Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boreman, Mary  Abt 1631Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481469
2 Bradstreet, Mary  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481928
3 Bradstreet, Moses  Abt 1644Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481944
4 Bradstreet, Moses  17 Oct 1665Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481947
5 Burham, Elizabeth  Abt 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481467
6 Burnham, Nathaniel  4 Sep 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482114
7 Choate, Rachel  8 Nov 1703Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482083
8 Cumby, Sarah  Abt 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482112
9 Douton, Elizabeth  Abt 1699Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481457
10 Dresser, Mary  Abt 1794Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481889
11 Dutch, Susanna  Abt 1677Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482113
12 Fellows, Elizabeth  Abt 1703Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482108
13 Giddings, Joseph Collins  9 Jun 1672Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I77033
14 Giddings, Susannah  2 Oct 1704Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I77028
15 Goodhue, Sarah Whipple  Abt 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481930
16 Kimball, Benjamin  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482006
17 Kimball, Caleb  Abt 1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482007
18 Kimball, John  16 May 1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481929
19 Kimball, Joseph  24 Jan 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481931
20 Kimball, Lucia  19 Sep 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481463
21 Kimball, Lydia  14 Sep 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481459
22 Kingsman, Hannah  Abt 1632Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481751
23 Kingsman, Mary  Abt 1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481753
24 Kinsman, Daniel  Oct 1720Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481454
25 Kinsman, Daniel  Sep 1741Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481734
26 Kinsman, Daniel  May 1744Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481452
27 Kinsman, Elizabeth  Abt 1690Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481505
28 Kinsman, Ephriam  11 Jan 1761Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481534
29 Kinsman, Eunice  24 Jan 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482078
30 Kinsman, Jeremiah  Abt May 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481461
31 Kinsman, Lucy  1746Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481735
32 Kinsman, Lydia  Feb 1729Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481462
33 Kinsman, Lydia  24 Jun 1750Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481531
34 Kinsman, Mary  21 Dec 1657Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482035
35 Kinsman, Stephan  Abt 1688Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481458
36 Kinsman, Stephan  15 Mar 1713Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481464
37 Kinsman, Thomas  15 Apr 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481466
38 Kinsman, Thomas  13 Feb 1715Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481465
39 Knight, Francis  26 Feb 1746Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481914
40 Knight, Isaac  Abt 1770Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481915
41 Perkins, Abigail  Abt 1727Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482107
42 Perkins, Eunice  14 Mar 1691Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481882
43 Perkins, Jacob  1715Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481506
44 Perkins, Jeremiah  1 Dec 1701Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481887
45 Perkins, John  17 Oct 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481884
46 Perkins, Joseph  9 Oct 1699Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481886
47 Perkins, Mary  Abt 1722Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481455
48 Perkins, Robert  31 Oct 1695Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481456
49 Perkins, Westly  3 Dec 1697Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481885
50 Perley, Samuel  1640Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I130623

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boreman, Mary  19 Feb 1712Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481469
2 Bradstreet, Moses  20 Dec 1737Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481947
3 Bridgham, John  2 May 1721Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I227770
4 Burham, Elizabeth  3 May 1700Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481467
5 Burham, John  5 Nov 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481993
6 Choate, Rachel  15 May 1788Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482083
7 Gould, Martha  1699Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I122739
8 Kimball, Caleb  9 Apr 1682Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482007
9 Kimball, John  6 May 1698Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481927
10 Kimball, Lucia  22 Feb 1715-1716Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481463
11 Kimball, Richard  22 Jun 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I138716
12 Kimball, Richard  26 May 1715Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481925
13 Kingsman, Robert  28 Jan 1664Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481470
14 Kinsman, Daniel  11 Mar 1746Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481454
15 Kinsman, Elizabeth  27 Sep 1732Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481505
16 Kinsman, Jeremiah  3 Mar 1818Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481461
17 Kinsman, Lydia  Feb 1729Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481462
18 Kinsman, Robert  19 Feb 1712Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481468
19 Kinsman, Stephan  15 Mar 1713Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481464
20 Kinsman, Stephan  8 Dec 1756Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481458
21 Kinsman, Thomas  15 Jul 1696Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481466
22 Kinsman, Thomas  7 Apr 1779Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481465
23 Perkins, Eunice  1795Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481882
24 Perkins, Jeremiah  1790Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481887
25 Russel, Elizabeth  Abt 1767Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481527
26 Rust, Joseph  3 Feb 1734Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482082
27 Rust, Nathanial  9 Sep 1711Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I482081
28 Thurlley, Lydia  4 Jul 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481941
29 Wells, Thomas  26 Oct 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481977
30 Whatlock, Martha  14 Mar 1611Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I137341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kimball, Lydia  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I481459


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Rust  13 Mar 1746Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192160
2 Danford / Kingsman  20 Mar 1620Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192610
3 Giddings / Rindge  20 Jul 1671Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F31705
4 Giddings / Wardell  25 Dec 1701Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F31704
5 Kimball / Warner  29 Apr 1696Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192650
6 Kimball / Wells  13 Feb 1688Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192647
7 Kinsman / Boreman  1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192510
8 Kinsman / Burham  12 Jul 1687Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192509
9 Kinsman / Kimball  24 Nov 1711Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192507
10 Kinsman / Kimball  19 Nov 1716Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192506
11 Kinsman / Perkins  23 Jan 1740Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192504
12 Kinsman / Russel  10 Apr 1739Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192508
13 Knight / Kinsman  21 Jan 1768Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192599
14 Perkins / Dresser  6 Dec 1733Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192156
15 Perkins / Fellows  Nov 1728Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192154
16 Perkins / Fuller  19 Mar 1740Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192525
17 Perkins / Kinsman  6 Mar 1713Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192524
18 Perkins / Rindge  27 Nov 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192155
19 Perkins / Smith  1730Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192153
20 Perley / Trumble  15 Jul 1664Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F51819
21 Rindge / Kingsman  Abt 1651Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192611
22 Rolfe / Bradstreet  Abt 1650Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192659
23 Rust / Choate  24 Aug 1723Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192161
24 Rust / Kinsman  22 Feb 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F192237
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