Kent County Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blakiston, Priscilla  24 Oct 1741Kent County Maryland I450728
2 Hepbron, Ann  1790Kent County Maryland I450687
3 Hepbron, Cassandra  1804Kent County Maryland I450694
4 Hepbron, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1792Kent County Maryland I450688
5 Hepbron, James  1797Kent County Maryland I450690
6 Hepbron, John  Abt 1682Kent County Maryland I450670
7 Hepbron, John  1761Kent County Maryland I450646
8 Hepbron, John  1797Kent County Maryland I450691
9 Hepbron, Joseph  2 Sep 1699Kent County Maryland I450674
10 Hepbron, Joseph  1794Kent County Maryland I450689
11 Hepbron, Mary Ann  1801Kent County Maryland I450693
12 Hepbron, Norval Wilson  26 May 1836Kent County Maryland I450745
13 Hepbron, Samuel  10 Sep 1799Kent County Maryland I450692
14 Hepbron, Sewell  15 Dec 1806Kent County Maryland I450657
15 Hepbron, Thomas II  29 Nov 1725Kent County Maryland I450662
16 Hepbron, Thomas Stavely  30 Oct 1788Kent County Maryland I450686
17 Hepburn, Margaret Elizabeth  11 Jul 1834Kent County Maryland I450656
18 Maslin, Martha Priscilla Elizabeth  11 Oct 1813Kent County Maryland I450658
19 Redgrave, Isaac Sr.  18 Oct 1709Kent County Maryland I450700
20 Redgrave, John  22 Aug 1706Kent County Maryland I450787
21 Sewell, Rev. Richard  Kent County Maryland I450681
22 Stavely, Ann  1773Kent County Maryland I450641
23 Stavely, Isaac  1781Kent County Maryland I450644
24 Stavely, James  29 Mar 1738Kent County Maryland I450628
25 Stavely, James  1776Kent County Maryland I450642
26 Stavely, John  1732Kent County Maryland I450625
27 Stavely, John  1778Kent County Maryland I450643
28 Stavely, Joseph  25 Jul 1740Kent County Maryland I450629
29 Stavely, Joseph Jr.  1770Kent County Maryland I450640
30 Stavely, Mary Redgrave  1767Kent County Maryland I450639
31 Stavely, Wilson  1785Kent County Maryland I450645
32 Wroth, Benjamin  1725Kent County Maryland I450734
33 Wroth, James  1730Kent County Maryland I450735
34 Wroth, John  1722Kent County Maryland I450729
35 Wroth, Kinvin II  1728Kent County Maryland I450733
36 Wroth, Kinvin  3 Apr 1754Kent County Maryland I450727


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Jan 1764Kent County Maryland I450792
2 Blakiston, Benjamin  1760Kent County Maryland I450839
3 Blakiston, Ebenezer  1746Kent County Maryland I450854
4 Blakiston, Hannah  7 Aug 1740Kent County Maryland I450810
5 Blakiston, John II  1733Kent County Maryland I450798
6 Blakiston, Priscilla  10 Apr 1812Kent County Maryland I450728
7 Hepbron, Ann  1793Kent County Maryland I450687
8 Hepbron, Cassandra  1834Kent County Maryland I450694
9 Hepbron, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1843Kent County Maryland I450688
10 Hepbron, James  Abt 1841Kent County Maryland I450690
11 Hepbron, John  Abt 1737Kent County Maryland I450670
12 Hepbron, John  1825Kent County Maryland I450691
13 Hepbron, John  1835Kent County Maryland I450646
14 Hepbron, Joseph  1723Kent County Maryland I450674
15 Hepbron, Joseph  1829Kent County Maryland I450689
16 Hepbron, Mary Ann  1835Kent County Maryland I450693
17 Hepbron, Norval Wilson  17 Apr 1846Kent County Maryland I450745
18 Hepbron, Sewell  7 Sep 1879Kent County Maryland I450657
19 Hepbron, Thomas I  1762Kent County Maryland I450664
20 Hepbron, Thomas Stavely  25 Aug 1851Kent County Maryland I450686
21 Maslin, Martha Priscilla Elizabeth  15 May 1882Kent County Maryland I450658
22 Redgrave, John  Abt 1749Kent County Maryland I450787
23 Stavely, Ann  12 Jul 1796Kent County Maryland I450641
24 Stavely, Isaac  1814Kent County Maryland I450644
25 Stavely, James  1682Kent County Maryland I450598
26 Stavely, James  1776Kent County Maryland I450628
27 Stavely, James  Jul 1820Kent County Maryland I450642
28 Stavely, John  Feb 1763Kent County Maryland I450625
29 Stavely, John  1814Kent County Maryland I450643
30 Stavely, Joseph  Aug 1787Kent County Maryland I450629
31 Stavely, Joseph Jr.  Aug 1808Kent County Maryland I450640
32 Stavely, Mary Redgrave  1828Kent County Maryland I450639
33 Stavely, Wilson  1823Kent County Maryland I450645
34 Wroth, Benjamin  28 Aug 1757Kent County Maryland I450734
35 Wroth, James  Dec 1785Kent County Maryland I450735
36 Wroth, John  8 Jan 1770Kent County Maryland I450729
37 Wroth, Kinvin II  Nov 1786Kent County Maryland I450733
38 Wroth, Kinvin  9 Nov 1804Kent County Maryland I450727


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hepbron / Maslin  12 Mar 1832Kent County Maryland F178752
2 Hepbron / Stavely  27 Sep 1787Kent County Maryland F178746
3 Wroth / Blakiston  23 Sep 1773Kent County Maryland F178767
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