This is the Last Will and Testament of me n

Richard Grindall of Wickham in the county of Southampton vice nnn

admiral of the white squadron being of sound disposing and memory

and understanding whereby I give devise and bequeath all that my nn

frochold messuage I onouncced or Swollinghouse use with the garden on us

heriditaments and appartertements situated and being at Dover in the

county of Kent unto my son Rivers Francis Grindall now living in India in

civil employhis hovis apuyas for ever also I give and bequeath

the several valuable gold and silver jewels ornaments and other articles

heronafter particulary mentioned that is to say my silver rufo rose and

rufo silver nit stand fanity Tambard gold medal miniature picture of

Roll Groyenne and glass sword from the patriotis fund gold watch and

chain my diamond ring and topaz ring  sol round white brilliants and

also my library unto my said son Rivers Francis Grindall to be delivered

to him by my Excecutrix hereafter named unuivdiately after my decease

also all and every I do interest dividends and proroid which shall

annually arise and become due and payable from and out of all and every

the capital stort uwucis which I now have or may hereafter si possessed


of or be otherwise entitled unto in any of the public funds or securities

of this Kingdom or any other securities whatsoever I give and bequeath

unto my wife Katharine Groon Mary Ann Nathaniel Grindall for

and during the time of her natural life and from and immediately after

in case then I give and bequeth all and every the said capital Stocks

monie and securities for monios I save and except so must and such part

as shall have been soon sold out and disposed of by my Excecutrix for

the purpose of payment and provoding the several primary and other

royalties adn to discharge in just debt and funeral and testamentary expenses

as after montroused together with all the interests and dividends then

and from thourosorth to arise and become due and payable for the

same unto my said son Rivers Grancis Grindall his excecotors admore

and assign tharyod and chargeable ????????? to and with the is as

payment of one ???? annuity or sum of seventy pounds yearly ann

every year unto Mary Luru young spinster now living with me

for and during her natural life also I hereby give and bequeath

to my said wife Katharine Green Mary Ann Nathaniel Grindall the

use of the whole of my plate linen china household goods and

furniture except the gold and silver articles hereonbefore specificated

given and bequeathed to my son Rivers Francis Grindall which shall be in my Swoilinghouse at the time of my decease to hold use

?????? and possess the same during his life adn from and immediatory

after her scatet I give and bequeatz the said plate linen china houshold goods and furniture unto my said son Rivers Francis

Grindall his excecutiers aduiors and assujas also I give and bequeath unto

my friend John Dirfouson Esquire of Saint John Street London one

hundred pounds to purchase a ring and mourning unto my godsons

Richard Grindall Festing and Francis Grindall Hartwell one hundred pounds

cash and to my goddaughter Charlotte Agnes Maria Scott one

hundred pounds to my brothers in law John Holt and the Reverend

Francis Festing and my sisters Rachael Holt and Jane Festing cases

mourning ring all which said several last mentioned loyaries and

mourning rings I will and diort shall be raised and paid and provide by

my said wife and Excecutrix out of my said capitalStock monies

hereonbefore mentioned and I hereby give full power and authority to

my said wife to sell out and dispose of so much of the principal of the

same aswell be adequate thereto and also to pay and satisfy all my just

debts funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my will and

carrying the the same into exercition also all the cost and residue of my money

goods thattois and efforts of what nature or fuid service not acreuiby

before spititusly given I give and bequeath unto my said son Rivers Francis Grindall his excecutors, administratotrs and assigns and lastly I do

hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said wife Katharine Green

Mary Ann Nathaniel Grindall sole Executrix of this my last Will and

Testament hereby revoting all former and oleric will and wills by use at

any time heretofore made in witness whereof I the said Richard Grindall

the testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained  ui teicer a

sheets of paper to the first two sheets hereof set my hand and to this third and last sheet hereof set my hand and seal the twentythirtieth day of

September uilac year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve

Richard Grindall Signed sealed published and dorland by the said Richard

Grindall the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who

in hispresourt at his request and in the presence of ??? other have subscribed

our names as witnesses hereunto Eleanor Bullen  Cha Bullen  Cha B

Longcroft Havant


Proved at London 14th June 1820 before the Judge on the oat of


Katharine Groon Mary Ann Nathaniel Grindall widow the Rohrt

the sole Exoratnix to whom admon was granted having first sworn by

Couion suly to adm

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