Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL


City/Town : Latitude: 53.1634743, Longitude: 6.756319699999949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bodewes, Anna Bernardus  Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162517
2 Bodewes, Catharina Elsina  26 Feb 1874Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162513
3 Bodewes, Catharina Euphemia  20 Aug 1884Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162752
4 Bodewes, Catharina Maria  26 Nov 1896Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163446
5 Bodewes, Catharina Maria  19 Dec 1897Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163447
6 Bodewes, Cathrina Helena Susanna  10 Jun 1825Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162555
7 Bodewes, Elisabeth  24 Jan 1819Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162550
8 Bodewes, Elisabeth Catharina Maria  7 Sep 1895Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163445
9 Bodewes, Elisabeth Johanna  30 Jan 1842Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I824409
10 Bodewes, Geert  14 Apr 1856Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162579
11 Bodewes, Georgius Harmannus Marie  31 Jan 1906Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163450
12 Bodewes, Mr. Gerardus Harmannus Marie  10 May 1904Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I7087
13 Bodewes, Gerardus Joosten  15 Jun 1785Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I159864
14 Bodewes, Gerhardus Johannes  20 Oct 1829Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162559
15 Bodewes, Harmannus Wijnandus  10 Jul 1859Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162581
16 Bodewes, Harmannus Wilhelmus  2 Oct 1890Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162755
17 Bodewes, Henricus Wijnandus  25 May 1899Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163448
18 Bodewes, Hilbrand  15 May 1835Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162561
19 Bodewes, Hinderica Elisabeth  7 Oct 1822Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162553
20 Bodewes, Jacobus Theodorus  2 Mar 1871Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162584
21 Bodewes, Johanna Agatha Tecla  10 Oct 1885Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162757
22 Bodewes, Johanna Elisabeth  10 Dec 1820Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162551
23 Bodewes, Johanna Euphemia Geertruida  13 Mar 1887Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162751
24 Bodewes, Johannes Gerardus  14 Feb 1840Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I824407
25 Bodewes, Josephus Gerardus  6 Dec 1812Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162545
26 Bodewes, Josephus Hilbrandus  11 Feb 1827Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I689644
27 Bodewes, Josephus Wijnandus  03 Feb 1841Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I824408
28 Bodewes, Margaretha Elisabeth Maria  30 Jul 1910Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I7088
29 Bodewes, Margretha Johanna  14 Sep 1827Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162557
30 Bodewes, Wijnandus  25 Jan 1868Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162587
31 Bodewes, Wijnandus Gerardus  13 Oct 1816Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I159862
32 Bodewes, Wijnandus Gerardus  25 Dec 1888Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162754
33 Bodewes, Wijnandus Gerardus Marie  18 Nov 1900Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163449
34 Bodewes, Wynandus Gerardus Marie  17 Dec 1907Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163451
35 Muller, Margaretha Elisabeth  15 Mar 1885Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163061
36 Rengers Hora Siccama, NN  18 Mar 1840Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I811252
37 Ruding, Bernardus  28 Oct 1803Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162519
38 Ruding, Everardus Hermannes  15 Jun 1876Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162532
39 Verstokt, Anna Henderika  23 Oct 1886Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I733858
40 Verstokt, Gerardus Josephus  4 Jun 1856Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I733859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bijlholt, Geertruida Wijnkes  28 Nov 1836Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I159865
2 Bodewes, Catharina Maria  2 Dec 1896Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163446
3 Bodewes, Elisabeth  19 Mar 1833Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162550
4 Bodewes, Elisabeth Johanna  18 Sep 1842Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I824409
5 Bodewes, Gerardus Joosten  18 Jan 1854Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I159864
6 Bodewes, Harmannus Wijnandus  29 Jul 1912Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162581
7 Bodewes, Hillebrandus Joosten  30 Dec 1827Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I689641
8 Bodewes, Hinderica Elisabeth  28 May 1858Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162553
9 Bodewes, Johanna Agatha Tecla  14 Apr 1898Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162757
10 Bodewes, Wijnandus Gerardus  1 Jun 1904Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162754
11 Bodewes, Wijnandus Gerardus Marie  21 Jan 1907Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163449
12 Boerma, Harmannus Jacobus  3 Apr 1878Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162549
13 Creutsman, Elisabeth  9 Jun 1941Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I733860
14 Houweling, Maria  12 Jan 1967Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I733560
15 Pattje, Wicher Jans  23 Jul 1827Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I789824
16 Rengers Hora Siccama, NN  18 Mar 1840Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I811252
17 Riddering, Susanna Jans  17 Dec 1846Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I689642
18 Ruding, Roelf Berends  6 Sep 1809Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162518
19 Takkenberg, Henrica Maria  14 Jun 1955Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162756
20 Verstokt, Jacobus Franciskus  17 Aug 1902Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bodewes, Elisabeth Catharina Maria  28 Jul 1984Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163445
2 Bodewes, Georgius Harmannus Marie  10 Sep 1975Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163450
3 Bodewes, Henricus Wijnandus  19 Mar 1913Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I163448
4 Möller, Margaretha Catharina Maria  25 Mar 1963Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162533
5 Ruding, Everardus Hermannes  28 Feb 1958Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL I162532


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Malingré / Bodewes  22 Jul 1924Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL F346
2 Malingré / Bodewes  22 Nov 1936Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Gr, NL F347
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