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QM Complete Non-Reducible explained from GR

QM derived from Einstein's General Relativistic Comprehensive Action Principle

The math. still not-understood so-called Quantum Mechanics can be derived C(omplete) N(on-Reducible) from Albert Einstein his theory of General Relativity.

In other words, by describing all always in-correctly assumed so-called “intrinsic” properties of elem. Particles math. exactly explicitly!
Any mathematical, i.e. Easy-linear, correct model of our reality must comply to Albert Einstein's Comprehensive Action Principle, in other words must always include the always dependent only elementary spin 2 symmetrical Graviton CN representing the (spin) 2 x (symmetrical) 10 = 20 degrees-of-freedom Gravitational-field!
This can math. only be understood when conserved Spin (physics) - Wikipedia in the direction-of-motion is analyzed correctly: QM spin (please read!) represents the conserved Angular-Momentum of an analyzed QM wave-like particle in the Direction-of-Motion (SR-worldline). In QM elem. particles are assumed to be point-particles with not-understood intrinsic properties like conserved spin in the direction-of-motion and energy proportional to a frequency. Math. Point-Particles cannot posses such conserved fundamental properties!
Described from the inertial-frame moving with the oscillating QM-particle with origin at the average position (SR-worldline) of the particle, the average extensiveness in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the worldline is given in polar-coordinates (ct, iρ, iφ, iz) by:
2<ρ> = ρmax + ρmin = 1½ ρmax = 3 ρmin = s · Planck length · Golden Ratio, (1)
with s the already explained non-zero integer spin of stable elem. or compound force-particles called bosons (s = 1 for all electric-charge related conserved gauge-symmetries and s = 2 for the only elem. Symmetrical rest-masses > zero related sources of the Graviton) or half-integer spin values of all always massive fermions (s = ½ for all elem. Leptons and s = 1½ for all single-unstable Quarks always surrounded by a quark-sea).
Spin is a conserved Angular-Momentum in the Direction-of-Motion of a particle as a math. result of Circular-symmetry when rotating the QM wave-function of this particle around its axis-of-motion (SR-worldline) over an angle (2π)/s, (2)
with s the conserved half-integer spin of fermions or integer greater then zero spin of bosons (omitting the Planck constant, because it's required to obtain the Planck length dimensional correctly).
As a direct result, stable spin½ fermions must be rotated two complete circles around the axis-of-motion before the QM wave-function repeats itself again. This explains why half of the CN degrees-of-freedom must be omitted for all stable spin½ fermions (neutrino’s only possess left-handed chirality, while anti-neutrino’s are all right-handed), i.e. the only stable elem. Fermions called Leptons and compound Hadrons.
Likewise, the only elementary spin 2 graviton has a wave-function which already repeats itself after rotating it half a complete circle of just π radians around its axis-of-motion. In other words, when the wave-function of the elem. spin 2 graviton is rotated a complete circle around its axis-of-motion (SR-worldline), the QM wave-function repeats itself twice! This math. explains, why the degrees-of-freedom to correctly describe the Gravitational-field múst be included in 2 math. orthogonal ways!
In 2003 Grigori Perelman - Wikipedia helped Prof. Dr. Richard S. Hamilton - Wikipedia at the Stony Brook University - Wikipedia in NY proof the Poincaré conjecture - Wikipedia with his 3 papers.
In these 3 papers, Grigori Perelman also proved that math. (Closed-) Knots are only possible in easy imaginable CN 4D-Spacetime & (required CAP-dual orthogonal) complex-conjugated 4D-Momentumenergy analyses, which represent the 2 orthogonal 4D-Spacetime vectors always analyzed in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: Δxμ Δpμ ≥ ½ħ!
Complete Non-Reducible CAP-dual compliant orthogonal analyses in the math. only possible 4D-Spacetime, all possible elementary particles must be analyzed math. as:
Ideal Harmonic Oscillating math. Point-Waves in the 2D-Plane Orthogonal to the Direction-of-Motion (SR-worldline) with CAP-dual Open- or Closed- Boundary Conditions.
In this only math. CN correct required CAP-dual way, the conserved energy proportional to a frequency & conserved spin in the direction-of-motion are both CN explained mathematical explicitly!
Open-BC describe all stable elementary and compound “Matter Particles” called Fermions, which as a direct result must comply to Fermi-Dirac statistics under interactions. Open-BC allow interactions in all orthogonal 3D-Spacelike directions, so all fermions must posses conserved rest-masses > zero & Ideal harmonic oscillating non-zero charge-densities in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the traveled worldline resulting in conserved required non-zero EM-charged Bohr magneton – Wikipedia rotating around the axis-of-motion. Open-BC also allow more Fermi-Families with only different non-zero rest-masses! Our universe only has 3 different rest-masses Fermi-Families. Elementary Fermions CAP-dual either have spin s = 1/2 (elementary stable Leptons) or s = 3/2 (as a direct math. consequence required only stable existing most probably CAP-dual spin 1 bosonic Mesons and Gluons or triple stable spin ½ so-called fermionic compound spin 3/2 Quarks) representing the stable compound triple spin 3/2 Quarks as spin ½ Baryons.

Closed-BC describe all stable elementary and compound “Force Particles” called Bosons, which as a direct result must comply to Bose-Einstein statistics under interactions. Bosons are CAP-dual either spin 1 anti-symmetrical or spin 2 symmetrical. In 4D-Spacetime all anti-symmetrical charge-related actions are described CN by the Gauge-symmetry of the Standard Model (NB without the assumed spinless Higgs-boson!): U(1) x SU(2) x SU(3), U(1) x SU(2) describe the U(1)- Photon representing the (spin) 1 x (anti-symmetrical) 6 = 6 degrees-of-freedom EM-field, mixed by the Weinberg angle - Wikipedia with the SU(2) weak nuclear-force bosons {W+, W-, Z} all with rest-masses > zero & conserved non-zero Bohr magnetons. Only the orthogonal elem. spin 2 invisible Graviton is symmetrical. This explains why the largest part of all energy in the universe must be so-called Dark energy.
So, math. everything we analyze must be analyzed 4D-Spacetime-like with extended objects, whether we analyze “compound” cars or elementary particles.
Einstein's CAP requires all elementary particles to be described extended in the 2D-plane orthogonal to the direction of motion. This extensiveness explains the QM spin (please read!) completely. One should realize that Albert Einstein himself never realized this, so actually solved curvature in his theory of GR incorrectly in a higher-dimensional so-called Riemannian manifold!
In 1989 I had to choose a thesis to finish my studies in physics at institute Lorentz. At that time spinless elementary bosons were never observed in any experiments. This is why I decided to finish my studies with a description of the elementary spinless (scalar) Higgs-boson as a compound particle build out of two compound fermions with spin-values s in the range:{½, 1½, 2½}. However, later I had to conclude that conserved spin in the direction-of-motion should be described/analyzed math. explicitly to end up with a CAP-compliant description of still not-understood QM!

All 2D-string theories are mathematical wrong, because these theories assume a more then 4D-spacetime, of which 6 or 7 are contracted to the Planck-length in a so-called Calabi–Yau manifold – Wikipedia! As a direct result, these analyses cannot represent fermions, the primary always required sources of all possible bosons! Moreover, Superstring only is valid if Super-Symmetry is valid. Super-Symmetry (please read!) contradicts any valid CN description of physics on all aspects! Besides, if SuSy was valid, the LHC would already have detected the lightest so-called “Super-Partner” in its high-energetic 13 TeV experiments!
So, please first completely study and understand: CAP compliant QM explained!
The goal is explaining QM, where Particles can NOT be Point-Particles with in-correctly assumed so-called intrinsic-properties, like energy proportional to a frequency and conserved Angular-Momentum in the direction-of-motion called spin!

Because up to this véry day no-one seems to understand our Beautiful Reality!
Our 3 different Fermi-Families reality / universe only has 26 Different Elementary Particles.
We live in the Post- first Big Bang so-called multiverse. This Big Bang is the result of an evaporating Black Hole in a “Parent Universe”. During its life-time the gravitational-force inside the Black Hole will only gradually increase. At the terminating moment of the evaporating Black Hole into a math. Singularity all inward directed speeds and accelerations are reflected outward again in the opposite directions away from the singularity-point in a newly created universe with its singularity related unique Natural Constants (Light-Speed, Planck-constant, Gravitational-constant, rest-masses, stable conserved electrical-charge, … ) and positive integer conserved Fermi-Families. This explains why all different universes in the multiverse are capable of occupying exactly the same 4D-Spacetime without experiencing one-another at all. So, all different universes in the multiverse are completely orthogonal to each other, even though they must all be analyzed math. with exactly identical force-fields represented by bosons and matter-particles represented by fermions, only all with unique universe related Natural Constants and conserved positive integer Fermi-Families.
So in the end still not-understood so-called QM can be explained mathematically CN with only allowed CN 4D-Spacetime analyses!
And, because all these very easy math. results are only possible in math. Knots, i.e. Fermions allowing, Easy Imaginable 4D-Spacetime CN analyses all possible math. CN orthogonal Universes must be Completely Orthogonal (invisible & non-detectable) to one-another!
Please also study: Theories Of Everything explanation to finally CN get into the Situation of CN Understanding all possible very-simplistic to analyze Only Possible CN 4D-Spacetime & CAP-dual 4D-MomentumEnergy analyzed so-called TOE!
In the end, all so-called theoretical-physicists must conclude that all valid math. CN analyses must comply to the CAP so can:
Only be Analyzed CN in Very Easy Imaginable CN 4D-Spacetime & 4D-Momentumenergy analyses!
This explains why this article must be CN readable represented to ALL Theoretical Physicists in our up-to-this-very-day still not-understood reality!
Also realize, that spinless elementary bosons, like the still assumed to be valid Higgs-boson invented by Peter Higgs more then half-a-century ago in the 1960's just cannot exist because they do not comply to the always required CAP or in mathematical logical analyzable words are just not able to possess energy proportional to a frequency because of in-correctly assumed zero-spin!
In my finishing thesis at the State University of Leiden in the Netherlands at Institute Lorentz where Albert Einstein and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz had their discussions about simple-linear SR I described all differential cross-sections resulting in the Standard Model with a compound Higgs-boson described as existing out-of 2 fermions with spin in the range: {½,1½ , 2½}.
However, right now I'm for almost 15 years CN Confident that the still assumed to-be-valid Higgs-mechanism is in itself CN Not-Compliant to the always required CAP, so must-be not-understood human-fiction!
As a direct result the so-called Higgs-mechanism to explain non-zero conserved rest-masses of experimentally detected stable elem. and compound spin 3/2 quarks particles, called spin ½ Baryons & CAP-dual also required anti-symmetrical spin 1 Mesons dual combined spin 3/2 (anti-) quarks & Gluons (spin 1 quark anti-quark bosons with identical or different color- anti-color values) of which only the different particle anti-particle duo's with different particle anti-particle color-values describe all (8) different still not-understood so-called Gluons in any possible universe!
Please take your time to finally get to CN Really Understand QM spin Finally Completely!!?!!

If, after reading these Complete Non-Reducible articles about still not-understood QM and CN resulting TOE you still have questions or just want to learn more, contact me at my home-address:

(Maarten) Tom de Hoop:
Ir. M.T. de Hoop
Homepage: http://quantumuniverse.eu

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