Northamptonshire, England





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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1460Northamptonshire, England I567101
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1460Northamptonshire, England I588042
3 Babington, William  Abt 1267Northamptonshire, England I358568
4 Bernard, John  Abt 1460Northamptonshire, England I244478
5 Bernard, Robert  1605Northamptonshire, England I189103
6 Bernard, Robert (Bart)  1580Northamptonshire, England I189108
7 Butler, Grace  1560Northamptonshire, England I572614
8 Chauntrell, Jane  Abt 1481Northamptonshire, England I580953
9 Chenduit, Simon  Abt 1110Northamptonshire, England I574907
10 Compton, Charles  1692Northamptonshire, England I132734
11 de Clermont, Adeliza  Abt 1017Northamptonshire, England I20841
12 de Clermont, Adeliza  Abt 1065Northamptonshire, England I76157
13 de Dives, Alice  1190Northamptonshire, England I456475
14 de Pateshulle, John  Between 1291 and 1293Northamptonshire, England I120235
15 Dudley, Anne  Abt 1612Northamptonshire, England I179585
16 Estance, Bridget  1628Northamptonshire, England I436247
17 FitzUrse, Mabel  Abt 1140Northamptonshire, England I134894
18 Hadern, Joan  Abt 1345Northamptonshire, England I580930
19 Hadern, Peter  Abt 1315Northamptonshire, England I580931
20 Harding, John  1567Northamptonshire, England I436249
21 Harding, Mary  1570Northamptonshire, England I436250
22 Harding, Richard  9 Jul 1545Northamptonshire, England I436251
23 Harding, Richard  1600Northamptonshire, England I436248
24 Harding, Stephen  1623Northamptonshire, England I436246
25 Harding, William  1540Northamptonshire, England I436254
26 Holand, Richard  Abt 1418Northamptonshire, England I588132
27 Holand, Roger  Abt 1445Northamptonshire, England I588133
28 Holand, Thomas  Abt 1383Northamptonshire, England I588140
29 Holand, Thomasin  Abt 1478Northamptonshire, England I588136
30 Holman, William  29 Dec 1594Northamptonshire, England I262581
31 Isham, Capt. Henry  Abt 1626Northamptonshire, England I76700
32 Jones, John  22 Nov 1591Northamptonshire, England I346038
33 Langhorne, Mary  1636Northamptonshire, England I185120
34 Loutham, Eleanor  Abt 1417Northamptonshire, England I593936
35 Mauntell, John  1385Northamptonshire, England I570151
36 Montagu, Frances  1613Northamptonshire, England I157476
37 Montague, Amie (Amelia)  Abt 1526Northamptonshire, England I583632
38 Muscott, William  Abt 1350Northamptonshire, England I580932
39 Robinson, Sara  Abt 1615Northamptonshire, England I110855
40 Smith, Anne  Northamptonshire, England I49541
41 Wake, John  Abt 1519Northamptonshire, England I187717
42 Wake, Richard  Between 1473 and 1483Northamptonshire, England I187730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Freeman, Thomas  24 Mar 1585Northamptonshire, England I210465
2 Harding, John  14 Jan 1637Northamptonshire, England I436249
3 Jocelyn, Edward  15 Aug 1627Northamptonshire, England I575928
4 Jocelyn, Ralph  Aft 1202Northamptonshire, England I48877
5 Lovell, Agnes  14 Oct 1471Northamptonshire, England I187719
6 Stephenson, Margaret  Bef 1637Northamptonshire, England I191068


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dudley, Capt. Roger  Northamptonshire, England I75395


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Dives / de Waterville  Abt 1178Northamptonshire, England F256520
2 Hicks-Beach / Stratton  14 Aug 1832Northamptonshire, England F254369
3 Randolph / Roberts  1572Northamptonshire, England F49366
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