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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bergen, Hans Hansen  Albany, New York, USA I178611
2 Clute, Jacob  1682Albany, New York, USA I323473
3 Coljer, Folkje  Albany, New York, USA I136849
4 Collier, Jochem  Albany, New York, USA I136846
5 Collier, John  Abt Apr 1699Albany, New York, USA I143230
6 Culbertson, Anna  13 Oct 1829Albany, New York, USA I260630
7 Duer, John  7 Oct 1782Albany, New York, USA I367783
8 Fonda, Douw  23 Aug 1696Albany, New York, USA I184196
9 Fonda, Hendrik  15 Jul 1716Albany, New York, USA I182213
10 Groesbeck, Johannes Claas  Abt 1667Albany, New York, USA I181172
11 Hallenbeck, Johannes Jacobse  1688Albany, New York, USA I363495
12 Hallenbeck, Katherine  Abt 1648Albany, New York, USA I138707
13 Hallenbek,  Abt 1652Albany, New York, USA I140362
14 Hemstraat, Annatjie  27 Jul 1766Albany, New York, USA I181892
15 Hemstraat, Dirk  13 Apr 1731Albany, New York, USA I181886
16 Hemstraat, Jacob  15 May 1743Albany, New York, USA I181887
17 Hemstraat, Johannes  31 Mar 1765Albany, New York, USA I181891
18 Lewis, Helen  14 Feb 1898Albany, New York, USA I38520
19 Livingston, Gilbert  03 Mar 1690Albany, New York, USA I34363
20 Livingston, Philip 'the signer'  15 Jan 1716Albany, New York, USA I323170
21 Livingston, Governor William  30 Nov 1723Albany, New York, USA I326424
22 Loupe-Rochelais, Therese  1734Albany, New York, USA I160645
23 Mascraft, Nancy  23 Mar 1795Albany, New York, USA I221036
24 Palmer, Elizabeth  1646Albany, New York, USA I357127
25 Quackenbosch, Adrian  Albany, New York, USA I182531
26 Quackenbosch, Annetje  1658Albany, New York, USA I181167
27 Quackenbosch, Bata  1707Albany, New York, USA I181875
28 Quackenbosch, Benjamin  Albany, New York, USA I182529
29 Quackenbosch, Geertje  Abt 1676Albany, New York, USA I181165
30 Quackenbosch, Isaac  1713Albany, New York, USA I181870
31 Quackenbosch, Jacob  Oct 1715Albany, New York, USA I181871
32 Quackenbosch, Jannetje  1663Albany, New York, USA I181169
33 Quackenbosch, Magdalena  1660Albany, New York, USA I181168
34 Quackenbush, David  21 Jun 1702Albany, New York, USA I136861
35 Quackenbush, Jeremiah  Albany, New York, USA I136864
36 Quackenbush, Magdalena  30 Dec 1705Albany, New York, USA I143231
37 Quackenbush, Peter  Abt 1710Albany, New York, USA I136863
38 Quackenbush, Pieter Jr.  1678Albany, New York, USA I136857
39 Quackenbush, Pieter  Abt 1717Albany, New York, USA I136866
40 Quackenbush, Rachel  Jan 1716Albany, New York, USA I136865
41 Ryckman, Petrus  Nov 1708Albany, New York, USA I182403
42 Schermerhorn, Arnout  1686Albany, New York, USA I446355
43 Schermerhorn, Hendrick  25 Sep 1726Albany, New York, USA I181487
44 Schermerhorn, Jacob  Abt 1661Albany, New York, USA I181480
45 Schermerhorn, Jacob Jr.  27 Dec 1685Albany, New York, USA I181481
46 Schermerhorn, Johannes  1684Albany, New York, USA I446354
47 Schuyler, Alyda  28 Feb 1656Albany, New York, USA I34727
48 Schuyler, Angelica  22 Feb 1756Albany, New York, USA I323442
49 Schuyler, Capt. Brandt  17 Dec 1659Albany, New York, USA I323386
50 Schuyler, Catherine van Rensselaer  20 Feb 1781Albany, New York, USA I323440

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Coljer, Folkje  23 Oct 1692Albany, New York, USA I136849
2 Coljer, Jurain  26 May 1695Albany, New York, USA I136851
3 Coljer, Jurian  26 May 1695Albany, New York, USA I136852
4 Collier, Jochem  8 Jun 1690Albany, New York, USA I136846
5 Collier, John  9 Apr 1699Albany, New York, USA I143230
6 Collier, Magdalena  17 Jul 1686Albany, New York, USA I136845
7 Collier, Matilda  9 Feb 1745Albany, New York, USA I143099
8 Cuyler, Abraham  11 Apr 1742Albany, New York, USA I379886
9 Cuyler, Cornelis  31 Oct 1740Albany, New York, USA I379888
10 Cuyler, Dirk  12 May 1745Albany, New York, USA I379885
11 Cuyler, Elsie  10 Apr 1737Albany, New York, USA I379889
12 Cuyler, Elyzabeth  8 Aug 1731Albany, New York, USA I379881
13 Cuyler, Hendrick  22 Aug 1735Albany, New York, USA I379877
14 Cuyler, Johannes  29 Jan 1729Albany, New York, USA I379882
15 Cuyler, Margrieta  10 Dec 1738Albany, New York, USA I379875
16 Cuyler, Philip  29 Aug 1733Albany, New York, USA I379879
17 de Witt, Taatje  1659Albany, New York, USA I179050
18 Lansing, Gerardus  29 Sep 1723Albany, New York, USA I379800
19 Lansing, Pieter  6 Aug 1721Albany, New York, USA I379799
20 Livingston, Maria Louisa  31 Mar 1820Albany, New York, USA I380115
21 Quackenbush, Abraham  19 Nov 1704Albany, New York, USA I136862
22 Quackenbush, David  21 Jun 1702Albany, New York, USA I136861
23 Quackenbush, Jeremiah  26 Oct 1713Albany, New York, USA I136864
24 Quackenbush, Pieter  Abt 1717Albany, New York, USA I136866
25 Quackenbush, Rachel  22 Jan 1715Albany, New York, USA I136865
26 Schermerhorn, Arnout  7 Nov 1686Albany, New York, USA I446355
27 Schermerhorn, Johannes  23 Jul 1684Albany, New York, USA I446354
28 Schuyler, Angelica  22 Feb 1756Albany, New York, USA I323442
29 Schuyler, Capt. Barent  14 May 1780Albany, New York, USA I326657
30 Schuyler, Catalyntje  5 Mar 1704Albany, New York, USA I323444
31 Schuyler, Catherine van Rensselaer  4 Mar 1781Albany, New York, USA I323440
32 Schuyler, Cornelia  26 Jul 1746Albany, New York, USA I323259
33 Schuyler, Cornelia  30 Nov 1777Albany, New York, USA I326656
34 Schuyler, Cornelia Lynch  7 Jan 1776Albany, New York, USA I323438
35 Schuyler, Cortlandt  24 Sep 1786Albany, New York, USA I326659
36 Schuyler, Elisabeth Van Rensselaer  21 Sep 1815Albany, New York, USA I379912
37 Schuyler, Henry Ten Eyck  24 Jan 1773Albany, New York, USA I326654
38 Schuyler, Johannes  10 Dec 1749Albany, New York, USA I380089
39 Schuyler, Johannes S  8 Jan 1764Albany, New York, USA I326651
40 Schuyler, Peter S  20 Feb 1723Albany, New York, USA I323258
41 Schuyler, Phillip Jeremiah  31 Jan 1768Albany, New York, USA I323283
42 Schuyler, Stepahnus J.  19 Aug 1737Albany, New York, USA I323427
43 Schuyler, Stephen Van Rennselaer  7 Dec 1784Albany, New York, USA I326658
44 Schuyler, Tobias  1 Dec 1765Albany, New York, USA I326652
45 ten Broeck, Elizabeth  30 Aug 1772Albany, New York, USA I379914
46 Teneyck, Lena  8 Sep 1745Albany, New York, USA I326650
47 van Buskirk, Volkertie Collier  23 Oct 1692Albany, New York, USA I136847
48 van Dyck, Catalina  6 Oct 1695Albany, New York, USA I379806
49 van Rensselaer, Engeltie  22 Jul 1770Albany, New York, USA I379820
50 Wendell, Catherine Ann  10 Nov 1815Albany, New York, USA I379873

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maritje  Aft 1684Albany, New York, USA I182063
2 Alexander, Maj Gen William  15 Jan 1783Albany, New York, USA I363669
3 Baldwin, Lawrence H.  13 Nov 1966Albany, New York, USA I341592
4 Bogaert, Margarita  3 Oct 1785Albany, New York, USA I182230
5 Brown, Rachel  Albany, New York, USA I222524
6 Churchill, Hannah Southwick  18 Dec 1846Albany, New York, USA I222344
7 Clute, Anna  Between 1714 and 1779Albany, New York, USA I323475
8 de Ret, Catherine (Dret)  Between 1771 and 1833Albany, New York, USA I181888
9 de Ret, Jan  1749Albany, New York, USA I181851
10 Fanning, Rosemary  28 Dec 1961Albany, New York, USA I328197
11 Fonda, Abraham  1763Albany, New York, USA I435442
12 Groesbeck, William Claes  1722Albany, New York, USA I323657
13 Haines, Anna Maud  18 Mar 1941Albany, New York, USA I290224
14 Hallenbeck, Isaac Casperse  10 Jan 1709Albany, New York, USA I140366
15 Hemstraat, Takel Dirkse  Aft 1684Albany, New York, USA I182062
16 Hoes, Hannah  5 Feb 1819Albany, New York, USA I74837
17 Holland, Everett  16 Dec 1960Albany, New York, USA I341988
18 Jansz, Hester Douwse Jans  1690Albany, New York, USA I374140
19 Knapp, Betsey  14 Feb 1820Albany, New York, USA I222929
20 Liberty, Simeon  18 Jul 1941Albany, New York, USA I290225
21 Livingston, Edward  1842Albany, New York, USA I380114
22 Mascraft, Nancy  10 Jul 1872Albany, New York, USA I221036
23 Post, Machteld Jans  1698Albany, New York, USA I177520
24 Quackenbosch, Magdalena  7 Oct 1756Albany, New York, USA I181168
25 Quackenbosch, Marret  1683Albany, New York, USA I177560
26 Quackenboss, Pieter  25 Dec 1787Albany, New York, USA I182243
27 Quackenbush, Magdalena  Albany, New York, USA I143231
28 Schermerhorn, Symon Jacobs  Abt 1696Albany, New York, USA I188467
29 Schuyler, Margarita  14 Mar 1801Albany, New York, USA I323435
30 Schuyler, Peter Davidse  7 Mar 1696Albany, New York, USA I323651
31 Schuyler, Col Peter Philipse  19 Feb 1723Albany, New York, USA I323401
32 Schuyler, Philip Pieterse  9 May 1683Albany, New York, USA I34974
33 Schuyler, Rensselaer  16 Dec 1847Albany, New York, USA I323437
34 Schuyler, Sybilla  12 Dec 1664Albany, New York, USA I323407
35 Staats, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1737Albany, New York, USA I323423
36 van Cortlandt, Maria  24 Jan 1689Albany, New York, USA I323328
37 van Hoesen, Jan Fransse  29 Nov 1665Albany, New York, USA I140347
38 van Noorstrant, Volkje Juriaens  1703Albany, New York, USA I140348
39 van Rensselaer, Catharine  7 Mar 1803Albany, New York, USA I323281
40 van Rensselaer, Jeremias  12 Oct 1674Albany, New York, USA I323381
41 van Rensselaer, Kiliaen  16 Sep 1719Albany, New York, USA I323285
42 van Slichtenhorst, Bata  Aft 1704Albany, New York, USA I323467
43 van Slichtenhorst, Margarethe  22 Jan 1711Albany, New York, USA I34975
44 Waldron, Pieter  3 May 1725Albany, New York, USA I102213
45 Wells, Anah  30 Jan 1845Albany, New York, USA I222731
46 White, Jane  9 Jul 1854Albany, New York, USA I222899
47 Whitney, Charles  29 Oct 1865Albany, New York, USA I222825
48 Whitney, Clifford Elmer  22 Sep 1972Albany, New York, USA I227405
49 Whitney, Thomas  Abt 1815Albany, New York, USA I222866
50 Whitney, Walter  18 Jul 1846Albany, New York, USA I222787


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Arthur, 21st President Chester Alan  Albany, New York, USA I74590
2 Blair, Alta May  Albany, New York, USA I227416
3 Lansing, Gerardus  26 Mar 1808Albany, New York, USA I379800


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alston / Burr  2 Feb 1801Albany, New York, USA F143852
2 Chesebrough / Kaple  7 Jan 1833Albany, New York, USA F80518
3 Clute / van Slichtenhorst  1681Albany, New York, USA F128917
4 Clute / van Vranckun  12 Apr 1707Albany, New York, USA F128919
5 Collier / van Hoesen  1689Albany, New York, USA F55278
6 Consaulis / Hemstraat  20 Apr 1765Albany, New York, USA F73611
7 Culbertson / Mitchell  1828Albany, New York, USA F105460
8 Cuyler / Schuyler  9 Dec 1726Albany, New York, USA F151059
9 Eckerson / van Slichtenhorst  10 Sep 1697Albany, New York, USA F128918
10 Fillmore / McIntosh  10 Feb 1858Albany, New York, USA F30441
11 Hamilton / Schuyler  14 Dec 1780Albany, New York, USA F128851
12 Hemstraat /   Abt 1670Albany, New York, USA F73668
13 Hemstraat / de Ret  5 Nov 1763Albany, New York, USA F73612
14 Hemstraat / Quackenbosch  3 Nov 1700Albany, New York, USA F73307
15 Hoes / van Schaick  1723Albany, New York, USA F71667
16 Liberty / Bateman  26 Jan 1931Albany, New York, USA F116972
17 Livingston / Lansing  24 Sep 1818Albany, New York, USA F151176
18 Livingston / Schuyler  9 Jul 1679Albany, New York, USA F14710
19 Low / Cuyler  17 Jul 1760Albany, New York, USA F151076
20 Newkirk / Vischer  19 Oct 1718Albany, New York, USA F73200
21 Oothout / van Ness  19 Dec 1699Albany, New York, USA F71670
22 Quackenbosch / Post  1667Albany, New York, USA F71662
23 Schermerhorn / Beekman  Abt 1710Albany, New York, USA F176842
24 Schuyler / Schuyler  29 Dec 1720Albany, New York, USA F128909
25 Schuyler / Staats  25 Apr 1695Albany, New York, USA F128907
26 Schuyler / Teller  26 Nov 1684Albany, New York, USA F128898
27 Schuyler / van Slichtenhorst  12 Dec 1650Albany, New York, USA F14830
28 van Buren / van den Bergh  14 Jul 1719Albany, New York, USA F73342
29 van Buren / Winne  2 Dec 1719Albany, New York, USA F73346
30 van Cortlandt / Schuyler  10 Sep 1671Albany, New York, USA F128811
31 van Schaick / Oothout  19 Dec 1699Albany, New York, USA F71669
32 van Schaik / Wyngaart  11 Jun 1703Albany, New York, USA F180001
33 van Vrankin / Fonda  5 Nov 1775Albany, New York, USA F73727
34 van Vrankin / Pootman  18 Jan 1751Albany, New York, USA F73726
35 Vanderwerken / Quackenbosch  3 Oct 1751Albany, New York, USA F73432
36 Vosburgh / Coeyman  Abt 1649Albany, New York, USA F73400
37 Vosburgh / Hoes  1 Aug 1686Albany, New York, USA F73394
38 Weller / Passage  4 May 1786Albany, New York, USA F73634
39 Wendell / van Dyck  28 Nov 1717Albany, New York, USA F151056
40 Whitney / Churchill  19 Aug 1827Albany, New York, USA F90000
41 Whitney / Grimwood  10 Nov 1835Albany, New York, USA F90281
42 Whitney / Mascraft  18 Jul 1815Albany, New York, USA F89529
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