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174801 William was called Hezikiah. He died as a teenager. His
brother felled a tr ee on him. 
Board, William Hezikiah (I324798)
174802 William was in Hartford in 1639 and was one of those who received land "by courtesie of the town". His home lot adjoined his father's on the south. He was granted two acres of land at Hockanum in 1641. He married in Hartford but ...returned to England and died there before 1668. Watts, William (I429944)
174803 William was listed as head of household in the census of 30 March 1851 at Turnworth House, Turnworth, Blandford, Dorset, England, William was listed as a JP and land proprietor. There were twelve servants in the household.

William was listed as the head of the family of on the census of 7 April 1861 in Turnworth House, Turnworth, Blandford, Dorset, England, William was a landed proprietor and Justice of the Peace. The household also consisted of a Governess and thirteen servants 
Parry-Okeden, William (I1395894)
174804 William was possibly a grandson of Alexander MURAVIA [MURRAY] who was mentioned in a 15 July 1383 Charter of Resignation of the lands of Cranstoun Riddell in the Sheriffdom of Edinburgh. Murray, William (I677881)
174805 William was Rector of the Parish of Choulderton in Wiltshire, situated between Amesbury in Wiltshire and Andover in Hampshire, and eleven miles from Salisbury, which contains the great Salisbury Cathedral, built in the year 1220, whose lofty tower overlooks the dead Roman city of Sarum and "Stonehenge", the ruins of the wonderful pre-historic temple of the ancient Celtic Druids, in the midst of Salisbury Plain. The register of the Diocese shows that he officiated in the Parish from 1602 to 1620, at which time he resigned. He was then appointed Attorney General to the King. He was succeeded as rector by his son, Nathan.

31 Mei 1592 University College, Oxford 
Noyes, Rev. William (I198705)
174806 William went to California in 1849, then back to Missouri until
1852 when he returned with his brother David to California. 
Board, William (I325134)
174807 William Wesley Chism was the 2nd child.

Can be found in the 1900 census.

William Wesley Chism was the 2nd child.

Can be found in the 1900 census. 
Chism, William Wesley (I339490)
174808 William Willerman Willermin, William (I1413790)
Birth: 24 APR 1787
Christening: 17 MAY 1787 Saint Margaret Pattens, London, London, England
Father: BARNABAS TILT Family
Mother: MARY 
Tilt, William Wyborn (I461236)
174810 William “The Conqueror” de Normandie (1024-1087) m. Matilda Flandres (1031-1083)

Henry I Beauclerc (1068-1135) m. Sybilla Corbet (1077-1157)

Matilda Beauclerc (1102-1169) m. Geoffrey “The Fair” Plantagenet (1113-1151)

Hamelin Plantagenet (1129-1202) m. Isabel Warenne (1137-1199)

Ida Warenne (1154-?) m. Roger Bigod (1150-1221)

Margaret Bigod (1183-1237) m. William Hastings (1165-?)

Henry Hastings (1197-1250) m. Ada Huntingdon (1200-1241)

Maud Huntingdon (1236-1264) m. Gilbert Pecche (1228-1291)

Anne Pecche (1287-?) m. John Wingfield (1278-1337)

John Wingfield (1305-1340) m. Elizabeth Honeyport (1308-?)

Catherine Wingfield (1340-1381) m. Michael de la Pole (1331-1389)

Margaret de la Pole (1364-?) m. Robert Neville (1353-1413)

Margaret Neville (1386-?) m. William Harrington (1373-?)

Agnes Harrington (1414-?) m. Alexander Radcliffe (1410-?)

William Radcliffe (1436-1498) m. Joan Trafford (1440-?)

Clemence Trafford (1463-?) m. Nicholas Holmes/Hulme (1447-?)

James Holmes/Hulme (1485-?) m. ?

George Holmes/Hulme (1514-1558) m. ?

Robert Holmes/Hulme (1553-1605) m. Alice Reddiche (1557-1610)

Robert Holmes (1578-1649) m. Katherine Johnson (1584-1630)

Obadiah Holmes (1606-1682) m. Katherine Hyde (1608-1682)

Lydia Holmes (1644-1693) m. John Bowne (1634-1683)

Sally Bowne (1669-1714) m. Richard Salter (1669-1728)

There does seem to be some conflicting data regarding the parentage of George Holmes/Hulme (b.1514), so that may be a problem. 
Salter, Hannah (I74175)
174811 William's 4th marriage Family F138087
174812 William's will was dated 15 Mar 1665, and proved in 1670. Bligh, William (I96049)
174813 William, and his brothers, John and Alexander Johnston, sailed to Virginia on a vessel belonging to Charles Dunn 1696 (see Cameron, Landings and Sailings. Edinburgh, 1842, Vol 2, pg. 246).
William dropped the "T" on Johnston to unknown. 
Johnston, William (I593203)
174814 William, baptized at Normanton 7th November, 1694, was an ensign in the company in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards commanded by James, Duke of Ormond, 28th October, 1713, and appointed quartermaster to a battalion detached out of that regiment for service on an expedition, ,9th July, 1719. He died at Galway, in Ireland, in September 1728, at which time he was a lieutenant in Dormer's Regiment of Foot. He married, 2nd February, 1713-14 Mrs. Mary Russell, of London, and by her, whose will, dated 5th March, 1755, was proved in Dublin 24th May following. Goodricke, William (I268981)
174815 William, born at Ribston 25th June, 1710, christened in the chapel there; was Storekeeper of His Majesty's Mews in 1754 Stainforth, William (I269018)
174816 William, of Twickenham, co. Somerset, and Ely, co. Cambridge, a major in the army.
Major William Goodricke was the eldest son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Goodricke. The earliest date at which I find his name mentioned is in an Indenture, 27th May, 1647, under which he purchased from his uncle Robert Goodricke, Esq., of Malton, co. York, for the sum of £620, the annual rental of £30 issuing out of lands in Brawbye, co. York, which had been settled upon Robert Goodricke for life by his cousin William, the fourth Lord Eure, under an Indenture bearing date 24th October, 1617 In this document Major Goodricke is described as of Skidby, co. York, Gentleman.
The earliest record of his military career is in 1649. In 1650-51 he accompanied Cromwell's army in the expedition against the Scots, and was with the forces under General Monk which were left to complete the reduction of Scotland when Cromwell pursued the young king's army into England.
Major Goodricke was prominent among the purchasers of the properties lately owned by the Crown. There are two deeds recording his transactions. The first is dated the 23rd March 1651. Under it William Goodricke, described as of the Middle Temple, London, purchases from the Trustees for the sale of the fee farm rents belonging to the Commonwealth, the fee farm rents payable in respect to the Manors and Rectory of Hunsingore, Walshford, etc., then the property of Sir - John Goodricke, Baronet. The consideration money was:-
£127 3S. 1.1\2d

The second deed, made 23rd April 1651, conveys to Major Goodricke, jointly with Thomas Rookby and Adam Baynes, of Knowstrop, co. York, in consideration of the sum of £13562 0s 6d os. 6d., "The Manor of Richmond with its appurtenances, the Palace or Richmond Court, with the site thereof, and sundry other premises." This purchase seems to have been Laity assignation Major Ire an to Goodricke and other creditors for arrears of pay due to Themselves, other officers and men in the parliamentary army, as can be seen more especially from Add'. MSS., 21,429, pp. 103, 104. In this document Lieut. Colonel Goodricke and his son Major. Goodricke's joint proportion of the £13,562 purchase money is put down at £8,190 2s. 1d. But a portion of this was on account of other creditors.
Richmond was re sold to Sir Gregory Norton, Baronet, the materials being valued at £10,782 19s. 2d. At the Restoration this property was given back to the Queen (23rd June, 1660 being forfeited by Sir Gregory Norton, who was excepted out of the general pardon, in consequence of the part he had taken at the trial of the late King, having been one of the signatories to the warrant for his execution.
It is quite possible that the purchase money was never paid by Sir Gregory, and that this was one of the troubles referred to in the letter from Elizabeth Goodricke to her uncle Bellingham.
The next event, in point of time, which I find relating to Major Goodricke, is his marriage to Eleanor, widow of Nicholas Poyntz, Esq., and only child of Rice Davis, of Tickenham Court, co. Somerset, Esquire, by his third wife, Mary Pitt, widow of Robert Owen, Esq., of Bristol. Eleanor Davis was born in 1617. She inherited under her mother's post-nuptial settlement, dated 16th December, 1624, the Manors of Tickenham and Backwell Park, and other estates in Somersetshire, this settlement being confirmed by her father in his will, dated 22nd August, 1638. Her first husband, Nicholas Poyntz, a son of Sir John Poyntz, Knt., of Iron Acton, co. Gloucester, died 11th February, and was buried in the Savoy Church, London, In the following year she was married to Major William Goodricke, and they appear to have continued to reside at Tickenham Court.
In July 1653 "William Goodrick of Tickenham, co. Somerset, Esquire," acquired the property at Ely, co. Cambridge, known as the "Lower Houses' and "the Bell" and other lands, houses and properties in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Ely. The deed transferring these properties was enrolled 19th July 1653, Thomas Steward, Esq., appearing personally and confirming the conveyance.
Major Goodricke continued his active services in the army, but he appears to have been suspected by Cromwell of a leaning towards Royalist views, for I find in a letter dated 19th May, 1657, written by Colonel Lilburne to Luke Robinson, Esq., at Pickering in Yorkshire, the following paragraphs occur regarding the Major

"I must intreate you to desire Captaine Strangewayes to inquire privately, how Major Goodricke carries himself at his being now in the; country, for I hear his much a new royalist, and is supposed will make his observations upon the soldiery in the North. By trying their tempers. There is something more than ordinary in his coming down at this time, and I desire you to instruct Capt. Strangewayes thus much, and to give notice privately to the officers and soldiers to beware of him, and if 'were also hinted to the lord Lamberts regiment, it would not be amiss, if you know Capt. Strangewayes (as I presume he is) to be against kingship. I had rather put this trouble upon him, because he is both faithful and prudent, if he pleases to communicate it to some officers with naming me, and give me some account of it, will be very acceptable."

Col. Lilburne then adds

"The question of chasing the name of King to Protector was carried almost 3 to one.'
Major Goodricke was. Among those who received the Royal Pardon at the Restoration (December 1660 He was then residing at Tickenham. About 1664 his wife died, and from this period he appears to have lived at Ely, Cambridgeshire. On 25th January 1665, he received letters of administration, in London, to his late wife's estate, and probate was also granted in his favour to his late father's will on the same day. He did not long survive his wife, however, dying at Ely July 1666, and was buried on the 26th of that month, in Holy Trinity Church there.
Major Goodricke had two daughters only, Eleanor and Mary, both under age at the time of his death.
Under his will, dated 12th May, 1666, which was proved in London on 3rd November following by his cousin Sir Francis Goodricke, Knight, he bequeathed the whole of his lands in Somersetshire, the inheritance of his late wife, to his daughter Eleanor Goodricke, and to his daughter Mary Goodricke he gave the sum of one thousand pounds. His property in Stuntney, in the Isle of Ely, known as Thorney Manor Farm, and his four closes in Stuntney and their appurtenances, he left to his cousin Sir Francis Goodricke, Walter Hawkesworth, Esq., and Walter Bethell, Esq., as trustees for his nephew John, eldest son of his brother Henry Goodricke, failing whom for George Goodricke, the second son, and so on.
The estates in Somersetshire, situated at Tickenham and Backwell, inherited by Eleanor Goodricke, were considerable. Her mother (Eleanor Davis) had succeeded to them to the exclusion of her half-sisters, Joan, Elizabeth, and Margaret, daughters of Mr. Rice Davis by his wife Dorothy Rodney, through whom the property had come into the, possession of the Davis family. Constant disputes and litigation arose between Eleanor Goodricke and her relations on her mother's side, in connection with her estate; and Sir Francis Goodricke mentions in his will the fact that he was largely out of pocket for purchases of lands in dispute in order to settle the lawsuits to which Eleanor Goodricke was a party.

Eleanor Goodricke married Edmund Ashfield, Esq., they resided at Tickenham Court, and the issue of this marriage was

1 Forest Edmund Ashfield, baptized at Tickenham 3rd March, 1677-8
2. Mary, who died unmarried, and was buried at Tickenham 3rd June 1730.

Edmund Ashfield died 16th January, 1678, and was buried in the north aisle of Tickenham Church, where there is still, in perfect preservation, a black marble slab bearing this inscription


Eleanor Ashfield married secondly, in 1685, Richard G. Glanville, Esq., Lord of the Manors of Elmsett and Somersham, co. Suffolk, by whom she had

1 Richard Glanville, born 10th February 1687.
2. Eleanor Glanville, born at Weston-Super-Mare, 8th December 1688 was living, unmarried, at Rome, in 1733.

At the time of her marriage to Glanville, Eleanor Ashfield possessed in her own right an income of £600 per annum and ready money to the amount of £10,000 Her husband settled upon her for life, under a deed dated 24th January, I692-3, his manors of Elmset, Somersham and Often, which estates were to descend to their son Richard after his death and Eleanor's decease.
Eleanor's second marriage, however, was a exceedingly unhappy one, and she was soon separated from her husband. His own father cheated her son Richard out of his patrimony. He settled at Wedmore, co. Somerset, and was ancestor of the Glanvilles, who still hold property there. I must refer my readers to the exhaustive "Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville," published in 1882 by W. U. S. Glanville-Richards, Esq., for the history of this family.
Eleanor Glanville died in 1709. By her will, dated 30th July, 1705, proved in London by Sir Henry Goodricke, fourth Baronet, 21st April, 1709, she bequeathed her manors of Tickenham, Rodney Stoke, etc., and her lands in Backwell and Loxton, etc., to Sir Henry Goodricke, who took possession of the properties.
In 1712 however, Forest Ashfield claimed Tickenham as heir-at-law to his mother, and entered a suit against Sir Henry to have his mother's will set aside-having been, he declared, made by her under the impression that her children had been changed by Fairies! After trial and examination of one hundred witnesses at the Wells Assizes, in 1712 the will was upset on the ground of testatrix's insanity.
Forest Ashfield afterwards sold Tickenham to Mr. Brickdale, of Bristol; but he continued to live in the neighbourhood. He died unmarried, leaving no will, and such property as remained to him-probably very little-was divided among his relatives. He was buried at Tickenham, 11th August, 1721. 
Goodricke, William (I269104)
174817 William, tenth earl of Devonshire. In consequence of his marriage, was detained in confinement during a great part of the reign of king Henry the seventh which goal was to kill all the members of the Plantagenet family.
2nd Earl of Devon? 
Courtenay, William (I53073)
174818 William, was a British magistrate in India before his marriage.
His diaries contain an extraordinary record of pre-Victorian India in the early 19th century. 
Parry-Okeden, William (I1395894)
174819 Williamson Co. Marriages McLemore, Margaret Minor (I383610)
174820 Williamson Co., TN Obit. de Graffenried, Metcalf (I383520)
174821 Willie was a very loving, kind, and generous person. She was beautiful when young. Her hair grayed very early in life. She was a petite woman
in height and size but her heart was very large! 
Helms, Willie Agnes (I393885)
174822 willing as her heir, her Cousin Keith Stephen Fox, second and surviving Son. of the late Stephen Newcome Fox, Barrister at law Scrymgeour, Christobel (I675278)
174823 Willoughby was a noted lawyer in Dumfries, Virginia and was styled Colonel for his activities in the local militia. He did serve with the American forces during the Revolution. Willoughby died 10/22/1803. His gravesite is still existent outside Dumfries. Last year, a ceremonial marker was placed on his grave honoring his Revolutionary War service. Willoughby Tebbs married well. His wife, Elizabeth Carr, was daughter of William Carr a local merchant and landowner who during his life accumulated a vast landed estate including thousands of acres in Prince William, Loudoun, Fairfax and Fauquier Counties, Virginia. His daughter Elizabeth was his only child to reach maturity, and hence received his entire estate. The land that Delacarlia was built on in Fauquier County came from Dr. Triplett's wife through the Carr estate. Across Cromwell's Run from Delacarlia was "Grasslands" the home farm of Samuel J. Tebbs, brother of Margaret Carr Tebbs. This was one of the largest and most profitable farms in Fauquier County prior to the Civil War. Betsey Carr Tebbs was born 10/6/1771 and died 3/18/1852. She is buried with her husband Willoughby at the "Tebbsdale" cemetery near Dumfries, Va. Carr, Elizabeth (I591366)
174824 Willy Hitler described his impression of Geli when he met her in Obersalzberg : "Geli looks more like a child than a girl. You couldn't call her pretty exactly, she just looked like a guy but she had great natural charm. She usually went without a hat and wore very plain clothes, pleated skirts and white blouses. No jewellery except a gold swastika given to her by Uncle Adolf, whom she called Uncle Alf."
As he rose to power as leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler kept a tight rein over his niece. He did not allow her to associate with friends freely and attempted to have himself or someone he trusted near her at all times. Despite Hitler's efforts to control her however, she was a free-spirited young woman who often did as she pleased whenever and wherever possible. She had an affair with Emil Maurice , a founding member of the SS and at the time, Hitler's chauffeur . Maurice was dismissed as a result, but later rehired and promoted. Emil later claimed that he "...loved her, but it was a strange affection that did not dare show itself."
Raubal was found dead from a gunshot wound to the heart in Hitler's Munich apartment on the morning of September 19, 1931, at the age of 23. The official cause of death was listed as suicide . It cannot be known how objective the Munich police were in the investigation though, as Hitler already had considerable influence with them. There were many rumours, including one that Hitler shot her (or had her shot) for infidelity since she was killed by a bullet fired from his gun. By all accounts they argued intensely in the days leading to her death.
After her death Hitler threatened to commit suicide (he had made similar threats during past moments of personal crisis or defeat, most notably after the failed Beer Hall Putsch ). Many historians believe Hitler was deeply in love with her and that after she died he was a changed man (for the worse). The many sketches of his which survived the war included some ordinary nudes and at least one of these depicted Raubal.
Before Raubal's death however, Hitler was also seeing 19-year-old Eva Braun whom he had known for two years (and who would attempt suicide at least twice before marrying and committing suicide with him in the space of a day and a night 14 years later). Most historians surmise Raubal was distraught over her incestuous relationship with Hitler, could not escape it and killed herself as a result.
Geli Raubal is buried in Vienna 's Central Cemetery ( Zentralfriedhof ). 
Raubal, Angela Maria Geli (I652122)
174825 Wilma Littlechild had her name spelled MURFORD.

Source: "The Early History of the Littlechild Family 1522-1681", Stephen C. Littlechild, Nov. 1992 p191-193 "Susan was about the fifth of at least eleven children born to Robert and Agnes (or Anna) Mumford; the older ones were baptised at Kirtling, the younger ones (including Susan) at Burrough Green." 
Mumford, Susan (I229079)
174826 Wilmot is now Paradise Dodge, Sarah (I429030)
174827 Wilton Congregational Church Vital Records Indexed by Surname, 1726-1 805: Elmer, Abigail, later married Keeler, joined church 1742, dismissal d ate 1746, dau. of Deacon Jon. m. 1746 Silas K of Ridgefield. Elmer, Abigail (I219695)
174828 Wiltshire Notes & Queries - burial 6 June 1828? Fox, Elizabeth (I2825)
174829 Wiltshire Notes and Queries, Pages 256-258 and 293 which lists The Wilshire Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (1383-1558):
"1503 Carpenter, Rychard, D.C.L. and priest, Remmesbury (= Ramsbury, Wilts.)
(Wilts?) Mixbury, Oxford. (Oxfordshire) 25 Blamyr."
"1524 Carpenter, als. Morecock, Roger, Hornyngesham, Wilts. F. 31 Bodfelde."
"1547 Carpenter, sir Thomas, priste, Cathedral of Sarum. F. 10 Allen."
The 1547 year note probably references this Thomas, who was buried in the
graveyard of the Cathedral of Sarum, now Old Sarum in Salisbury.
The 1503 year note refers to his Grandfather.
The data above could apply to this Thomas' uncle ie his Uncle Thomas. JRC. 
Carpenter, Rev. Thomas (I176440)
174830 Winbg?(Karelfontein) 19jr Pringle, Anna Helena (I1369597)
174831 Winbg?(Karelfontein) 34jr Veeboer We Erasmus, Johannes Lucas Albertus (I1369557)
174832 Winburg 18jr Oosthuysen, Catharina Elizabeth (I1373918)
174833 Winburg 19jr Veeboer van den Berg, Gert Nicolaas (I1377388)
174834 Winburg 20jr Bornman, Maria Cornelia Jacoba (I1369628)
174835 Winburg 23jr Boer Maree, Louis Theodorus Hermanus (I1381273)
174836 Winburg 23jr Veeboer Erasmus, Johannes Albertus (I1369617)
174837 Winburg 28jr Veeboer Erasmus, Johannes Martinus Andreas (I1373917)
174838 Winburg(AanLaaisprt) Wessels, Johanna Wilhelmina Elizabeth Catharina (I1366695)
174839 Winburg(AanTaaiboschsprt) Kriek, Elizabeth Maria Margaretha (I1380865)
174840 Winburg(AanVetriv) 21jr Veeboer Wessels, Hermanus Nicolaas (I1367538)
174841 Winburg(AanZandriv) 16jr Erasmus, Maria Magdalena Elizabeth (I1377653)
174842 Winburg(AanZandriv) 16jr Bester, Aletta Elizabeth Johanna Wilhelmina Paulina (I1370907)
174843 Winburg(AanZandriv) 20jr Veeboer Cronje, Andries Petrus (I1377743)
174844 Winburg(AanZandriv) 23jr Boer Erasmus, Daniël Jacobus (I1370905)
174845 Winburg(Kolfontein) Maree, Pieter Jacobus Casparus (I1380854)
174846 Winburg(Paddafx) 21jr Veeboer.

Winburg(Paddafontein) 21jr Veeboer 
Erasmus, Abel Hermanus Christiaan (I1374730)
174847 Winburg(Rodenvlei) 25jr Veeboer Maree, Christiaan Rudolph (I1381289)
174848 Winburg(Standvastigheid) 17jr Mynhardt, Dina Geertruyda (I1377104)
174849 Winburg? 23jr Veeboer Potgieter, Jacobus Nicholaas (I1377782)
174850 Winchester & Baliol Coll. Oxford MA.
Fellow Of Baliol College.
Hodgkin, Thomas Lionel (I29917)

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