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Henry Stephens was Selectman in Stonington, Connecticut for the years 1696-7-8-9, 1702-3-4-7, and represented the town in the General Court of Colonial Legislature for the years 1699, 1700-1-2-6-7. He was one of the incorporators of the town of Stonington, October 24, 1716. He married Elizabeth, one of the daughters of Captain John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup. She was born at Stonington, but the dates of her birth, death, and marriage have not been found.She and her husband were admitted to the Congregational Church, February 6, 1726. He was an extensive land owner, having property in Stonington, North Stonington, Plainfield, and Voluntown. Part of his land he settled on his children during his lifetime, and the remainder he bequeathed to his widow and sons, Richard and Henry in equal parts. The date of his death is not given, but his will was probated in New London, August 9, 1726. Elizabeth, widow and relict to Henry Stephens, late of Stonington, gave a deed of land to her son, Henryh, Ocober 8, 1736.
Military - - King Philip's War 
Stephens, Henry (I34429)
/ Genealogy of the Morris Family 
Cadwalader, Hannah (I435793)

Peter Seal, son of Zackeriah and wife______?, was born about 1775 in Pittsylvania Co. VA. He died in Montgomery, Co. NC. Following is a list of his children by his first wife, Pollie Slye.

1. Female, born 1798.

2. Zackeriah Seal, born 1800, married Elizabeth Lamb.

3. Elizabeth Seal, born 1802, married Pleasant Brewer.

4. Anne Seal, born 1805.

5. Female, born1807.

6. Female, born 1810.

7. Sarah Seal, born 1810, married Isham Brewer.

8. Samual Seal, born 1815, married Nancy Brewer. (Our line).

Children by Peter and Rachel Lamb Seal:

1. John Seal, born 1823, married Locky Ann Moles?

2. James Seal, born 1825, married Mary Wilder.

3. Jarvis Seal, born 1826, married #1 Nibley Rydor #2 Emaline Harris.

4. Sarah Seal, born 1832, married John Wyatt.

Children by Peter and his third wife______?. The story is Peter never divorced his second wife, but went off to Montgomery Co., NC.

1. Jackson Seal, born 1835.

2. Noah Seal, born 1837, married Mary Brown.

3. Rebecca Seal, born 1839.

4. Jemima Seal, born 1843.

Peter Seal was said to have a problem, "women"! One story told on him by a descendant said that after the family had been in NC several years, that Peter went back to VA to visit his relatives and while there got involved with a married woman and her husband had to run him out of VA. He was said to have illegitimate children by women in now Hancock Co. TN. His second wife, Rachel, was retarded. The children by his first wife disliked the fact that he had married Rachel. They would not acknowledge his children by Rachel as Seals, but called them "Peter"s.# Peter's third wife was about 40 years younger than himself.

Peter Seal served in the French Indian War under General Andrew Jackson, who later became President.

State of Tennessee Hawkins County
Know all men by these present that I Peter Seal, a private in Capt. Benjamin Powell's Company, East TN. Militia, do authorize nominate and appoint Lawrence Pearson my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for my own proper use and benefit to ask and demand and receive and receipt to the paymaster for all such sum or sums of money that is owing unto me the said Peter Seal for a tour of duty served against the hostile Creek Indians under command of Capt. Benjamin Powell as afore said and do further authorize him the said Lawrence Pearson to endorse and receipt to the paymaster of the United States all and every paper that is lawful as the ____was present at the drawing myself----where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this third day of September, 1816, in the presence of
His Peter Seal
Joab Brewer Esquire
John Deeney
James Orrick

Richardson Creek Baptist Church Records of 1827 list Zackeriah Seal, Dawson Seal, and Peter Seal, among other members.

Peter Seals, is listed in the Hawkins County, TN census of 1830: Seals, Peter, 31000001-00011. 
Seal, Peter (I366761)
!Colonial Families of the U.S. 
Cadwalader, Martha (I435822)
!Colonial Families of the U.S. 
Cadwalader, Margaret (I435826)
!Colonial Families of the U.S. / Ancestral File

!Birthdate, marriage day & month from LDS Ancestral File 
Cadwalader, Mary (I435792)
!Colonial Families of the U.S. / Morris Family of Philadelphia

Cadwalader, Rebecca (I435794)
!Colonial Families of the U.S. / Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography

!Colonial Families of the U.S. gives death date as May 1781, Pa. Magazine of
History & Biography, and a book about the early settler of Trenton, N.J. both
give 5 Aug 1791. 
Cadwalader, Mary (I435824)
!Contemporary Biography of Pa. / William Wood's Family

!Came to America on ship "Flie Boat Martha" 1677 
Wood, William (I435720)
!Contemporary Biography of Pa. / William Wood's Family 
Parnell, Mary (I435719)
!Contemporary Biography of Pennsylvania

!Emigrated in 1678 
Lambert, Thomas (I435727)
!LDS Ancestral File 
ferch Cadwalader, Ellin (I435740)
!LDS Ancestral File 
ap Ievan, Meredydd (I435741)
!LDS Ancestral File 
ap Meredydd, Cadwalader (I435751)
!LDS Ancestral File 
ap Evan, Cadwallader (I435757)
!Letters & Papers

!Emigrated to America about 1701 and settled in Philadelphia 
McCall, George (I435685)
!Letters & Papers 
Yeates, Ann (I435686)
!Letters & Papers 
McCall, Eleanor (I435700)
ap Hugh, Cadwalader Thomas (I435754)
Owen, Ellen (I435755)
ap Hugh, Thomas (I435776)
ap Ievan, Hugh (I435777)
ap Rees Goch, Ievan (I435778)
Wynne, Jonathon (I435809)
Jones, Jonathon (I435814)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract

!Marriage Date given as 11th of First month, 1678-9 
Owen, Robert (I435761)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract 
ap Lewis, Robert (I322369)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract 
Evan, Owen ap (I435753)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract 
John, Gainor (I435760)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract 
Owen, Jane (I435764)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract 
Lloyd, John (I435765)
!Merion in the Welsh Tract / Wynne Family Genealogy 
Buttall, Martha (I435804)
!Milton Rubincam 
Snowden, Elizabeth (I435716)
!W. Jones de Geofroy 
Hooton, Oliver (I435715)
!William Wood's Family 
Wood, Mary (I435725)
"Historical Southern Families" by - Boddie; Vol. #2, page 200-213. 
Reynolds, Christopher (I282994)
"Kincheloe, McPherson & Related Families" page # 7, by - McPherson; 929.2, M24 
Kincheloe, John (I283054)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I307411)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I306259)
A letter dated January 6, 1867 at Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA and written by Polly Pope Emerson stated that she and her husband had just moved to Woodbine on the Missouri River, 100 miles farther south than where they had first settled after coming to the United States. Her husband was "dealing in ties and cordwood", apparently for the new railroads then being built. 
Pope, Polly (I304403)
Abraham HALL was of Booth Town, Halifax, Yorkshire. 
Hall, Abraham (I269311)
Acton GARNETT graduated from Giggleswick School near Settle, Yorkshire
[as di d his brothers Hubert GARNETT and Craven GARNETT]
After completing his schooli ng, Acton GARNETT decided to travel to Canada
and lived for a time on Vancouv er Island, British Columbia. During World
War I he enlisted in the Canadian E xpeditionary Force to fight in Europe.
[He is listed in the Canadian Army Rec ords as Action GARNETT rather than
After the War, Acton GARNETT retu rned to live in England.
He became an agriculturist and apparently lived in Ox ford. He died of
tuberculosis at the age of 49 years on March 8, 1934 at Nord ach
Sanitorium, Ubley, Somerset. Until shortly before his death, Acton
Ga rnett was residing with his sister Ruth GARNETT in Headington, Oxford.
He nev er married. 
Garnett, Acton (I269625)
Adopted by Harriet E. Gallup. 
Gallup, Adelbert Joseph McMahon (I305835)
After the close of the Revolutionary War, Samuel with his brothers Silas, Levi, and Ezra, and their cousin John Gallup and several other families from the towns of Groton and Stonington, CT moved to Albany Co. NY establishing the towns of Knox and Berne. 
Gallup, Samuel (I307728)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I310008)
Ann Craven Garnett and John Jasper Garnett died at the ages of 7 and 6
respec tively as a result of a diptheria outbreak in June, 1879. 
Garnett, Ann Craven (I269618)
As a Revolutionary War soldier, he took part in the Lexington alarm.
Military - - Revolutionary War 
Gallup, Daniel (I304821)
Baptised 17 May 1723 at Raritan Dutch Church. Buried at the Bound Brook Presbyterian Church. His will was dated at Piscataway, New Jersey 14 Oct 1791 and probated 3 Feb 1792 (WNJA 8:132). Second wife was the sister of his first wife. Mary Josephine Genung reports date of death as Nov 1793. Pierce says he married sisters named Williamson, and he named a wife Nelly in his will dated Piscataway 14 October 1791 and probated 3 February 1792 (WNJA, 8:132). Probably no children 
Field, Michael (I434317)
Thomas BOTFIELD of Hopton Court, was the son of Thomas BOTFIELD and
Margaret BAKER.
He married Lucy SKELHORNE of Liverpool, daughter of William SKELHORNE, on
February 14, 1800 at Gresford.
Thomas BOTF IELD was the sheriff of Shropshire in 1818. He died without
children on Janu ary 17, 1843.
Along with his brothers, Thomas BOTFIELD became extremely wealth y from
his investments in mines, foundaries and property throughout Shropshir e.
One of the most interesting and revealing pieces about the BOTFIELD
fam ily is an excerpt from a long typescript autobiography entitled:
"The Memo irs of John Bellamy" which is to be found in the Shropshire
John B ellamy [born 9 January, 1808 at Bisley, Gloucestershire and died
14 January 1893 at Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire] was, according
to the subtitle of his memoirs "a farmer's son, ploughboy, doctor's page,
footman, wandering minstrel, professor of modelling and showman for 55
So what exactly was John Bellamy's connection to the BOTFIELDs?
He saw the BOTFIELD family fro m an unusual perspective---he was a servant
in their household. This is a re al life story of "upstairs, downstairs".
Bellamy tells his story thus:
"...La dy Thomason sent me to Thomas Botfield Esq., of Hopton Court, near
Cleobury M ortimer, Shropshire. This was a great rise for me from L5 to
L10 a year, but I was not altogether fit for the situation [as a footman]
as I knew very lit tle of indoor work. However, I had to learn, and
quick, for Mrs Botfield wa s a regular old crab.
I was given to understand that I must attend to what Mr. Maddox, the
Butler, told me, which I did as I was anxious to learn. He took a deal
of pains with me and soon dragged me through the worst of it.
Everyt hing was in the same style as any of the nobility---two carriages,
four horse s, nine servants in the house and more than that in the
stables, gardeners, gamekeepers, a pack of hounds, huntsman, etc.
Mr. Botfield owns all the coal pits on the Clee Hills near Ludlow; coal
pits and ironworks in different part s of Shropshire and Stafford.
It was said his income was seventy thousand po unds a year. His brother,
William Botfield, lived at a splendid place calle d Decker Hill, near
Shifnal. His brother, Beriah, lived at Norton Hall, nea r Daventry,
Northamptonshire, in the same style. All this wealth was got out of
"Black Diamonds" out of the Clee Hills, the first part of it at all
eve nts.
I used to hear old people at Hopton and Cleobury talk about it.
They c ould recollect old Botfield, their [the brothers' ] father,
hawking coals about Ludlow with bags on a donkey. It was said that he
bought a plot of lan d on Clee Hill, sank a pit, worked it on a small
scale, and continued to take the coals on the donkeys to Ludlow. He knew
the wealth that was under that plot of ground. He soon bought more until
he and his three sons became owner s of all the mines on the Hill and
extended their business in ironworks and p its at Shifnal and
The brother at Norton Hall [Beriah Botfie ld Sr.] died before I went to
Hopton Court. He left one son christened Beri ah after his father. A
remarkable thick-headed clown of a boy.
During the vacation at Oxford he used to visit his uncles at Hopton and
Decker Hill. T hey thought of making a great man of him. He had not a
shadow of a gentleman about him. His uncle used to buy all the property
he could at Ludlow so as to secure the votes at the elections when his
nephew came out in the world, so that he might be returned as M.P. for
Some years after I left t his nephew was returned for Ludlow as Tory
member, but I never saw his name i n the papers on any business in the
House of Commons. He could never have be en anything but one of the
dummies there. He married a daughter of Sir Baldw in Leighton, Bart., but
had not family. The na 
Botfield, Thomas (I270209)
Charles BEAUMONT was born on April 22, 1862. He was educated at Repton.
He m arried Naomi CARPENDALE and they had two sons and one daughter: Eric
Charles BEAUMONT died on January 5, 1 904.
SOURCE: Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, listing under ALLENDALE, page 59 
Beaumont, Charles (I270626)

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