I Ann Guion of the city of Bath

widow so may be this my last Will and Testament as I  ????? my son

Gardiner Henry Guion to be amply provided for I give to him the

Sum of twenty pounds for a ring and all the rest of my ???? Goods ????

and Effects whatsoverer and wheresoever I give devise and bequaeth unto my son

Daniel Oliver Guion forever I revoke all former wills by me at any time

heretofore made and declare this to be my last Will and testament I appoint my

son Daniel Oliver Guion Executor and Witness my hand this 20th day of

february 1807 - Ann Guion


Appeared Personally Gardiner Henry Guion of Hamblerice

in the county of Southampton Esquire and Ann Guion of the same place

Spinster and with oath that they ??? and with ?????   ?????? with Ann

Guion late of the city of Bath widow  ?????? for ???? before and to

the ??? of her ???????????? with the ?????????? of her handwriting

and subscripion  having frequently ???? her???? and with subscribe for named

and having now with ??? attention viewed ???? the ??? or writing

hereto ???? purporting to be certain that last will and testament of the said

?????????? beginning this I Ann Guion of the City of Bath widow ending

thus as Witness my hand this 20th day of february 1807 and thus subscribed

Ann Guion they this ????????????????????????

Co???????? believe the whole ??? ??? ??? of the said paper writing

beginning and ending as aforesaid and also the subscription thereto to be of the

proper handwriting of the said Ann Guion deceased  - Gard. Guion - Ann

Guion - on the thirteenth day of October 1812 the said Gardiner Henry Guion

and Ann Guion were truly sworn to the truth of this affidavit by virtue of the

commission hereto ??? before - Thomas Moars Commissioner


On the 17th October 1812 admon with this will annexed was granted to

Sara Guion the admix of Daniel Oliver Guion deceased while living the

sole Executor and residuary Legatee having been first sworn duly to admin



Anne Mary, daughter of Gardiner was born nov 1798

She is most likely the spinster who appeared personally with Gardiner

Gardiner married Harriet Grindal Holt 27 july 1802

Harriet was buried 17 July 1806 in Mylor

Ann Guion signed her LW 20 February 1807 in Bath

Daniel Oliver married Sarah Ponsonby 1809

and left for the Baltic on the St George in May 1810

Ann Guion was buried 26 May 1811 in Mylor

Daniel Oliver drowned at Ringkjbing 24 December 1811


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