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Chronolgy of Corsica and the Bonaparte family 1729-1786


Events within Bonaparte family Events outside Bonaparte family
Corsicans rebel against Genoa (Dec.)
Corsican nationalists control interior
Greek immigrants driven from settlement in Paomia
Intervention of troops of Emperor Charles VI supporting Genoa
Three elected Generals of the nation) including Giacinto Paoli call consulta in Corte at which national independence and system of government are proclaimed (Jan )
Tbeodor von Neuhof lands in Corsica is crowned king (15 April) leaves island (Nov. )
Intervention of French troops supporting Genoa Nationalists defeated; 
Giacinto Paoli retires to Naples taking Pasquale (b. 1725) Creation of French regiment Royal Corse (1739)
1741 Giuseppe Maria Bonaparte (grandfather of Napoleon) marries Maria Saveria Paravisino.
1743 Giovan' Geronimo Ramolino (father of Letizia) appointed commander of forces in Ajaccio.
1745 Napoleone Bonaparte marries  Maria Rosa Bozzi. Intervention of Anglo-Sardinian forces supporting nationalists. Bastia captured (Nov.).
1746 Birth of Carlo Maria, father of  Napoleon (27 March). Bastia lost (Feb.).
Publication of Montesquieu's De l'esprit des lois. Intervention of French troops commanded by marquis de Cursay, who administers Corsica until 1752
1749 Giuseppe Maria Bonaparte represents Ajaccio at consorta in Corte convoked by marquis de Cursay (Jan.); welcomes him in Ajaccio with Paravisino (Feb.).
1750 Giovan' Geronimo Ramolino appointed chancellor of jurisdiction of Bocognano.
Nationalists adopt system of government with General Gaffori as head of state (Oct.). De Cursay recalled (Dec.).
General Gaffori assassinated (Oct.).
Return of Pasquale Paoli, elected General of the Nation (14 July); Proclaims national constitution (16-18 Nov.).
First Traite de Compiegne (Aug.), by which French troops occupy Genoese coastal towns.
1757 Angela Maria (Letizia's widowed mother) marries Francois Fesch.
Paoli founds L'Ile-Rousse; establishes printing press.
1759 Giuseppe Maria and Luciano Bonaparte obtain recognition of kinship from Buonaparte of Tuscany. French troops withdrawn from coastal towns.
Apostolic visitor sent to Paoli by Pope Clement XIII.
Publication of J.-J. Rousseau's Du contrat social.
1763 Birth of Joseph Fesch (3 Jan.). Marriage of Geltrude Bonaparte and Nicolo Paravisino (15 June). Death of Giuseppe Maria Bonaparte (13 Dec.).
1764 Signing of dotal act of marriage between Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino (31 May).
Religious marriage ceremony (?).
Carlo Bonaparte visits Leghorn, Rome, Florence (Sept. 1765).
Birth and death of daughter to Letizia.
Matteo Buttafoco corresponds with Rousseau (1764-5). Second Traite de Compiegne (Aug. T764) by which French troops (commanded by comte de Marbeuf) undertake to garrison Genoese ports for four years.
1765 Maria Rosa Bonaparte plans to  marry daughter, Isabella, to  Spoturno with Bozzi house as dowry.
Carlo approaches Paoli and Marbeuf (Nov.), enrols in university in Corte (Dec.).
University opens in Corte (Jan.). 
James Boswell lands in Cap Corse (13 Oct.), stays with Paoli at Sollacaro (21-28 Oct.), with Marbeuf in Bastia (9-20 Nov.).
1766 Isabella Bonaparte marries Ludovico Ornano (16 Jan.), Luciano having induced her mother to exchange Bozzi house for one of his vineyards.
Separation of Geltrude and Nicolo Paravisino.

1767 Letizia, Napoleone Bonaparte and Geltrude Paravisino join Carlo in Corte (spring). Death of Napoleone (17 Aug.). Carlo visits Ajaccio as agent for Paoli while acting as his secretary. Corsican nationalists capture Capraja (Feb.).
1768 Birth of Joseph Nabulion in Corte (7 Jan.), in house of Tommaseo and Maria Arrighi, his godparents. 
Letizia shines at reception of  Tunisian envoy (spring).
Speech urging Corsicans to resist invasion, made by Carlo?
Carlo enrols in volunteer force to  guard Paoli (23 Aug.-3 Sept.). 
Giuseppe Maria Pietrasanta appointed to Conseil Superieur (Sept.).
Geltrude and Nicolo Paravisino reconciled.
Publication of Boswell's An Account of Corsica (Feb.).
Paoli entertains Tunisian envoy (spring).
Breakdown of Paoli's negotiations with duc de Choiseul.
Traite de Versailles (15 May) by which Genoa cedes Corsica to France.
Chardon appointed intendant Consulta in Corte (May).
Conseil Superieur established in Bastia (June).
Paoli's proclamation to nation (Aug.). 
French troops defeated at Borgo (8-9 Nov.) 
French solicit armistice (Nov.).
1769 Carlo receives remuneration for war service from Paoli (Jan.). 
Letizia orders clothes from Bastia (March). 
Carlo accompanies Paoli to Porto Vecchio; returns to Corte, takes Letizia and Joseph, via Niolo (?), to Ajaccio. 
Carlo dines with comte de Narbonne (7 July). 
Napoleon born in Ajaccio (15 Aug.).
Carlo practises as procureur in court of Ajaccio (from 20 Sept.). 
Carlo awarded doctorate by university of Pisa (27- 30 Nov.). 
Registered as lawyer by Conseil Superieur (1l Dec.).
Comte de Vaux lands heavy reinforcements (spring). 
Consulta (March) mobilizes all men from 16 to 60 to national militia.
De Vaux orders Corsicans to surrender.
Delegation of city of Ajaccio, including Luciano Bonaparte, submits to French authorities (18 April).
Corsicans defeated at Ponte Novo (8 May).
French occupy Corte (21 May).
Paoli reaches Porto Vecchio, sets sail in British vessel (13 June), reaches Leghorn (16 June).
Comte de Marbeuf leaves Corsica (Aug.).
Paoli lands in England (19 Sept.).
Nationalists maintain resistance in interior, among them the Bonelli, cousins of Bonaparte.
Publication of Voltaire's Precis du siecle de Louis XV, 2nd edition, with account of Corsican resistance to French evasion.
1770 Death of Francois Fesch (Jan.).
Isabella and Ludovico Ornano bring suit against Luciano Bonaparte to recover Bozzi house (May).
Census of population of Corsica. 
Order of nobility created in Corsica (April). 
Marbeuf returns to Corsica as commander-in-chief (May). 
First meeting of Assemblee des Etats de Corse (15-27 Sept.).
1771 Napoleon baptized (21 July) with Maria Anna (b. 14 July).
Marbeuf visits Bonaparte (Aug.).
Carlo and Luciano Bonaparte obtain recognition of nobility (13 Sept.).
Carlo elected to Corsican Estates, a representative of nobility of Ajaccio (29 Sept.).
Carlo appointed assesseur at court of Ajaccio (22 Nov.).
Death of Maria Anna (23 Nov.).
Colla de Pradine succeeds Chardon as intendant (June).
Decision to re-establish Greek immigrants at Cargese (July).
1772 Carlo sits in Corsican Estates, elected to Nobles Douze.
Lawsuit between Luciano Bonaparte and Ornano heard in court of Ajaccio (Aug.).
Publication of Guibert's Essai general de tactique.
Assemblee des Etats de Corse (1- May, 15 July, 15-16 Nov.). Marquis de Monteynard appointed governor of Corsica (3 July).
1773 Ornano boast of imminent  victory (April);
Carlo begs  Marbeuf's intervention; case  settled, leaving Bonaparte in  possession of Bozzi house (12  Sept.).
Death of Giuseppe Maria  Pietrasanta.
Order of Jesuits abolished.
1774 Carlo completes construction of terrace added to house (March). Nicodemo Pasqualini lands in Corsica inciting revolt (March); 
meeting of 60 rebel leaders; revolt breaks out (June); severely repressed in Niolo: 11 executed, flocks slaughtered. 
Death of Louis XV (10 May).
Marbeuf goes to Paris (Aug.). 
Corsican resistance drastically repressed by Narbonne and Sionville (Aug.- Nov.).
1775 Carlo sues Ramolino for full payment of Letizia's dowry; wins case (March); Ramolino's goods sold by auction (May). Marbeuf returns to Corsica (May) with de Boucheporn, appointed intendant in succession to Colla de Pradine.
Assemblee des Etats de Corse (25 May-22 June).
Rivalry between Marbeuf and Narbonne.
Narbonne leaves Corsica (June).
Delegates of Estates to Louis :VI bring complaints against Marbeuf (Aug.). Amnesty ranted to Corsican political prisoners and exiles. Benedetti meets Paoli, who refuses amnesty in London (3-5 Oct.).
1777 Birth of Maria Anna (Elisa) (13 Jan). With aid of Marbeuf Carlo is elected to Corsican Estates and deputy for nobility to Versailles
(2 June)
His claim to Salines accepted with subsidy for draining site. Letizia entertained in Bastia by Marbeuf (winter 1777-8).
Assemblee des Etats de Corse (14 May- 13 July).
Scholarships offered to sons of nobles in French military colleges.
1778 Birth of Louis (2 Sept.) baptized with Marbeuf and Mme de Boucheporn godparents (24 Sept.).
Carlo prepares claim to Odone heritage (Oct.-Nov.).
Colchen visit Marbeuf in Cargese (Dec.).
Carlo leaves Ajaccio with Letizia Joseph and Napoleon (12 Dec.) sails from Bastia with his sons (l 5 Dec.) leaving Letizia with Marbeuf
Napoleon granted scholarship (3 Dec.).
Marbeuf in Ajaccio (spring); his devotion to Letizia notorious. 
Marbeuf granted land with marquisate at Cargese (17 June). 
He sponsors application for scholarship for Napoleon (July, Oct.).
1779 Napoleon's nomination to scholarship communicated by prince de Montbarey to Boucheporn (30 Jan.), who informs Carlo in Versailles (Feb.). 
Royal heraldist d'Hozier de Serigny delivers certificate of nobility for Napoleon while sending questionnaire to Carlo (8 March).
Carlo received with co-deputies by Louis XVI (l0 March); answers questionnaire (15 March); is informed that Napoleon has been accepted at Brienne (28 March). Napoleon leaves Autun (20-21 April); stays with Champeaux. Carlo at Brienne (25 April). Napoleon leaves for Brienne (12 May).
Carlo sits in Corsican Estates replacing Abbatucci. Joseph Fesch elected to scholarship at seminary in Aix en-Provence (22 June). 
Ristori reports that Letizia, in presence of Marbeuf, gives birth to still-born son (Aug.). Luciano appointed archdeacon of cathedral of Ajaccio (3 Sept.); baptizes Lucien and Maria-Anna (Elisa) (4 Sept.). 
Carlo assembles 117 documents to prove his title to Odone heritage (Sept.).
Assemblee des Etats de Corse (25 May-24 June). Publication of F.R.J. de Pommereul's Histoire de l'Isle de Corse, with eye-witness account of French invasion.
1780 Carlo receives legacy from  Giuseppe Moccio Buonaparte of San Miniato.
Napoleon takes part in Exercices publics at Brienne (Sept.).
Birth of Paola Maria (Pauline) Bonaparte (20 Oct.).
Carlo and Letizia visit Marbeuf in Cargese (12 Dec.).
Assemblee des Etats de Corse (25 May-24 June).
1781 Carlo and Letizia return to Ajaccio from Cargese (31 Jan.).
Carlo sits in Corsican Estates, is elected to Nobles Douze; submits petition, which is accepted, to establish mulberry plantation in
Carlo and Letizia visit Marbeuf in Cargese (15 Aug.-Oct.).
Napoleon receives first communion at Brienne; takes part in Exercices publics; receives prize for mathematics from duc d'Orleans ?
Assernblee des Etats de Corse (1 - 27 June).
Festivities given by Lomenie de Brienne to honour visit of duc d'Orleans and Mme de Montesson
1782 Birth of Maria Annunziata (Caroline) Bonaparte (24 March).
Carlo and Letizia visit Marbeuf in Cargese (May).
Carlo's government contract for mulberry plantation signed (19 June). Carlo and Letizia leave for Bourbonne-les-Bains (June). Visit Autun, Brienne, Paris; in Ajaccio 5 Sept.
Napoleon, noticed by sub inspector Keralio, plans to enter navy; takes part in Exercices publics (Sept.); shares prize in mathematics with Fauvelet de Bourrienne ?
Joseph wins prizes at Autun; acts in Les Facheux.
Lucien goes to Autun (autumn?). Elisa granted scholarship at Saint Cyr (24 Nov.).
Carlo quarrels with Maria Giustina.

1783 Carlo wins case against Maria Giustina (Jan.).
Bonaparte children visit Cargese (Feb.).
Joseph announces intention to enter army (summer prize giving).
Inspection of Salines unfavourable to Carlo; failure of mulberry seedlings (28 Oct.).
Napoleon organises snow-battle at Brienne.
Marbeuf marries Mlle Gaillardon de Fenoyl (Sept.).
1784 Inspection of mulberry plantation in Salines favourable to Carlo (June).
Carlo leaves for France with Maria Anna (Elisa) and Mlle Casabianca (June); collects Lucien at Autun, reaches Brienne 21 June, Saint-Cyr 22 (?) June.
Napoleon writes to Fesch (?) about Joseph's future 25 (?) June).
Carlo in Paris, writes to marechal de Segur, minister of war (30 June); solicits entry of Napoleon to Ecole Militaire, Joseph to army, scholarship for Lucien at Brienne, possession of Milelli (Odone heritage), renewed subsidy for Salines.
Napoleon writes to Carlo in Corsica (12-13 Sept.).
Lucien takes part in Exercises publics at Brienne (Sept.).
Napoleon, selected for promotion to Ecole Militaire, leaves Brienne (30 (?) Oct.), reaches Paris (3 (?) Nov.).
Birth of Jerome Bonaparte (15 Nov.).
Attempt to send up balloon from Champs de Mars frustrated by monk and cadet (2 March). Birth of Alexandrine, daughter of Marbeuf (24 Dec.).
1785 Carlo and Joseph leave for France, land at Saint-Tropez (7 Jan.), reach Montpellier via Aix-en-Provence (14 Jan.).
Carlo seriously ill; joined by Joseph Fesch (early Feb.).
Death of Carlo Bonaparte (24 Feb.).
Napoleon confirmed at Ecole Militaire ( 15 May).
Napoleon sits for entrance exam to artillery (Aug.), passes 42nd of 58 successful candidates; receives commission in regiment La Fere stationed in Valence (1 Sept.).
Lucien takes part in Exercices publics at Brienne (Sept.).
De la Guillaumye succeeds de Boucheporn as intendant (Sept.).
1786 Lucien leaves Brienne for seminary at Aix-en-Provence.
Napoleon on leave in Corsica  (from 15 Sept.).
Birth of Laurent, son of Marbeuf (26 May). Death of Marbeuf (20 Sept.).

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