Families Fox and Guion


Gegevens verzameld door


Alph. Em. Albers

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Geciteerd aan mij 14 Jan 1905
door Mama (E.J. Albers-Fox 1840 - 1932

  1. Charles James (married to Elisabeth Anna Carkeit)
  2. Francis (unmarried)
  3. Gardiner (unmarried)
  4. Henry (unmarried)
  5. Alfred (unmarried)
  6. Frederick (unmarried)
  7. Emily Josephine (Married to F.R.J. Albers)
All Children of Charles James Fox and Anne Mary Guion my grandparents



Charles James Fox MD
† 12 mei 1874 te London
gehuwd met
Anne Mary Fox geb.  Guion
† 12 maart 1876


Emily Sleeman (geb Fox) sister of Grandpapa,
† 8 Maart 1866 te Torquay,
gehuwd met
Philip Sleeman brother of the Governor of Lucknow Sir



William Sleeman who wrote the History of the Thugs.

Mary Mitchel geb Fox sister of Grandpapa, godmama of mama

gehuwd te te London
Dr. Mitchel, court Physician, died a frightful death at Windsor, was an atheist.


They had daughters and sons among them Robert and Edward who went to Australia
Charles was also a son.

Sophia Fox sister of Grandpapa
† 10 Dec 1875 te London

Through family circumstances (?) Dr. Ch.J. Fox, aunt Mitchel (Mary) and aunt Sophy were sent to France and brought up as catholics by  De Tremonille a french lady.
Aunt Sleeman brought up at home as a quaker became protestant and afterwards joined the sect of Lady Huntington



Dr Joseph Fox † 25 Feb 1832
My great grandfather Fox was a Quaker and a Physician at Plymouth he became a catholic on what was supposed to be his deathbed and lived a year afterwards died at the age of sixty An Oilpainting of him in spreekkamer




Elizabeth Anna Fox geb Carkeit sister of uncle Bill
† 11 Jan 1890
gehuwd met

Charles Jame Fox (mama's brother)


Gardiner Guion Joseph  Fox
† 11 Feb 1881 te Singapore

went to sea at 15 in a merchant service. Mary Ann was his first ship. He had a hard life on board. He took an oath he woned never swear and drink. He never came home for twelve years. When he did come home Mama was terrible frightened of him. He joined the P+O through Lord Hardwick and Count Ineleta?. Then he joined the














Dr Allenn Timbury Circus



Tregellis gone to new Zealand





Telegraph company and laid cables. Afterwards he became a corn merchant (for miss Flynn) remained three years at home and then joined another company (His ship on fire at Hamburg photo) He got a sunstroke fell from a balcony and died at the Catholic Hospital 11 Feb 1881 and was buried by the Jesuits at Singapore 




Joseph John Fox (general practitioner)
† 15th of 12th month 1897 London
he was a quaker and a cousin of grandpapa maried in the society to Sarah Angel Allenn
their children were
Courtenay, Charles, Hingston, Tregellis, Fortescue, Harrisson (nota doctor)


Tregellis and Fortescue are partners and have a hydropathic establishment at Strathpeffer in Scotland

Hugh Courtenay Fox
† 14th of 4th month 1902

The sister of Joseph John Fox Anna Priscilla was brought up as a quaker, but became





a catholic and later a nun at Berdmonsey (sister Mary Rose) she died a year after her profession.


Lawrence Charles Prideaux Fox (Father Fox)
geb. te Kingsbridge nr.  Plymouth
† 1 April 1905 te Montreal
a cousin of grandpapa and a quaker became a catholic and a priest of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  He was a great poet and went to America.  Before starting he gave a selfwritten and illuminated prayerbook to Mama which is in my posession




Children of uncle Charles were
Charles, Frank (married), Willie (married), Mary (married), Margy (married), Lizzie (unmarried)

Sara Guion-Ponsonby
1792 - 1873
Anne Mary Fox-Guion
1797/8 - 1874
Emily Albers-Fox
1840 - 1932

Grandmama Fox named Anne Mary Guion was an only child of Captain Gardiner Guion of the Royal Navy he was an Admiral (not true, his highest rank was captain).  Her mother was a Corsican Lady.

She was brought up by the widow of 




Inscription in a book named "letters on History by John Bigland 4th Ed.  1810"
G.H. Guion to his beloved Sister in Law Mrs.  D.  Guion on her first visit to the Fortune in Plymouth ??sound?? January 3d 1824






Cap.t Guion's brother Henry (must be Daniel) who was a Miss Ponsonby (Irish family)
All the Guions were protestants.  She had a verry unhappy young life, and became a Catholic when she married to grandpapa at the age of 27 (must be around 30). She was engaged 7 years





Captain Henry (must be Daniel) was cruising off Ireland near the Ponsonby's home.  He fell in love with Miss Sally who was a beautiful girl, but was called on account of her frightful temper the beautiful fiend. She was married in her father's library (against her parent's desire who nevertheless consented) and went off with him directly. She was only seventeen when he left her on Xmas Eve in the admiral ship for the Baltic where he was frozen to death.
(Get information at the admiralty in London White House)




She left all her money to her doctor  that ought to have come to my grandmama Fox-Guion who had been desinherited because she became a catholic




Frederick Fox brother of Mama
† 25 Oct 1901 te Gent

Dr.  Francis Fox  † whom aunt Sophy visited at Brislington House near Bristol it was a madhouse


Aunt Rebecca Fox sister of Joseph John Fox


Octavius Fox younger brother of Ftaher Fox lived at Brighton and is a dentist


For information enquire at Bessy Moline and Hingston Fox




Note written with pencil from later date !!!!

Emily Josephine Fox born Billiter Street London City 16 Nov 1840
Ch.J. Fox + A.M. Guion lived at Ramsgate where uncle Charles was born
Fred.  Fox died 25th Oct 1901
Chs Js Fox Jr died..............
Father Charles Prideaux Fox, O.M.J. died April 1st 1905
Henry Edward Fox died 3 dec 1915 ?

Mary Barrow has oilpaintings of Uncle and aunt Sleeman

Frank has an illigit.  Son called Frank and is also a captain of the P + O



Dictaat van Mama 21st January 1905

GdMa Fox acted upon aunt Guion's good will to do a good action and as she wouldn't leave anything to her (GdMa) to leave something to her children viz.  500 to each viz Charles Gardiner Henry Fred Emily.
Miss Maria Dore (bridesmaid to GdMa the other one was Mrs.  Manly) was a homeopathlover she always travelled with her medicine-case.  She was also a spiritualist (she always had a lady coming who ph....sered her) she died a month after uncle Gardiner which made her legacy to him come back to her family who she had quarelled with all her life, she had never intended it.









Uncle Charles was married for the second time with an American lady and had one son with her who died.


Kate Earle is the daughter of a bridesmaid of GdMa Mrs Earle sister of Sir James De Barthe


Mrs Angove daughter of General Hervey


Miss Dore's mother of an ancient Welsh family


Anne Carkeit (Mrs Wells) sister in law of Ch.J. Fox Mama's brother


Edith Graham friend of Mama


Pauline Babled (Mme De Hedonville) friend of Ma went into the convent (Visitation at Reims) the same day she was 10 and Ma 14 and came to comfort Ma in the first night when she was crying




Miss Woolett friend of Ma


Henry Pippit old lover of Mama (but she could not stand him)


Mrs Drake (Miss Carkeit)

Bessie Moline friend of Ma

Miss Pye (?  When her dog died)


Mary Anne Earle sister of Kate


Gardiner Henry Guion Capt.  R.N.
† 27 Sept 1832 te Thun (Suisse)


Mama's first baby born Oct 10th 1868 22nd of Jan. 1875 a little girl who died at a quarter to five in the morning of Septuag (?) - S.  Jan 24th buried at Kensal cemetry




Mrs Alexander Fox - Rebecca Fox

miniature Papa Albers painted by Mrs Holland



Sara Guion (Aunt Guion was a miss Ponsonby, Mrs D.O. Guion


9 Sara Guion Payne (According to her name her mother could be a Guion)
10 Mdame Guion Wo of the late Hungarian Genl Richd Guion
13 Edgar Guion
28 Geo Ponsonby Lloyd nephew?(According to his/her name his/her mother could be a Ponsonby)


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