Kelvedon, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 NN  Abt 1375Kelvedon, Essex, England I123442
2 Clarke, Judith  Abt 1562Kelvedon, Essex, England I123371
3 Dickinson, Thomas  Abt 1544Kelvedon, Essex, England I123374
4 Filloll, John  Kelvedon, Essex, England I358445
5 Hunter, Mr.  Abt 1530Kelvedon, Essex, England I123381
6 Kelvedon, Jane  Abt 1325Kelvedon, Essex, England I590326
7 Kelvedon, William  Abt 1290Kelvedon, Essex, England I590328
8 Lovedale, John  Abt 1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I123377
9 Marlar, Alice  Kelvedon, Essex, England I129725
10 Marlar, Ann  1548Kelvedon, Essex, England I123375
11 Marlar, Arthur  Kelvedon, Essex, England I129724
12 Marlar, Edward  Abt 1417Kelvedon, Essex, England I123446
13 Marlar, George  Abt 1416Kelvedon, Essex, England I123445
14 Marlar, Jane  Abt 1536Kelvedon, Essex, England I123352
15 Marlar, Thomas  Abt 1404Kelvedon, Essex, England I123443
16 Marlar, William  Abt 1408Kelvedon, Essex, England I123444
17 Marlar, William  1515Kelvedon, Essex, England I123364
18 Marlar, William  1546Kelvedon, Essex, England I123372
19 Nevel, Ann  Abt 1550Kelvedon, Essex, England I123373
20 Nuptiar, John  Abt 1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I123379
21 Phillibrowne, Humphrey  Abt 1593Kelvedon, Essex, England I274272
22 Phillibrowne, Jone  Oct 1587Kelvedon, Essex, England I274371
23 Phillibrowne, Robert  Abt 1588Kelvedon, Essex, England I274372
24 Phillibrowne, Robert  Abt 1591Kelvedon, Essex, England I274373
25 Phillibrowne, William  Abt 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I274374
26 Saperton, Jane  Abt 1519Kelvedon, Essex, England I123369
27 Skinner,  Abt 1545Kelvedon, Essex, England I123353
28 White, William  1458Kelvedon, Essex, England I216597
29 Wright, Alice  10 May 1519Kelvedon, Essex, England I123473
30 Wright, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1526Kelvedon, Essex, England I123475
31 Wright, John  14 Mar 1509-1510Kelvedon, Essex, England I123471
32 Wright, Katherine  Abt 1513Kelvedon, Essex, England I123472
33 Wright, NN  Abt 1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I123476
34 Wright, Olive  1545Kelvedon, Essex, England I123458
35 Wright, Robert  14 Aug 1542Kelvedon, Essex, England I123456


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Abdy, Anthony Thomas  5 Oct 1688Kelvedon, Essex, England I1391163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hubbard, Olyve  Kelvedon, Essex, England I123470
2 Lingwood, John  1592Kelvedon, Essex, England I123354
3 Marlar, William  2 Jan 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I123364
4 Neville, Earl Henry  10 Feb 1562-1563Kelvedon, Essex, England I114239
5 Phillibrowne, Jone  1587Kelvedon, Essex, England I274371
6 Rucke, Alice  Kelvedon, Essex, England I172778
7 Wright, Alice  Kelvedon, Essex, England I123473
8 Wright, John  10 Oct 1563Kelvedon, Essex, England I123471
9 Wright, NN  Bef 1536Kelvedon, Essex, England I123476


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wright, John "Myddle/Middle"  Kelvedon, Essex, England I160917


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ffilebrowne /   1 Nov 1586Kelvedon, Essex, England F110628
2 Greene / Wright  Abt 1531Kelvedon, Essex, England F50411
3 Perkins / Wright  Abt 1539Kelvedon, Essex, England F50412
4 Phillibrowne / Wooday  2 Apr 1621Kelvedon, Essex, England F110617
5 Shepherd / Wright  1546Kelvedon, Essex, England F50415
6 Wright / Glascock  5 Nov 1600Kelvedon, Essex, England F50414
7 Wright / Harris  1532-1534Kelvedon, Essex, England F50410
8 Wright / Pake  25 Apr 1568Kelvedon, Essex, England F50405
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