Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atwater, Betsey  6 Dec 1794Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I467801
2 Atwater, Stephen  9 Feb 1720Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I581022
3 Bunnel, Jairus  21 Jul 1789Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204097
4 Bunnell, Dennis Dowd  6 Aug 1794Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204134
5 Bunnell, Israel  14 Aug 1782Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204130
6 Bunnell, Virgil  21 Sep 1784Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204131
7 Hitchcock, Frederick  Abt 1837Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I193120
8 Root, Julia  Abt 1806Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I401388


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bunnel, Jairus  6 Sep 1789Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204097
2 Bunnell, Dennis Dowd  28 Sep 1794Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204134
3 Bunnell, Ebenezer  18 Mar 1792Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204133
4 Bunnell, Deacon Israel  1747Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204115
5 Bunnell, Israel  18 Aug 1782Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204130
6 Bunnell, Israel  17 Jun 1787Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204132
7 Bunnell, Jerusha  12 Dec 1779Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204128
8 Bunnell, Lydia  May 1744Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204672
9 Bunnell, Nathaniel  29 Jan 1775Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204125
10 Bunnell, Rufus  4 May 1779Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204127
11 Bunnell, Virgil  7 Nov 1784Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bunnell, Abner  13 Feb 1810Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204649
2 Bunnell, Capt. Nathaniel  29 Dec 1787Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204669
3 Bunnell, Ens. Ebenezer  14 Dec 1786Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204644
4 Bunnell, Israel  20 Mar 1785Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204130
5 Bunnell, Deacon Israel  21 May 1813Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204115
6 Bunnell, Meriam  14 Sep 1805Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204680
7 Bunnell, Patience  26 Aug 1788Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204654
8 Chatterton, Mary  26 Jul 1741Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204457
9 Clark, Hannah  11 Aug 1763Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204412
10 Clark, Lydia  4 May 1802Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204641
11 Clark, Stephan  4 Nov 1800Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204687
12 Dowd, Jerusha  24 Jul 1829Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204116
13 Hotchkiss, Captain John  17 Apr 1732Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204540
14 Hotchkiss, Josiah  13 Jul 1732Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204434
15 Hotchkiss, Lydia  9 Nov 1737Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204402
16 Mallory, Mary  17 Sep 1752Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT I204839


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bunnel / Lincoln  26 Sep 1810Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT F83773
2 Griffin / Smith  21 Nov 1776Cheshire, New Haven CO, CT F53458
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