Derbyshire, England

Derbyshire, England





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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, George  1604-1605Derbyshire, England I179317
2 Allan, Joan  Abt 1510Derbyshire, England I217282
3 Allen, Margaret  Abt 1540Derbyshire, England I346654
4 Beresford, Johanna  Abt 1463Derbyshire, England I121620
5 Brelsford, NN  Abt 1124Derbyshire, England I569381
6 Brelsford, Uginall  Abt 1098Derbyshire, England I569382
7 Bullock, John  1575Derbyshire, England I465476
8 Bullock, Phillip  1485Derbyshire, England I465502
9 Cavendish, Francis  11 Dec 1618Derbyshire, England I281827
10 Cavendish, Henry  15 Apr 1707Derbyshire, England I319621
11 Cavendish, Duke William V  25 Jan 1640Derbyshire, England I32699
12 Clowes, Emma  1822Derbyshire, England I1402663
13 Clowes, Antonia  1836Derbyshire, England I1402668
14 Clowes, Edith  18 Jan 1838Derbyshire, England I1402669
15 Clowes, George Gooch (Goum)  Jan 1835Derbyshire, England I1402667
16 Clowes, Henritta Amelia  1824Derbyshire, England I1402664
17 Clowes, Isabel  1825Derbyshire, England I1402665
18 Clowes, John  25 Mar 1823Derbyshire, England I1402650
19 Clowes, Rosamond Adelin  10 Nov 1831Derbyshire, England I1402666
20 Cokayne, Beatrix  Abt 1482Derbyshire, England I588037
21 Cokayne, John  Abt 1150Derbyshire, England I360444
22 d' Aubigny, Hamon  Abt 1120Derbyshire, England I567287
23 de Abeney, John  1400Derbyshire, England I586961
24 de Ferrers, Agatha  1234Derbyshire, England I40342
25 de Ferrers, Agnes  1224Derbyshire, England I40330
26 de Ferrers, Agnes  1244Derbyshire, England I40352
27 de Ferrers, Eleanor  1236Derbyshire, England I40326
28 de Ferrers, Isabel  1226Derbyshire, England I40333
29 de Ferrers, Joan  Abt 1238Derbyshire, England I40351
30 de Ferrers, Joane  1232Derbyshire, England I40341
31 de Ferrers, Vicomtesse Maud  1228-1230Derbyshire, England I40335
32 de Ferrers, Sybil  1230Derbyshire, England I40338
33 de Ferrers, Earl William III  Abt 1193Derbyshire, England I40322
34 de Walais, Muriel  Abt 1330Derbyshire, England I573793
35 de Walais, Richard  Abt 1300Derbyshire, England I573794
36 Franceis, William  Abt 1270Derbyshire, England I573541
37 Harper,  Derbyshire, England I360531
38 Harper, Richaaard  Derbyshire, England I360532
39 Harvey, Vincent  1553Derbyshire, England I590450
40 Lowe, Patrick  1562Derbyshire, England I132655
41 Milward, Felicia  Abt 1490Derbyshire, England I581128
42 Parmoor, Johane  Abt 1542Derbyshire, England I166191
43 Seald, Katherine  1609-1610Derbyshire, England I183207
44 Shalcross, Ann  Derbyshire, England I585672
45 Shephard, John  Abt 1541Derbyshire, England I166190
46 Slater, Samuel  9 Jun 1768Derbyshire, England I367678
47 Slater, William  1728Derbyshire, England I367682
48 Starbuck, Edward  16 Feb 1604Derbyshire, England I209089


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, George  1605Derbyshire, England I179317
2 Seald, Katherine  1610Derbyshire, England I183207
3 Wheelock, Joseph  7 Oct 1563Derbyshire, England I278463


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cavendish, Henry  23 Apr 1698Derbyshire, England I465472
2 Clowes, Antonia  1836Derbyshire, England I1402668
3 FitzAlan, Richard  21 Sep 1397Derbyshire, England I15298
4 Gallop, John  11 Jan 1650Derbyshire, England I40924
5 Lowe, Patrick  Bef 4 Feb 1615Derbyshire, England I132655


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldrich / Thurgood  Bef 1603Derbyshire, England F74729
2 Chapin / Froggatt  Derbyshire, England F52581
3 Coke / Charleton  26 Dec 1644Derbyshire, England F249626
4 FitzAlan / de Bohun  23 Sep 1359Derbyshire, England F5292
5 Lenthall / Grey  Bef 1424Derbyshire, England F45959
6 Sacheverille / Curzon  Abt 1438Derbyshire, England F142504
7 Zouche / Grey  Abt 1458Derbyshire, England F244382
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