Bristol, Gloucester, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4553129, Longitude: -2.5919023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1591Bristol, Gloucester, England I357268
2 NN  Abt 1530Bristol, Gloucester, England I125771
3 Ash, Ann Day  20 May 1798Bristol, Gloucester, England I674982
4 Babb, Jane Sophia  1844Bristol, Gloucester, England I514980
5 Berwick, Ann  1627Bristol, Gloucester, England I396864
6 Berwyke, Thomas  Abt 1594Bristol, Gloucester, England I396862
7 Bliss, Theodore Edward  26 Apr 1794Bristol, Gloucester, England I227152
8 Blount, Ann  Abt 1597Bristol, Gloucester, England I396863
9 Blount, John  Abt 1542Bristol, Gloucester, England I593875
10 Canninge, John  1360Bristol, Gloucester, England I573940
11 Cary, Miles  30 Jan 1622Bristol, Gloucester, England I187368
12 Coggan, John  1620Bristol, Gloucester, England I281062
13 Collier, William  Bristol, Gloucester, England I45601
14 Colston, George  Abt 1520Bristol, Gloucester, England I577849
15 Colston, Richard  Abt 1580Bristol, Gloucester, England I577840
16 Colston, Robert  Abt 1550Bristol, Gloucester, England I577830
17 Colston, William  1608Bristol, Gloucester, England I577836
18 Colston, William  1645Bristol, Gloucester, England I334299
19 Cooke,  Abt 1557Bristol, Gloucester, England I357279
20 Cooke, NN  Abt 1606Bristol, Gloucester, England I357272
21 Cooke, Richard  Abt 1555Bristol, Gloucester, England I357274
22 Cooke, William  10 Mar 1583Bristol, Gloucester, England I357277
23 Daubeney, Giles  Abt 1770Bristol, Gloucester, England I585621
24 Davis, Alice  1565Bristol, Gloucester, England I208141
25 Davis, William  Abt 1535Bristol, Gloucester, England I208152
26 de Creully, Baron Richard  Abt 1124Bristol, Gloucester, England I563827
27 de Gai, Philip FitzRobert  Abt 1122Bristol, Gloucester, England I39910
28 de Mowbray, Isabel  Aft 1384Bristol, Gloucester, England I33189
29 Dexter, Thomas  1623-1624Bristol, Gloucester, England I393696
30 Digby, Anne  1646Bristol, Gloucester, England I32885
31 Drew, Jane  Abt 1477Bristol, Gloucester, England I590302
32 Eddy, William Rev.  1564Bristol, Gloucester, England I125769
33 Eddye, Thomas  1542Bristol, Gloucester, England I126809
34 Farley, Thomas  Abt 1578Bristol, Gloucester, England I569582
35 Fielding, Elizabeth  1660Bristol, Gloucester, England I573723
36 FitzRobert, Hamon  1116Bristol, Gloucester, England I39912
37 FitzRobert, Maud  Abt 1120Bristol, Gloucester, England I39907
38 FitzRobert, Archbishop Richard  1114Bristol, Gloucester, England I39911
39 FitzRobert, Bishop Roger  1112Bristol, Gloucester, England I39913
40 Fox, Catherine Prideaux  28 Mar 1862Bristol, Gloucester, England I2992
41 Fox, Laura Penelope  Bristol, Gloucester, England I143653
42 Fry, Anna  11 Oct 1764Bristol, Gloucester, England I45602
43 George, Mary Rebecca  Bristol, Gloucester, England I311675
44 Harris, Eleanor  4 Apr 1791Bristol, Gloucester, England I8579
45 Harris, William  Omstr 1610Bristol, Gloucester, England I466496
46 Harrison, Sarah  1628Bristol, Gloucester, England I572002
47 Hawksworth, Peter  Bef 1690Bristol, Gloucester, England I364508
48 Hawksworth, Peter  23 Nov 1697Bristol, Gloucester, England I364465
49 Hereford, Elizabeth  1587Bristol, Gloucester, England I215210
50 Hingston, James  12 Apr 1745Bristol, Gloucester, England I45432

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Berwick, Grace  12 Dec 1617Bristol, Gloucester, England I286445
2 Cary, Thomas  27 Dec 1613Bristol, Gloucester, England I215396
3 Eddy, William Rev.  1560Bristol, Gloucester, England I125769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ash, Ann Day  9 Jan 1868Bristol, Gloucester, England I674982
2 Barlow, Frances  10 May 1629Bristol, Gloucester, England I569270
3 Batten, Sarah  22 Dec 1681Bristol, Gloucester, England I577841
4 Baynes, Joseph  23 May 1875Bristol, Gloucester, England I674978
5 Blount, John  1598Bristol, Gloucester, England I593873
6 Carey, William  Bristol, Gloucester, England I274255
7 Cary, John I  Bef 13 Feb 1661Bristol, Gloucester, England I215209
8 Colston, Richard  Bristol, Gloucester, England I577840
9 Colston, William  21 Nov 1681Bristol, Gloucester, England I577836
10 Cooke,  Abt 1590Bristol, Gloucester, England I357279
11 Cookworthy, Frederick  Bristol, Gloucester, England I3449
12 de Caen de Mellent, Earl Robert  31 Oct 1147Bristol, Gloucester, England I39900
13 de Montgomery, Countess Mabel FitzRobert  29 Sep 1157Bristol, Gloucester, England I39901
14 Dragaud, Pierre Sr.  Aft 12 Nov 1699Bristol, Gloucester, England I434436
15 Eddye, Thomas  Jul 1578Bristol, Gloucester, England I126809
16 FitzEstmond, Eva  12 Mar 1169-1170Bristol, Gloucester, England I570683
17 FitzHardinge, Robert "the Devout"  5 Feb 1169-1170Bristol, Gloucester, England I41600
18 Fox, Francis Frederick  1886Bristol, Gloucester, England I143667
19 Fry, Anna  3 Apr 1793Bristol, Gloucester, England I45602
20 Harris, Eleanor  Mar 1872Bristol, Gloucester, England I8579
21 Helton, Jane Caroline  Abt 1800Bristol, Gloucester, England I8632
22 Hereford, Elizabeth  Bef 1617Bristol, Gloucester, England I215210
23 Hobson, Henry  21 Mar 1635Bristol, Gloucester, England I208142
24 Howard, Winifrede  19 Jul 1753Bristol, Gloucester, England I429154
25 Leverton, William John  1991Bristol, Gloucester, England I94325
26 Mathew, John  1569Bristol, Gloucester, England I569283
27 Mead, Philip  11 Jan 1470-1471Bristol, Gloucester, England I188592
28 Morgan, Elizabeth  Jan 1638Bristol, Gloucester, England I73225
29 Morgan, William  Abt 1629Bristol, Gloucester, England I327414
30 Morgan, William  19 Jan 1630Bristol, Gloucester, England I73226
31 Pelham, Henrietta  31 Aug 1768Bristol, Gloucester, England I461720
32 Pennoyer, Robert Butler  1625-1629Bristol, Gloucester, England I318411
33 Perceval, Helena  11 Jun 1746Bristol, Gloucester, England I572286
34 Polteney, Elizabeth  1692Bristol, Gloucester, England I573726
35 Powlett, Jean Mary  14 Dec 1814Bristol, Gloucester, England I584290
36 Stöckel, Martinus Frederic  22 Dec 1813Bristol, Gloucester, England I660417
37 Swymmer, Henry  30 Jul 1774Bristol, Gloucester, England I714714
38 Tuckett, Philip Debell  Aug 1841Bristol, Gloucester, England I4114
39 Tuckett, Sarah Ellen  8 Jan 1890Bristol, Gloucester, England I674941


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Throckmorton, Baynham  29 May 1664Bristol, Gloucester, England I262779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 Fox, Edward Long  1785Bristol, Gloucester, England I2312


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baynes / Ash  6 May 1819Bristol, Gloucester, England F297224
2 Cary / Hereford  29 May 1609Bristol, Gloucester, England F81656
3 Collier / Hingston  23 Mar 1798Bristol, Gloucester, England F19262
4 Cooke /   Abt 1635Bristol, Gloucester, England F141163
5 Cooke / Cooke  Abt 1575Bristol, Gloucester, England F141187
6 Cooke / Cooke  Abt 1625Bristol, Gloucester, England F141185
7 de la Chere / Adee  Bef 1660Bristol, Gloucester, England F104526
8 Devereux / Stephens  Abt 1660Bristol, Gloucester, England F247481
9 Dragaud / Tavaud  12 Nov 1699Bristol, Gloucester, England F171832
10 Eddye /   Abt 1550Bristol, Gloucester, England F51583
11 Hingston / Fry  28 Dec 1791Bristol, Gloucester, England F19260
12 Howell / Babb  1864Bristol, Gloucester, England F210211
13 Mead / Mead  1435Bristol, Gloucester, England F76570
14 Penn / Fermor  22 Aug 1751Bristol, Gloucester, England F254174
15 Pennoyer /   1614Bristol, Gloucester, England F126864
16 Pennoyer / Chambers  13 Feb 1613Bristol, Gloucester, England F126860
17 Pennoyer / Marshall  1657Bristol, Gloucester, England F126863
18 Smythes /   Abt 1520Bristol, Gloucester, England F76944
19 Tuckett / Champion  2 Aug 1774Bristol, Gloucester, England F1505
20 Tuckett / Harris  18 Sep 1816Bristol, Gloucester, England F1586
21 Young / le Gros  1698Bristol, Gloucester, England F56036
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