Cranbrook, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1484Cranbrook, Kent, England I129119
2 Dorothy  Abt 1595Cranbrook, Kent, England I125582
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1505Cranbrook, Kent, England I357009
4 Joan  Abt 1440Cranbrook, Kent, England I356992
5 Mary  Abt 1420Cranbrook, Kent, England I356987
6 Susanna  1567Cranbrook, Kent, England I138503
7 Andrewe, Gyles  Abt 1480Cranbrook, Kent, England I129118
8 Andrews, Elizabeth  1510Cranbrook, Kent, England I129106
9 Andrews, John  Abt 1511Cranbrook, Kent, England I129120
10 Bathurst, Lawrence  1457Cranbrook, Kent, England I577168
11 Bigge, John  1560Cranbrook, Kent, England I49226
12 Borden, Mary  Bef 13 Jan 1633Cranbrook, Kent, England I377218
13 Courthope, Agnes  Abt 1509Cranbrook, Kent, England I357017
14 Courthope, Alexander  Cranbrook, Kent, England I357007
15 Courthope, Eleanor  1512Cranbrook, Kent, England I357016
16 Courthope, Elizabeth  1508Cranbrook, Kent, England I129104
17 Courthope, Elizabeth  1510Cranbrook, Kent, England I357024
18 Courthope, Peter  Cranbrook, Kent, England I358239
19 Courthope, Peter  1504Cranbrook, Kent, England I357012
20 Courthope, Richard  1510Cranbrook, Kent, England I357013
21 Courthope, William  1505Cranbrook, Kent, England I357014
22 Cruttenden, Abraham  Abt 1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I204373
23 Eddy, Abigail  Oct 1601Cranbrook, Kent, England I126499
24 Eddy, Anna  15 May 1603Cranbrook, Kent, England I126993
25 Eddy, Elizabeth  7 Dec 1606Cranbrook, Kent, England I126440
26 Eddy, Ellen  5 Aug 1599Cranbrook, Kent, England I127014
27 Eddy, John  27 Mar 1597Cranbrook, Kent, England I125767
28 Eddy, Phineas  23 Sep 1593Cranbrook, Kent, England I126437
29 Eddy, Samuel  15 May 1608Cranbrook, Kent, England I126432
30 Eddy, Sarah  29 Oct 1630Cranbrook, Kent, England I127022
31 Eddy, Zachariah Benjamin  Mar 1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I126808
32 Ensign, Constance  Abt 1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I214629
33 Ensign, David  Abt 1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I214628
34 Ensign, James  1607Cranbrook, Kent, England I214517
35 Fosten, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1563-1564Cranbrook, Kent, England I129165
36 Fosten, John  Abt 1537Cranbrook, Kent, England I125772
37 Fosten, John  1 Nov 1562Cranbrook, Kent, England I129166
38 Fosten, Mary  19 Sep 1568Cranbrook, Kent, England I125770
39 Harmon, Mary  1536Cranbrook, Kent, England I129085
40 Harmon, Thomas  Cranbrook, Kent, England I129103
41 Hendley, Alice  Abt 1470Cranbrook, Kent, England I356942
42 Hendley, Alice  Abt 1485Cranbrook, Kent, England I129117
43 Hendley, Elizabeth  Abt 1493Cranbrook, Kent, England I450055
44 Hendley, Elizabeth  Abt 1512Cranbrook, Kent, England I357018
45 Hendley, Gervase  Abt 1465Cranbrook, Kent, England I356927
46 Hendley, Gervase  Abt 1490Cranbrook, Kent, England I357368
47 Hendley, Johanne  Bef 1472Cranbrook, Kent, England I356989
48 Hendley, John  Abt 1420Cranbrook, Kent, England I356986
49 Hendley, John  Abt 1465Cranbrook, Kent, England I302359
50 Hendley, John  Abt 1510Cranbrook, Kent, England I357021

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Borden, Mary  13 Jan 1633Cranbrook, Kent, England I377218
2 Eddy, Mary  19 Sep 1591Cranbrook, Kent, England I126436
3 Sheafe, Alexander  15 Dec 1566Cranbrook, Kent, England I129093
4 Sheafe, Catherine  13 Jan 1581-1582Cranbrook, Kent, England I128875
5 Sheafe, Helen Ellen  13 Oct 1601Cranbrook, Kent, England I129081
6 Sheafe, Katherine  20 Dec 1584Cranbrook, Kent, England I129083


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1540Cranbrook, Kent, England I129119
2 Joan  1504Cranbrook, Kent, England I356992
3 Mary  Aft 1472Cranbrook, Kent, England I356987
4 Andrewe, Gyles  1526-1527Cranbrook, Kent, England I129118
5 Andrews, Elizabeth  15 Oct 1564Cranbrook, Kent, England I129106
6 Bigge, John  13 Aug 1605Cranbrook, Kent, England I49226
7 Eddy, Ellen  Oct 1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I127014
8 Eddy, Phineas  17 Jun 1641Cranbrook, Kent, England I126437
9 Eddy, William Rev.  23 Nov 1616Cranbrook, Kent, England I125769
10 Ensign, Mary  1641Cranbrook, Kent, England I214627
11 Fosten, John  25 Sep 1573Cranbrook, Kent, England I125772
12 Fosten, Mary  18 Jul 1611Cranbrook, Kent, England I125770
13 Harmon, Mary  20 Nov 1609Cranbrook, Kent, England I129085
14 Hendley, Gervase  1534Cranbrook, Kent, England I356927
15 Hendley, Gervase  1545Cranbrook, Kent, England I357368
16 Hendley, John  1472Cranbrook, Kent, England I356986
17 Munn, Elizabeth Ellen  18 Jul 1611Cranbrook, Kent, England I127034
18 Munn, Ellen  2 Apr 1579Cranbrook, Kent, England I129171
19 Roberts, Margery  8 Feb 1622Cranbrook, Kent, England I127199
20 Roberts, Walter  1522Cranbrook, Kent, England I357054
21 Sheafe, Ann  Aft 1615Cranbrook, Kent, England I128165
22 Sheafe, Anne  1600Cranbrook, Kent, England I129111
23 Sheafe, Edmund  1 Nov 1626Cranbrook, Kent, England I129100
24 Sheafe, Joan  1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I129091
25 Sheafe, Joan  23 Aug 1656Cranbrook, Kent, England I125600
26 Sheafe, John  1604-1609Cranbrook, Kent, England I129092
27 Sheafe, Katherine  27 Oct 1581Cranbrook, Kent, England I129102
28 Sheafe, Margaret  14 Jun 1574Cranbrook, Kent, England I129107
29 Sheafe, Richard  14 Sep 1625Cranbrook, Kent, England I127198
30 Sheafe, Samuel  1573-1574Cranbrook, Kent, England I129096
31 Sheafe, Thomas  6 Sep 1604Cranbrook, Kent, England I129084
32 Sheafe, William  27 Oct 1575Cranbrook, Kent, England I129097
33 Sheff, Alice  21 Dec 1616Cranbrook, Kent, England I129108
34 Sheff, Mary  1615Cranbrook, Kent, England I129110
35 Sheff, Richard  21 Jun 1577Cranbrook, Kent, England I129105
36 Sheff, William  21 Dec 1616Cranbrook, Kent, England I129109
37 Taylor, Elizabeth Sarah  Bef 5 Feb 1640Cranbrook, Kent, England I127272
38 Tyler, Laurence  Aft Jan 1663Cranbrook, Kent, England I125581
39 Wilford, Cicely  1610Cranbrook, Kent, England I546594
40 Wilford, Sarah  1550Cranbrook, Kent, England I578612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1564Cranbrook, Kent, England I129106
2 Fosten, Elizabeth  19 May 1574Cranbrook, Kent, England I129165
3 Fosten, Mary  18 Jul 1611Cranbrook, Kent, England I125770
4 Roberts, Margery  8 Feb 1622Cranbrook, Kent, England I127199
5 Sheafe, Alexander  20 Sep 1601Cranbrook, Kent, England I129093
6 Sheafe, Mary  14 Oct 1581Cranbrook, Kent, England I129094
7 Sheafe, Richard  14 Sep 1625Cranbrook, Kent, England I127198
8 Sheafe, Thomas  6 Sep 1604Cranbrook, Kent, England I129084


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allard / Courthope  Bef 1525Cranbrook, Kent, England F141105
2 Baker / Hendley  Bef 1504Cranbrook, Kent, England F141087
3 Boyd / Hendley  Bef 1504Cranbrook, Kent, England F141093
4 Courthope /   Abt 1525Cranbrook, Kent, England F141101
5 Courthope / Foster  Bef 1504Cranbrook, Kent, England F141100
6 Courthope / Hendley  Cranbrook, Kent, England F141103
7 Eddy / Fosten  20 Nov 1587Cranbrook, Kent, England F51581
8 Eddy / Savery  1630Cranbrook, Kent, England F51785
9 Eddy / Taylor  22 Feb 1614Cranbrook, Kent, England F51582
10 Fosten / Munn  19 Jan 1561-1562Cranbrook, Kent, England F51584
11 Hendley /   Abt 1440Cranbrook, Kent, England F141094
12 Hendley /   Abt 1465Cranbrook, Kent, England F47501
13 Hendley / Courthope  Abt 1530Cranbrook, Kent, England F141104
14 Horden / Hendley  Abt 1492Cranbrook, Kent, England F141085
15 Munn / Saxby  6 Sep 1574Cranbrook, Kent, England F52983
16 Roberts / Naylor  Bef 1490Cranbrook, Kent, England F141117
17 Scheafe / Wilson  Cranbrook, Kent, England F112507
18 Sheafe / Harmon  1559Cranbrook, Kent, England F52969
19 Sheafe / Roberts  8 Jan 1580-1581Cranbrook, Kent, England F52373
20 Sheff / Andrews  1530-1534Cranbrook, Kent, England F52972
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