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174801 Younger of Ballindalloch Macpherson-Grant, John (I677284)
174802 younger of Bennetsfield Dunbar, John (I678917)
174803 younger of Caher  Butler, Edmund (I687054)
174804 Younger of Carron Grant, Patrick (I676377)
174805 Younger of Dalrachnie Grant, John (I674431)
174806 younger of Dun Erskine, John (I735855)
174807 younger of Dunrod
appears to have been disinherited by his father 
Lindsay, George (I700470)
174808 Younger of Erneside Cumming, Thomas (I674651)
174809 Younger of Foord Burd, Capt. Edward (I185988)
174810 Younger of Freuchie
Kindrochat of Mar 
Grant, John (I433848)
174811 Younger of Freuchie Grant, Duncan (I186275)
174812 Younger of Glack Elphinstone, William (I576049)
174813 Younger of Glengarry McKean, Angus McAlester (I674637)
174814 Younger of Glenkirk Porteous, John (I676796)
174815 Younger of Glenmoriston Grant, John (I676426)
174816 Younger of Glenmoriston Grant, Capt John (I676498)
174817 younger of Inchmartine Ogilvy, Patrick (I328240)
174818 younger of Littlegill Baillie, Alexander (I714096)
174819 Younger of Luss Colquhoun, Malcolm Rory (I320629)
174820 younger of Newton, 2nd Lord of Burleigh Balfour, Robert (I240363)
174821 younger of Philiphaugh Murray, James (I734603)
174822 younger of Rires Wemyss, Michael (I287027)
174823 younger of Rossie Hill Oliphant, Thomas (I260512)
174824 younger of Ruthven Crichton, James (I314971)
174825 younger of Valleyfield Preston, Maj. Patrick (I711814)
174826 younger of Weem Menzies, Robert (I677744)
174827 younger sister of Charles , the pastor de la Valade, Madeleine (I678735)
174828 younger son Milne, James (I678605)
174829 younger son Webb, John (I679046)
174830 Younger son of Sir William de Washington

the Washington pedigrees in 'History of Yorkshire' by Plantagenet-Harrison have his father as Walter de Washington, who married Agnes de Milleburne 
de Washington, Robert (I33631)
174831 younger son of the 5th Earl of Drogheda Moore, Robert Hon (I406651)
174832 younger son, adopted surname Quin 1813, inherited Quinsborough Quin, George (I32171)
174833 younger son, also a soldier in the Creek War, became a Methodist minister Fields, Turtle (I674320)
174834 Younger son. (J-Morris, Shropshire Genealogies, vol. 6 p. 2765)

Constable of Knocklin Castle. (J-Morris, Shropshire Genealogies, vol. 6 p. 2765)

Llwynymaen and Llanforda for his share of the estates of his father. (Lloyd, History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog, vol. 6 p. 350) 
ap Ieuaf, Ieuaf "Fychan" (I676168)
174835 Younger son;
fifth Lord of Kerry;
summoned to Parliament 1374;
twice married 
FitzNicholas, John (I273728)
174836 younger than Frank
lived in Moulmein, married there and produced at least two children 
Limouzin, Joseph (I1406937)
174837 younger, of Dunure
Ancestor of Marquess of Ailsa. 
Kennedy, James (I23546)
174838 younger, of Leys and Collonach Burnett, Alexander (I286967)
174839 younger, of Meldrum Seton, William (I287006)
174840 youngest Enery, Sarah (I406719)
174841 Youngest brother Janice, Grandfather of (I33844)
174842 Youngest child

attended Britannia in January 1900.
Tovey's first command was the oil-fired destroyer Jackal in 1915.
He went on to earn a reputation for immense courage in command of the destroyer Onslow at Jutland. Earning the DSO in 1919 and special promotion to commander for persistence and determination in attacking enemy ships marked him out clearly as a rising star, even at the young age of thirty-one.
A year at the Royal Naval Staff College, Greenwich and two years in the operations division in the Admiralty (1920-22) confirmed that impression, as did promotion to Captain in 1923. Shore appointments and appointments as Captain (Destroyers) then flowed. The intertwining of his and Cunningham's career was again evident. When Tovey's destroyers were based at Port Edgar, Cunningham was captain in charge of the base. Between them they developed a new training scheme which was a significant improvement on the old one, and which increased the amount of time spent at sea.
Tovey then spent a year at the Imperial Defence College, and two years as naval assistant to the Second Sea Lord at the Admiralty, before being given command of the battleship Rodney in 1932, then went onto command at the Royal Navy barracks at Chatham in 1935. Being promoted to rear-Admiral in the same year. He became Rear Admiral (Destroyers) in the Mediterranean in March 1938 and Vice Admiral in May 1939. He thus served under Cunningham when the latter became CiC of the Mediterranean and worked closely with him from the outset. Cunningham made Tovey commander of all Allied light forces in the Mediterranean and second-in-command to himself.
Tovey's destroyers were superbly handled in the action at Calabria on 9th July 1940, when a single long-range hit by Warspite on the Italian flagship sent the Italian fleet scurrying for home. Ten days later, Tovey's forces sank the Italian cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni.
Later in 1940, Tovey was given the acting rank of Admiral and transferred to relieve Charles Forbes as Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet. After the Bismarck was sunk, an old argument with Churchill resurfaced when Tovey threatened to resign as Churchill wanted the Captain of the Prince of Wales court-martialled for turning away for the enemy. This threat meant no more was heard of the matter.
Tovey like most of the Navies' leaders fought vermently against Churchills' sometimes insane and strategically suicidal schemes which earned them criticism form the Prime Minister. He followed this with the Sinking of the Bismarck. His conduct of this operation was flawed but in fairness, the Admiral suffered various problems including lack of at-sea refuelling capability, armour and gunnery problems, and lack of long-range coastal Aircraft for reconnaissance.
Had it not been for the Arrival of Somerville's Force H with the Sheffield and Ark Royal, Tovey would probably never have sunk the Bismarck, the Ark Royal's Aircraft stopped her and allowed Tovey's King George V and Rodney to reduce her to scrap.
This victorious episode in Tovey's career was followed by the missed opportunity of the Channel dash and the Tirpitzs' foray against PQ17. The first was missed because Tovey would not risk his ships in the Channel where the Luftwaffe might pounce, and the second for bad weather and confusion over Tirpitzs' position.
Cunningham was recalled from the Mediterranean and an attempt was made to get rid of Tovey and appoint Cunningham in his place. Cunningham said he would take over from Tovey if and when Tovey dropped dead on his bridge. Cunningham was sent to Washington instead and Tovey was sent to command the Nore.

1st Baron Tovey of Langton Matravers, cr. 1946 
Tovey, Admiral John (I655764)
174843 youngest dau

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Prittie, Geraldine Frances (I449802)
174844 youngest dau Crewe, Catherine Frances (I133362)
174845 youngest dau Bury, Charlotte Mary (I406637)
174846 youngest dau Proby, Elizabeth (I695550)
174847 youngest dau and co heiress Hamilton, Nichola Sophia (I448805)
174848 Youngest daughter Toms, Edith (I3737)
174849 Youngest daughter Simpson, Ellin (I11334)
174850 Youngest daughter Lloyd, Sarah (I26074)

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