Cork, County Cork, Ireland



City/Town : Latitude: 51.8968917, Longitude: -8.486315699999977


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joan  Abt 1291Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575090
2 Barry, William  Abt 1397Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575076
3 Beamish, Richard  16 Jul 1798Cork, County Cork, Ireland I514050
4 Boradell, John  Abt 1589Cork, County Cork, Ireland I194187
5 Bosch, Sara Gijsberta Elisa  3 Mar 1797Cork, County Cork, Ireland I671330
6 Brian, William Iley  2 May 1735Cork, County Cork, Ireland I580098
7 Broderick, Johanna  ca 1827Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1366123
8 Broughton, Anne  Abt 1593Cork, County Cork, Ireland I194213
9 Church, Matthew  Abt 1741Cork, County Cork, Ireland I26985
10 Colthurst, John  Cork, County Cork, Ireland I589181
11 Colthurst, Nicholas  Bef 1709Cork, County Cork, Ireland I589182
12 Courthrope, Catherine  1690Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1395452
13 Croker, Thomas  Abt 1651Cork, County Cork, Ireland I273155
14 Curtain, Margaret Honoria  1786Cork, County Cork, Ireland I135631
15 de Cogan, Margaret  1177Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575105
16 de Courcy, Baron John  Abt 1258Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575096
17 de Courcy, Miles  Abt 1230Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575098
18 de Courcy, Patrick  Abt 1190Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575106
19 Dwyer, William Peter  10 Jun 1938Cork, County Cork, Ireland I159541
20 Farmer, Michael  9 May 1902Cork, County Cork, Ireland I373502
21 FitzGibbon, Victor Beare  1840Cork, County Cork, Ireland I739681
22 FitzRoy, Francis Horatio  6 Jun 1823Cork, County Cork, Ireland I273588
23 FitzStephen, Margery  Abt 1199Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575103
24 FitzStephen, Ralph  1173Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575104
25 Fox-Pitt, Alice Augusta Laurentia  11 Jan 1862Cork, County Cork, Ireland I430694
26 Hoare, Maj. Edward  1626Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719165
27 Hoare, Edward  16 Dec 1714Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719156
28 Hoare, Samuel  20 Sep 1716Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719148
29 Kenny, William  1690Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1395451
30 Maynard, Boyle  Abt 1628Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1385489
31 Morisey, George  Cork, County Cork, Ireland I259423
32 Murphy, Patrick  1750Cork, County Cork, Ireland I337567
33 Nicola, Charlotte  9 Feb 1761Cork, County Cork, Ireland I729475
34 o' Brien, Annor  Abt 1234Cork, County Cork, Ireland I575097
35 o' Connell, Aileen  1882-1883Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1386775
36 Penn, William Jr.  14 Mar 1681Cork, County Cork, Ireland I630300
37 Philpot, William Noel  20 Dec 1912Cork, County Cork, Ireland I683712
38 Pike, Samuel  Abt 1680Cork, County Cork, Ireland I235670
39 Roberts, Hannah  Abt 1680Cork, County Cork, Ireland I592755
40 Salter, Mrs.  Cork, County Cork, Ireland I243866
41 Towgood, Andriah  Abt 1683Cork, County Cork, Ireland I332801
42 Townsend, Surgeon-Gen. Edmond  22 Apr 1845Cork, County Cork, Ireland I693137
43 Westropp, Ralph  1670Cork, County Cork, Ireland I592737
44 Whitney, Joseph James  1884Cork, County Cork, Ireland I221443
45 Whitney, William Henry  28 Jan 1883Cork, County Cork, Ireland I221442


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Eyre, Baron John  1720Cork, County Cork, Ireland I585938
2 Kenny, Frances  Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1395423


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beamish, Catherine  1642Cork, County Cork, Ireland I514132
2 Dwyer, William Peter  21 Jun 1999Cork, County Cork, Ireland I159541
3 Gun, Elizabeth  09 Jun 1812Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1385417
4 Hoare, Maj. Edward  3 Jul 1690Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719165
5 Hoare, Edward  18 Feb 1719 Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719156
6 Jackson, Elizabeth  1688Cork, County Cork, Ireland I235751
7 Johnston, Agnes Elswyth  18 Oct 1903Cork, County Cork, Ireland I1384588
8 Long, France Mary  Abt 1799-1800Cork, County Cork, Ireland I43489
9 MacCarthy, Teige  1413Cork, County Cork, Ireland I584403
10 Pike, Richard  1668Cork, County Cork, Ireland I235750
11 Ponsonby, Samuel  Abt 1729Cork, County Cork, Ireland I464516
12 Rogers, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1728Cork, County Cork, Ireland I235749
13 Rogers, Rachell  2 Jul 1700Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719157
14 St. Leger, Warham  Abt 1599Cork, County Cork, Ireland I75876
15 St. Leger, William  2 Jul 1642Cork, County Cork, Ireland I412536
16 Towgood, Andriah  Aft 1752Cork, County Cork, Ireland I332801
17 Ware, John  Cork, County Cork, Ireland I258941
18 Woodcock, Mary  27 Aug 1690 Cork, County Cork, Ireland I719166


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bernard / Freke  1661Cork, County Cork, Ireland F209798
2 Borrodale /   Abt 1584Cork, County Cork, Ireland F79049
3 de Courcy /   Abt 1315Cork, County Cork, Ireland F246786
4 de Courcy / FitzStephen  Abt 1230Cork, County Cork, Ireland F246793
5 Evans-Freke / Shuldham  05 Aug 1852Cork, County Cork, Ireland F1295351
6 Eyre / Cox  30 Dec 1717Cork, County Cork, Ireland F97776
7 Kenny / Courthrope  1711Cork, County Cork, Ireland F1297492
8 Pike / Jackson  1655Cork, County Cork, Ireland F94353
9 Pike / Rogers  6 Apr 1682Cork, County Cork, Ireland F94352
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