Sudbury, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1534Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279740
2 NN  Abt 1501Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137491
3 NN  1538Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137481
4 Blower, Hannah  1613Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279636
5 Blower, Pyam  Abt 1632Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279640
6 Brackett, Edmond  1547Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279773
7 Brackett, Edmond  Abt 1548Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279634
8 Brackett, Edmond  Abt 1550Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279651
9 Brackett, Edward  1548Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279756
10 Brackett, George  Abt 1518Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279624
11 Brackett, Jonathan  Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279754
12 Brackett, Margerie  17 Feb 1581-1582Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279755
13 Brackett, Maud  20 Nov 1560Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279758
14 Brackett, NN  Abt 1562Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279644
15 Brackett, NN  Abt 1564Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279635
16 Brackett, Peter  Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279701
17 Brackett, Peter Jr.  1608Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279753
18 Brackett, Richard  Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279741
19 Brackett, Richard  Abt 1580Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279632
20 Brackett, Rose  Abt 1582Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279655
21 Brackett, Thomas  Abt 1520Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279625
22 Brackett, Tobias  Abt 1585Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279656
23 Brackett, William  Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279623
24 Brackett, William  Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279739
25 Brackett, William  Abt 1560Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279757
26 Dandye, Alice  1555Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137472
27 Harper, Alice  Abt 1559Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279738
28 Newcomb, Francis  1604-1605Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279714
29 Ruggles, Ann  Abt 1527Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137493
30 Ruggles, Bridget  1576Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137474
31 Ruggles, Elizabeth  Abt 1529Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137494
32 Ruggles, Elizabeth  Abt 1601Sudbury, Suffolk, England I138704
33 Ruggles, George  Abt 1611Sudbury, Suffolk, England I141116
34 Ruggles, Isabell  1501Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137497
35 Ruggles, Jeffrey  5 Sep 1585Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137476
36 Ruggles, John  Abt 1525Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137492
37 Ruggles, John  1579Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137462
38 Ruggles, Margaret  1587Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137477
39 Ruggles, Phillip  5 Sep 1599Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137465
40 Ruggles, Phillip  5 Sep 1599Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137467
41 Ruggles, Robert  1561Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137486
42 Ruggles, Roger  Abt 1564Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137489
43 Ruggles, Susan  Abt 1603Sudbury, Suffolk, England I138705
44 Ruggles, Thomas  1499Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137490
45 Ruggles, William  Abt 1503Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Edward  24 Dec 1603Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279633


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Jonathan  Oct 1616Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279754
2 Brackett, Peter  25 Aug 1616Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279701
3 Brackett, Richard  26 May 1626Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279741
4 Brackett, William  6 May 1575Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279739
5 Harper, Alice  1595Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279738
6 Ruggles, Nicholas  20 Jun 1617Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137480
7 Ruggles, Thomas  21 Jun 1547Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Tobias  23 Jun 1634Sudbury, Suffolk, England I279656
2 Ruggles, Thomas  21 Jun 1547Sudbury, Suffolk, England I137490


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brackett /   1545Sudbury, Suffolk, England F112705
2 Brackett /   4 Feb 1602Sudbury, Suffolk, England F112706
3 Brackett /   1607Sudbury, Suffolk, England F112700
4 Mowlls /   11 Sep 1575Sudbury, Suffolk, England F112646
5 Parke / Chaplin  Sudbury, Suffolk, England F31154
6 Ruggles /   1601Sudbury, Suffolk, England F55516
7 Sanders / Brackett  1617Sudbury, Suffolk, England F120860
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