Napoleon and his family

My titles are in my sword; 

the house of Bonaparte dates from the  18 Brumaire; 

Permit me to be the Rudolph of my line.







The genealogy of the Bonaparte/Buonaparte family of  Corsica, exists thanks to the efforts of Guiseppe and Luciano Buonaparte (Napoleons grandfather and his brother) and Carlo Buonaparte, Napoleons father.  In 1759 Guiseppe and his brother Luciano obtain recognition of kinship from the Buonaparte family of Tuscany.  In 1771 Luciano and Carlo present documents that prove their noble descent before the the Conseil superieur. The Conseil declares their proof "suffisant et valides" and from this moment on the Bonaparte family belongs to the noble families of Corsica. In 1779 Carlo extends his ancestral line to Geronimo Buonaparte who lived around 1550 - 1572 in his revised claim of Nobility.  Without this claim (in which a noble descend had to be proved going back more than 200 years)  Joseph and 9 years old  Napoleon would not have been admitted to the school in Autun and  to the military college in Brienne (both in 1779) and Elisa would not have been granted a scholarship at St Cyr (24 november 1782).

Another big help was probably the friendship of Laetizia with Marbeuf, commander in chief of  Corsica for France 1770-1786 (death)  She  lived in his house during winter 1777/1778 and there is  a rumour that at least Louis is his offspring.

The claim was based on copies of "original documents" of 1536 and 1554 authenticated by the clerk of the court of jurisdiction of Ajaccio.

An important source is the Libro Grosso which still exists. The document that should prove the link from Gabrielle to Geronimo can not be verified anymore because the early pages are missing  The first entry is in 1596!!

There is an authentic archival document of 1572 in which Geronimo appears as spokesman to the genoese senate but this document was 199 years old in 1871. One year short of the 200 years that were requested !! A manupilation of Carlo ??? Is Geronimo really the gson of Francesco ???

The Bonaparte genealogy is worked up by the Corsican historian Cesari Rocca who extended the ancestral line to Ceasare, grandfather of Francesca "Il Mauro/Il Moror" who married 1440 Apollonia, illigimate daughter to the house of Malaspina and  descendant, through 20 generations, from Charlemagne.

This genealogy is published 1905.


Federico Galantini from Sarzana, Italy wote in 2004 a book  "Napoleone Bonaparte the origin of his family, an historical reconstruction from the XIIIth century to 1769" He informed me that he can confirm the ancestral line from Gabriele, son of Francesco "Il Moro" to Gianfardo, living around 1300.

He also stated to be able to confirm the connection to the Counts Malespina.

Other theories The jurist Hug Banapart/Bonapart, son of Bonifaci Bonapart from Ciutat, Mallorca,  was made governor of Corcega on the 23rd of July, 1409 by Martí I,  king of Catalunya-Aragón. 

Hug Bonapart married Joana Lancis in Córcega and from this marriage  were born Esteve, Ferran and Andreu.

It is believed by some that Hug could be the founder of the B(u)onaparte family on Corsica. See here for more information concerning the B(u)onaparte family of Mallorca


Famous Bonapartes

  Carlo Maria,  (1746-1785) Napoleon's father

Charles Marie Jérôme Victor (1950-) current head of the house Pretender to the throne of France. Announced on 22 June 2000 that he is going to run for mayor of Ajaccio.

  Charles Joseph (1851-1921) Secretary of the USA navy 1905-1906, Attorney-General 1906-1909.

  Charles Lucien (1803-1857) Ornitholoog, published a 4 volume History of the Birds of  America from 1825-1833.

  Jérôme Napoleon (1830-1893) Studied at Westpoint, 2nd lieutnant in the Mounted Rifles. 2nd lieutnant in the 7th reg. Dragons, French imperial army in Sept. 1854 (Napoleon II). Lieutnant Colonel 1870. Served in the siege of Paris 1870-1871. Resigned 1871, returned to America.

  Louis-Lucien (1813-1891) Senator, Philologist, published on English dialects and the Basque language.

  Cardinal Lucien (1828-1895)

  Maria Laetitia  (1882-1962)  Well known Psychoanaliste

  Napoleon III  (1808-1873)  Emperor of the French 2 Dec 1852. exiled himself in England 1871

  Roland Napoleon (1858-1924) Last male descendant of Lucien, by right 6th Pr di Canino e Musignano, but never assumed the title; published on glaciers.

Bonaparte relatives

  Alexander de Beauharnais, (1760-1793) First husband of Josephine Tascher de la Pagerie

  Cardinal Joseph Fesch, (1763-???) Half uncle of Napoleon, son of his maternal grandmother from her 2nd marriage.

Napoleon's Marshals

Arthur Wellesley 


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Napoleon and his Family

 Chronology  de Corse 1729-1786

The (tale of the) Birth of Napoleon

Triumphs of a Corsican Family (71 - 78)

The memoirs of Carlo Buonaparte

Corse Historique 1962, 3rd trimestre

The document that recognizes the nobility of the Bonaparte family

Napoleon and his contributions

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