New York, NY, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 40.7143528, Longitude: -74.0059731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Morton, Gary  19 Dec 1924New York, NY, USA I296045
102 Murphy, Elizabeth Edna  17 Nov 1899New York, NY, USA I382940
103 Newmark, Harriet  06 Oct 1851New York, NY, USA I1398162
104 Nichols, Margaret  9 Nov 1768New York, NY, USA I121112
105 Nicholson, John Ormond  New York, NY, USA I308565
106 Osborne, Esther  10 Mar 1774New York, NY, USA I182702
107 Parker, Willard  5 Feb 1912New York, NY, USA I373634
108 Paterson, Lisa  New York, NY, USA I151229
109 Patrick, Jason  17 Jun 1966New York, NY, USA I373182
110 Peters, Anna A.  Abt 1870New York, NY, USA I341963
111 Phoenix, Stephen Whitney  25 May 1839New York, NY, USA I227261
112 Provost, Barbara  15 Aug 1647New York, NY, USA I139920
113 Provost, Jonathon  26 Mar 1651New York, NY, USA I139922
114 Provost, William  1639New York, NY, USA I139915
115 Quackenbosch, Peter  30 Jul 1803New York, NY, USA I182913
116 Quackenbush, Abraham  1787New York, NY, USA I182453
117 Quackenbush, James  24 Jun 1817New York, NY, USA I182844
118 Quick, Edwin  28 Aug 1805New York, NY, USA I345732
119 Quigg, Rosemary Elizabeth  22 May 1899New York, NY, USA I341569
120 Ransome, Mary  New York, NY, USA I82865
121 Reitwiesner, John  26 Apr. 1853New York, NY, USA I729450
122 Reitwiesner, John George  19 Dec. 1889New York, NY, USA I729448
123 Richardson, Elizabeth Fisher  15 Dec 1789New York, NY, USA I384922
124 Roger-Lacan, Baptiste  1992New York, NY, USA I757238
125 Rogers, Esther  1757New York, NY, USA I697998
126 Romeyn, Margaret  Abt 1770New York, NY, USA I182720
127 Salomon, Viola  22 Feb 1880New York, NY, USA I1398288
128 Sanchez, Elvera  1 Sep 1905New York, NY, USA I329645
129 Schepmoes, Dirck Jansen  2 Sep 1648New York, NY, USA I178554
130 Schulze, Margaret Boyce  11 Jun 1921New York, NY, USA I1404071
131 Schuyler, Louisa Lee  26 Oct 1837New York, NY, USA I379917
132 Schuyler, Louise  New York, NY, USA I379938
133 Schuyler, Nicholas  11 Sep 1691New York, NY, USA I323445
134 Secor, Henry Reynolds  13 Oct 1805New York, NY, USA I222523
135 Seton, Helen  1893New York, NY, USA I370274
136 Shaw, Artie  23 May 1910New York, NY, USA I372355
137 Sheedy, Ally  13 Jun 1962New York, NY, USA I373162
138 Sherman, Ada  11 Apr 1868New York, NY, USA I376274
139 Sherman, Cora Pullisier  16 Oct 1866New York, NY, USA I376275
140 Sherman, Eugene King  25 Aug 1875New York, NY, USA I376279
141 Sloan, Benson Bennett  29 Mar 1867New York, NY, USA I727293
142 Sloane, Jessie Sherman  13 Jul 1857New York, NY, USA I376169
143 Snydam, Ferdinand  14 Feb 1816New York, NY, USA I227196
144 Stackhouse, Mary Ann  12 Jul 1808New York, NY, USA I223426
145 Stallone, Sylvester  6 Jul 1946New York, NY, USA I404963
146 Steel, Dawn  19 Aug 1946New York, NY, USA I329643
147 Sterling, Jan  3 Apr 1921New York, NY, USA I373625
148 Stewart, Helen Lispenard  28 Feb 1805New York, NY, USA I729245
149 ten Eijck, Maritje  3 Nov 1680New York, NY, USA I287367
150 Thompson, Ann  12 Aug 1763New York, NY, USA I430820

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 Provost, Sgt David  12 May 1657New York, NY, USA I139913
102 Provost, David  Aug 1720New York, NY, USA I139917
103 Provost, Gillis  7 Jul 1709New York, NY, USA I139924
104 Provost, Jonathon  30 Dec 1702New York, NY, USA I139922
105 Quackenbosch, Aarnout  16 Aug 1727New York, NY, USA I182626
106 Quackenbosch, Anthony I.  7 Dec 1836New York, NY, USA I181537
107 Quackenbosch, Benjamin  24 Jul 1750New York, NY, USA I182529
108 Quackenbosch, Benjamin  14 Sep 1772New York, NY, USA I182629
109 Quackenbosch, Cornelius  27 Mar 1764New York, NY, USA I182632
110 Quackenbosch, Jan  24 Apr 1806New York, NY, USA I182725
111 Quackenbosch, Jane Maria  24 Jan 1827New York, NY, USA I181539
112 Quackenbosch, Reynier  18 Nov 1807New York, NY, USA I182645
113 Quackenboss, Johannes  27 Aug 1759New York, NY, USA I182272
114 Quackenboss, Johannes  8 Aug 1763New York, NY, USA I182274
115 Quackenboss, Johannes  22 Dec 1774New York, NY, USA I182225
116 Quackenboss, Margrietje  1 Sep 1786New York, NY, USA I182276
117 Quackenboss, Wouter  5 Aug 1785New York, NY, USA I182241
118 Reid, Hal  22 May 1920New York, NY, USA I372859
119 Remer, Abram Henry  20 Mar 1866New York, NY, USA I227154
120 Robison, Mary  6 Jul 1840New York, NY, USA I138428
121 Roeloffs, Sarah  Aft 7 Aug 1693New York, NY, USA I178431
122 Schulze, Margaret Boyce  21 May 1964New York, NY, USA I1404071
123 Schuyler, Capt. Brandt  15 Aug 1752New York, NY, USA I323386
124 Schuyler, Phillip Jeremiah  21 Feb 1835New York, NY, USA I323283
125 Schuyler, Stephanus  22 Jun 1729New York, NY, USA I323431
126 Schuyler, Stephanus  15 Dec 1731New York, NY, USA I379792
127 Scofield,  New York, NY, USA I222501
128 Seabury, Samuel  10 Oct 1872New York, NY, USA I379934
129 Seaman, William  14 Dec 1835New York, NY, USA I729464
130 Shean, Al  12 Aug 1949New York, NY, USA I372900
131 Sheen, Fulton John  9 Dec 1979New York, NY, USA I349992
132 Sheen, Thomas Newton  New York, NY, USA I350045
133 Singer, Cecil Mortimer  28 Jan 1954New York, NY, USA I729111
134 Snydam, Harriet  12 May 1860New York, NY, USA I227131
135 Stuyvesant, Anna  Aft 19 Jan 1683New York, NY, USA I178429
136 Stuyvesant, Governor Peter  1682New York, NY, USA I185449
137 Sunderland, Ninetta  23 Nov 1973New York, NY, USA I372955
138 Tellier, Laura  Nov 1978New York, NY, USA I151047
139 Temple, John  17 Nov 1798New York, NY, USA I467974
140 ten Waert, Margaretta  1703New York, NY, USA I139914
141 Tillotson, John C.  18 Dec 1867New York, NY, USA I380162
142 Torrey, Lt. William  8 Oct 1831New York, NY, USA I121106
143 van Cortlandt, Margaret  1770New York, NY, USA I714653
144 van Elburch, Cornelia Lubbertse  1721New York, NY, USA I714617
145 van Ranst, Pieter  22 Feb 1741New York, NY, USA I726770
146 van Tongelen, Jean  1930New York, NY, USA I369847
147 van Tongelen, Johanna Herbertine  1920New York, NY, USA I369873
148 van Tongelen, Victor  1951New York, NY, USA I369849
149 Vredenburgh, Johannes  8 May 1721New York, NY, USA I260346
150 Waddington, Anne  5 May 1894New York, NY, USA I380287

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