Ipswich, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Abt 1550Ipswich, Suffolk, England I396343
2 Mary  1597Ipswich, Suffolk, England I124427
3 Sarah  Abt 1572Ipswich, Suffolk, England I248770
4 Barker, Dorothy  1501Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468254
5 Barker, Parnell  Abt 1530Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468271
6 Bright, Henry II  29 Dec 1602Ipswich, Suffolk, England I121185
7 Chaucer, Robert Le  1280Ipswich, Suffolk, England I568982
8 Chesterfield, Sarah  1614Ipswich, Suffolk, England I123747
9 Clark, Faith  1619Ipswich, Suffolk, England I357375
10 Clark, Thurstan  1590Ipswich, Suffolk, England I361831
11 Cutler, Robert  Abt 1475Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468253
12 Cutler, Robert  1525Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468270
13 Cutler, Robert  Abt 1553Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468272
14 Cutler, William  1500Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468255
15 Dole, Sarah  1578Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142302
16 Foote, Frances  1629Ipswich, Suffolk, England I131696
17 Frances,  1582Ipswich, Suffolk, England I248784
18 Greenleaf, Enoch  1 Dec 1613Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142305
19 Greenleaf, John  Abt 1550Ipswich, Suffolk, England I396342
20 Greenleaf, John  1632Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142303
21 Greenleaf, Judith  2 Sep 1625Ipswich, Suffolk, England I140867
22 Greenleaf, Mary  16 Dec 1633Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142409
23 Hart, John  Ipswich, Suffolk, England I110772
24 Hart, John  1630Ipswich, Suffolk, England I110861
25 Hart, Mary  1627Ipswich, Suffolk, England I110868
26 Hart, Mehetable  1622Ipswich, Suffolk, England I112148
27 Hart, Stephen III  1632Ipswich, Suffolk, England I111680
28 Houlton, Christian  Abt 1480Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468252
29 Hubbard, Martha  1613Ipswich, Suffolk, England I278504
30 Hubbard, William  Abt 1575Ipswich, Suffolk, England I278489
31 Knapp, Abigail  29 Jul 1579Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138175
32 Knapp, Dorcas  1576Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138172
33 Knapp, John  Abt 1582-1584Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138176
34 Knapp, Judith  1596-1601Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138182
35 Knapp, Leonard  Abt 1568Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138167
36 Knapp, Margaret  1586Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138177
37 Knapp, Martha  Abt 1592Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138180
38 Knapp, Mary  1564Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138165
39 Knapp, Phebe  1578Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138174
40 Leete, Phebe  1590Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142147
41 Loes, Faith  Abt 1597Ipswich, Suffolk, England I361832
42 Mary,  Abt 1598Ipswich, Suffolk, England I278509
43 Newll, Abraham  1581Ipswich, Suffolk, England I248783
44 Parkhurst, Agnes  1605Ipswich, Suffolk, England I261086
45 Parkhurst, Alice  1602Ipswich, Suffolk, England I261085
46 Parkhurst, Benjamin  1618Ipswich, Suffolk, England I261099
47 Parkhurst, Chris  Abt 1600Ipswich, Suffolk, England I261084
48 Parkhurst, Elizabeth  1610Ipswich, Suffolk, England I261087
49 Parkhurst, George  5 Jun 1621Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142236
50 Parkhurst, George  1630Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142240

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Greenleaf, Anne  Mar 1547Ipswich, Suffolk, England I396346
2 Greenleaf, Samuel  8 Jan 1615Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142304
3 Greenleaf, Sarah  26 Mar 1620Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142306
4 Greenleaf, Stephen  27 Nov 1544Ipswich, Suffolk, England I396345
5 Hart, Ann  20 Oct 1594Ipswich, Suffolk, England I110862
6 Parkhurst, Abigail  1 Jan 1625Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142238
7 Parkhurst, Deborah  1 Aug 1619Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142235
8 Parkhurst, George  Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142146
9 Parkhurst, John  19 Oct 1623Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142237
10 Shatswell, Mary  Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142172
11 Shatswell, Mary  Ipswich, Suffolk, England I280730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chaucer, Robert Le  1313Ipswich, Suffolk, England I568982
2 Cutler, Robert  9 Mar 1596Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468270
3 Cutler, William  1579Ipswich, Suffolk, England I468255
4 Greenleaf, Enoch  2 Dec 1617Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142305
5 Greenleaf, Nathaniel  21 Jun 1634Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142405
6 Greenleaf, Samuel  24 Mar 1627Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142304
7 Knapp, Abigail  14 Sep 1581Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138175
8 Knopp, John  2 May 1604Ipswich, Suffolk, England I138200
9 Parkhurst, John  7 Jun 1611Ipswich, Suffolk, England I248769
10 Webster, John  4 Nov 1646Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Greenleaf, Enoch  2 Sep 1617Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142305
2 Greenleaf, Nathaniel  24 Jul 1634Ipswich, Suffolk, England I142405


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barker / Bestney  Bef 1530Ipswich, Suffolk, England F186101
2 Cutler / Barker  Bef 1525Ipswich, Suffolk, England F186104
3 Cutler / Barker  Abt 1551Ipswich, Suffolk, England F186112
4 Frost /   Aft 30 Jul 1588Ipswich, Suffolk, England F112688
5 Goodale / Killiam  1629Ipswich, Suffolk, England F157733
6 Greenleaf /   Ipswich, Suffolk, England F158178
7 Greenleaf / Dole  1612Ipswich, Suffolk, England F56220
8 Parkhurst /   Abt 1588Ipswich, Suffolk, England F100933
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