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The database on this site contains a collection of individuals and families who are all connected to each other somehow. (See "statistics" in the menu bar above for quantities).

The start of this database was a description of several related Dutch families, collected by my grandfather and a genealogical account of the various families descended from Francis Fox of St. Germans, Cornwall (one of my ancestors).

I have extended the database (and my ancestor tree) with the help of some Dutch and English researchers and family trees published by publishers as Burkes, Starke, etc, etc.

While studying the Fox family (a respectable Quaker family) and their connections, I got lost in history.

In a period of about 15 years my database grew to the size of about 800.000 individuals.

I do not pretend to be a professional researcher of Family-Genealogy and genetic connections (Genography), I am more a collector. For this reason I decided to use the name Geneagraphie for this site. (from Greek: genea, "generation"; graphe or graphie, "writing").

In my database you will find:

  • Serious information concerning familytrees collected from Genalogical manuals and/or family- and public archives
  • Traditional information as given in the description of families and individuals from ancient empires
  • Mythological information with traditional connections to real individuals
  • "Fun information" concerning celebreties from movie and music industry who are all somehow related to each other through numerous affairs and liaisons

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This menu is a constant "work in progress".

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PS1 I can not guarantee that all information on this site is 100% reliable

PS2 You will find no LDS information on this site except here, here, here and here