Carmarthenshire, Wales

Carmarthenshire, Wales





Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rhys "Ddu"  Abt 1230Carmarthenshire, Wales I556926
2 ap Gruffydd, King Rhys  Abt 1106Carmarthenshire, Wales I41229
3 ap Meredith, Gryffydd  Carmarthenshire, Wales I556925
4 ap Owain, Maredudd  Abt 1204Carmarthenshire, Wales I263454
5 ap Rhys, Gruffydd  Abt 1148Carmarthenshire, Wales I119542
6 ap Rhys, Meredith "Gethin"  Abt 1152Carmarthenshire, Wales I556508
7 ap Rhys, Rhys Gryg  Abt 1160Carmarthenshire, Wales I41185
8 ap Tewdwr Mawr, King Rhys "the Great".  Abt 1040Carmarthenshire, Wales I583968
9 ferch Elidir, Catrin  Abt 1168Carmarthenshire, Wales I556652
10 ferch Gruffudd Hir, Efa  Carmarthenshire, Wales I583947
11 ferch Hywel Sais, Angharad  Abt 1200Carmarthenshire, Wales I676201
12 ferch Llwarch, Malit  Carmarthenshire, Wales I556597
13 ferch Maelgwyn Fychan, Eleanor  Abt 1228Carmarthenshire, Wales I263439
14 ferch Maredudd, Catrin  Abt 1230Carmarthenshire, Wales I676180
15 ferch Maredudd, Gwladus  Abt 1230Carmarthenshire, Wales I546795
16 ferch Owain, Nest  Abt 943Carmarthenshire, Wales I556583
17 ferch Rhys, Elinor  Abt 1110Carmarthenshire, Wales I327348
18 ferch Rhys, Ellyw  Abt 1182Carmarthenshire, Wales I556654
19 ferch Rhys, Margred  Abt 1089Carmarthenshire, Wales I556858
20 ferch Rhys, Tangwystl  Abt 1154Carmarthenshire, Wales I556443
21 ferch Rhys ap Gruffydd, Gwenllian  Abt 1170Carmarthenshire, Wales I116290
22 ferch Tewdwr Mawr, Elen  Abt 1053Carmarthenshire, Wales I556669
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