tenure of Bittaford, in Plympton St Mary, and that Elizabeth paid the mortgage for this. [ROUGH ABSTRACT OF DEED AT EXETER by courtesy of Sheila M. Yeo]

(VG, Canterbury) 12 Jul 1680 John Croker, of Lyneham, co. Devon, Esq., Widr, abt 50, & Mrs Jane Southcote, of Exeter, Widow; alleged by Henry Greene, of Ham in par. of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, Gent.; at Houghton Jefford, co. Devon.

Courtenay Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire 1660-1740
c 13 Jun 1660 Yealmpton
m1 c1685 Bridget OR Mary Hillersden dau and heir of Richard Hillersden of Membland
m2 16 Mar 1696 Exeter St Thomas: Catherine Tucker dau and heir of John Tucker of
Exeter; (but had no chn)
d 1740
(at Middle Temple) 1680
(M.P., Plympton Erle) 1695-1702 [PARL, full entry not seen]
chn: Mary Crocker b c1686; m 1 Oct 1718 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380]: James Bulteel; (and
had chn); d 1741

George Crocker of Plymouth, Devon "gentleman" 1628-1697
c 4 Dec 1628 Yealmpton [H&G 8 380] yr son of Francis Crocker of St Stephens, Cornwall
gentleman c1583-1659
m 24 Nov 1661 Kingsbridge: Anstice Tripe dau of Nicholas Tripe of Kingsbridge, Devon
merchant 1599-1686; c 13 Oct 1633 Kingsbridge; i 14 3m [May] 1695 Halbathic
Friends Burial Ground, Liskeard FMM [see below]; (with unnamed children) 1685 fw
d 25 2m [Apr] 1697 [see below]; i 28 2m [Apr] 1697 Halbathic Friends Burial Ground,
Liskeard FMM [see below]
(with his wife, a member of the Society of Friends)
chn: Mary Crocker b 28 6m [Aug] 1662 Plymouth FMM; d in infancy
Tabitha Crocker b 22 4m [Jun] 1664 Plymouth FMM [NIGI as Elizabeth] below
Mary Crocker 24 11m [Jan] 1665.6 Plymouth FMM; [? m 20 Jan 1694 St Germans:
Joseph Sparks; (and had chn: Mary b 17 Nov 1695, Annice b 10 Jan 1697, Sarah
b 17 Nov 1698, Benjamin b 14 Oct 1700, Joseph b 15 Oct 1700, Anster
b 2 Feb 1704, Abraham b 13 Dec 1704, Rachel b 2 Dec 1705, William
b 13 Mar 1707]
Francis Crocker b 22 4m [Jun] 1667 Plymouth FMM]; m Ann -----; (and had
chn: George 15 1m [Mar] 1703.4 Liskeard FMM, John b 1 11m [Jan] 1704.5 Liskeard
FMM; i 7 12m [Feb] 1732.3 Halbathic Friends Burial Ground, Liskeard [see below]
Sarah Crocker b 24 12m [Feb] 1669.70 Plymouth FMM [IGI, ?source]
John Crocker b 8 12m 1673 below
[?] Samuel Crocker m as son of George 27 1m [Mar] 1701 Liskeard FMM: Deborah
Fox; (and had chn: George b 5 2m [Apr] 1703 Liskeard FMM, Francis b 7 3m [May]
1704 Liskeard FMM [see below]): She i 29 11m [Jan] 1705.6 Liskeard FMM:

It was not long before my father bought an estate in the county of Cornwall; he was a tobacconist, and it being war time he laid down all business, and retired into the country, and lived in a house with my elder sister, who was married to Francis Fox, a shopkeeper at Germains, where my father and mother remained until their death ... [see below]

George Croker of Germans late of Plymouth dyed the 25th day of the 2nd Mo and was Buried in Friends Burial Ground att Halbathick in the Parish of Liscard the 28th day of the same Month 1697 [Cornwall East Division Monthly Meeting, RG 6/1339]

Anstis Croker the Wife of George Croker was Buried in Friends Burial Ground att Halbathick in the Parish of Liscard the 14th day of the 3rd Mo 1695 [Cornwall East Division Monthly Meeting, RG 6/1339]

Francis Croker of Liskeard was buried in the Friends Burial Ground at Halbathick in the Parish of Liskeard the 7th day of the 12th month 1732 [i.e. 1732.3]

(1725) General release and quitclaim (1) Francis Croker, jun., of St. Germans, to (2) his uncles Francis Croker of Liskeard borough, gent., and Francis Fox of St. Germans, mercer. [Cornwall Record Office, Liskeard deeds and leases] [X 568/20]

Tabitha Crocker 1664-1730
b 22 4m [Jun] 1664 Plymouth FMM [NIGI as Elizabeth]
m 30 Mar 1686 .....: Francis Fox of St Germans, Cornwall "gentleman" 1647-1704
d 1730

John Crocker of Horsham, Sussex 1674-1727
b 8 12m 1673 [8 Feb 1673.4] [see below]
m1 14 Jul 1696 St Minver, Cornwall: Ann Peters dau of John Peters of St Minvers,
Cornwall and Margery (.....); d in childbirth 1699
m2 1702 Elizabeth Gates
d 29 11m [Jan] 1727.8 Horsham; i 1 12m [Feb] 1727.8 Ifield FMM
Horsham Friends Burying Ground
chn: Charles Crocker b 29 5m [Jul] 1699 East Cornwall FMM
[2] John Crocker b 5 Jun 1703 Ifield FMM, Sussex
Ann Crocker b 2 3m [May] 1705 Liskeard FMM; i 15 Jul 1722 Ifield FMM
Richard (John/Elizabeth) 7 11m [Jan] 1706.7 Liskeard FMM
George Croker b 24 Dec 1709 East Cornwall [NIGI]
Samuel Crocker b 10 Dec 1711 Ifield FMM, Sussex
[?] Elizabeth Crocker m 8 Oct 1735 Ifield FMM: ----- -----

BRIEF MEMOIR OF THE LIFE OF JOHN CROKER Who Was Born At Plymouth In 1673. Written By Himself ... I was born on the eighth of the twelfth month, in the year 1673, in the town of Plymouth, in the county of Devon: my father was of the family of the Crokers of Lyneham, being by birth one called a gentleman; and he married Anstice, the daughter of Nicholas Tripe, a shopkeeper at Kingsbridge, in that county. They were both early convinced of the blessed Truth, and stood boldly for it in the time of persecution, many times to the loss of their goods and imprisonment of their bodies ... my father, who was kept a prisoner sometime at Exeter, forty-four miles from home, and my mother was at the same time a prisoner in the Bridewell at Plymouth. ... In the year 1686, some Friends of Plymouth being about to remove to Pennsylvania, and I being willing to go with them, my father and mother concluded to bind me apprentice to a Friend, one John Shilson, by trade a serge maker, but who also professed surgery; ... [LONG ACCOUNT OF HIS TIME IN AMERICA AND ADVENTURES ON RETURN] ... and I set myself at work in my elder brother's trade, being a serge weaver; and to combing of wool I went, and earned six or seven shillings a week by my work, which brought me in money for a time. It was not long before my father bought an estate in the county of Cornwall; he was a tobacconist, and it being war time he laid down all business, and retired into the country, and lived in a house with my elder sister, who was married to Francis Fox, a shopkeeper at Germains, where my father and mother remained until their death, and then my eldest brother went thither... Soon after this period, (viz. about the year 1695,) the Lord was pleased to deprive me of my dear and honourable mother, who was in her day a noble woman for Truth, and who retained her integrity to God, and love to Friends to the end: I doubt not but she resteth in peace with the Lord. This was a trying time to me, and it made an impression on my very countenance. I then retired into the country to my father, who was soon after brought to his bed by reason of a sore distemper in his feet. So I waited on him, and to keep myself from idleness and get a little money, I put forward some small business, which was spinning of tobacco, my father's former occupation.... I now began to think of a settled life, and I had cast my eye on a virtuous young woman, the daughter of John and Margery Peters, of Minver, in the county of Cornwall. ... Now being come to the twenty-second year of my age ... we were united. ... [A Brief Narrative of the Life of John Peters by Thomas Gwin of Falmouth (1709)... His body was interred the thirteenth of the Seventh month, 1708, at the burying ground of our Friends at Minver.] ... Thus, for about three years I passed my time, in the enjoyment of a tender and affectionate wife, who truly feared the Lord, and with whom I had great comfort; and we were a strength and rejoicing to each other. But at length it pleased the Lord to take from me my dear wife in child-bed, in the year 1699. ... I spent two years a widower... we had the company of our friend Elizabeth Gates ... I returned with my father and friend Elizabeth Gates to her father's at Horsham ... The Yearly Meeting in 1702 approaching... we might be married soon after ... So we came down into Cornwall, took a house, and settled at Liskeard ... and my father Gates, happening to die about the same time, there seemed to be a want of some person in his room. So, after nine years, having had four children, whereof three were living, we gave notice of a sale of our shop and household goods, and soon disposed of the sam ... we left the country, [in the Third month, 1711;] being only myself, wife, and three children, a friend J. S., [removed to Sussex] [About a year after his removal into Sussex, he wrote a letter to his sister, Tabitha Fox, (formerly Croker,) widow of Francis Fox, of Germains, in Cornwall; from which the following is an extract:] Horsham, the 20th of Ninth month, 1712. Dear Sister, My desire is.... I conclude with our true love to thee and thy children, hoping that, as they grow in years, they may grow in the fear of the Lord. ... John Croker. [NOTES ... his son Charles, probably the eldest of the family ... We had two sons at home... and departed this life, the twenty-ninth of the eleventh month 1727, at Horsham, in the county of Sussex, aged very nearly fifty-five years; and was buried in Friends' burying ground at Horsham, the first day of the Twelfth month.


(1736) Memorandum that John Croker gave lands in Ermington and Ipplepen in trust to pay his deceased sister Peternell's legacies to his younger children, and after the payment of legacies, to be held by his son John; with a note that Elizabeth, John Croker's widow, was sworn on 23rd June Devon Record Office 312M-8/E10



Hugh Crocker of Exeter, Devon merchant c1591-?1662
possibly son of Hugh Crocker of Lyneham in Yealmpton, Devon Esquire 1552-a1614
m 7 Jul 1621 [IGI] (by Exeter licence) Elizabeth Colleton sister of Sir John Colleton
Will (PCC) 21 Mar 1659.60/1 May 1662
chn: Hugh Crocker c 21 Sep 1623 Exeter St Olave
John Crocker c 31 Jul 1625 Exeter St Olave
Sarah Crocker c 21 Oct 1627 Exeter St Olave [IGI, submiited]
Mary Crocker c 25 Apr 1630 Exeter St Olave
Robert Crocker c31 May 1631 Exeter St Olave
Martha Crocker c 30 Nov 1632 Exeter St Olave
Thomas Crocker c 11 Mar 1633 Exeter St Olave
William Crocker c 10 Apr 1636 Exeter St Olave
Peter Crocker c 6 Apr 1637 Exeter St Olave
Hannah Crocker c 7 Feb 1640 Exeter St Olave

(Will) Hugh Crocker of the Citty of Exeter marchant ... unto John Crocker Robert Crocker Thomas Crocker and William Crocker and Peter Crocker five of my sonnes fiftie pounds apiece ... my daughters Sarah Mary Martha and ----- Crocker ... [residue to] sonne Hugh Crocker marchant ... sole and onlie executor ... 21 Mar 1659 (Proved 1 May 1662 by ?William Crocker)

There have been several other very eminent persons of this name and family, one, whom for his great loyalty to his prince, I may not pass over in silence, Sir Hugh Crocker, Knight, who, being a younger brother, was bred a merchant in the city of Exeter. God was pleased to bless him with great success a long while in that employment; insomuch, he was possessed, at one time, with no less than ten ships, entirely his own. He lived also in good reputation in the city, and was chosen mayor thereof, anno 1643, at what time K. Cha. I. of precious memory, came thither in pursuit of the Earl of Essex; whom, having overthrown, his majesty returned to Exeter again, where he was pleased to confer the honour of knighthood upon this gentleman : a title which, how well soever deserved, he was not very ambitious of. For he was a person of great humility, as well as of great integrity, and eminent loyalty, always expressed to that best of princes, in the worst of times ; for which, when rebellion became predominant, he suffered much, both in purse and person. His composition at Goldsmiths' hall cost him no less than £288., as it did, at the same time, his brother-in-law Sir John Colleton, of Exeter, Knight (whose sister he had married) £244. 10s." [THE RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW]

William Crocker c1605-
[? (aged 16, as of Oxon armiger, matriculated from Brasenose, Oxford) 28 Mar 1617]
chn: William Crocker below

(1614) Acknowledgement by Hugh Crocker of Modbury, husbandman, of a debt of £50 owed to his brother William Crocker, endorsed with a note of the taking possession (in 1658) by William Crocker the younger of Penquitt Mill, Modbury [NATIONAL ARCHIVES 312M-8/F2]

William Crocker of Winsor in Yealmpton, Devon gentleman c1635-1714
d aged 79 19 Jan 1714; M.I. (Yealmpton) [below]
chn: Petronell Crocker b c1666; d aged 61 19 Mar 1627
William Crocker b c1669; (aged 30) 1699 below
Elizabeth Crocker b c1671; d aged 30 2 Apr 1701

(16 Dec 1663) Marriage settlement. (1) William Crocker of Penquit Mill, gent
(2) Edmund Pollexfen of Kitley, esq and William Brooking of Ermington, gent
On the marriage of William Crocker and Elizabeth Pollexfen, sister of Edmund Pollexfen [NATIONAL ARCHIVES 74/450/13 16 December 1663]

(1669) Agreement for assignment of lease. Between (1) John Reynolds of Halisbury, gent. and (2) William Crocker of Yealmpton, gent. Premises: one tenement and several closes of land called Winsor in Yealmpton, leased to 1. by Sir Edward Hungerford of Farley Hungerford Castle, Somerset. Consideration: £950 [NATIONAL ARCHIVES 312M-8/E1]

William Crocker c1669-....
d aged 30 1 Dec 1699; M.I. (Yealmpton) [below]
(of Middle Temple)

(1686-93) letters to William Crocker of Winsor, 1686, 1688, 1693 Yealmpton from his son William studying law in London; the 1688 letters mention the landing of William of Orange. [NATIONAL ARCHIVES 312M-8/F2]

These registers [Yealmpton] contain several entries relating to the family of William Crocker, whose place in the pedigree, I have been unable to ascertain/. A Mon. Ins. states that "William Croker, Esqr. Counsel at law" died 1 Dec 1699, aged 30, and was the son of William Croker, of Winsor, gent., who died 19 jan 1714, ageed 79, and he, it would seem, of another William Croker, gent. [H&G 8 379]

Here lieth the Body of William Croker, Esq. Counsellr at Law, who died the 1st day of December 1699, aged 30 years. Here lieth also the Body of Elizabeth Croker His Sister Being both the Son and Daughter of William Croker of Winsor, Gent., who died the 2nd day of April 1701, aged 30 years. Here lieth the Body of William Croker, of Winser, Gent., who died the 19th day of January Anno Domini 1714, aged 74 years. Here lieth the Body of Petronell Croker the daughter of William Croker Gent., of Windsor in this Parish, who departed this life the 19th day of March 1727, in the 62 year of her age. Leaving a Legacy of Thirty pounds, the Interest of which is to be distributed yearly on the 2nd of February among the Poor of the Parish of Yealmpton. [INTERNET]

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