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172951 wordt samen met zijn broer in 1351 beleend met een derde deel van 20 morgen land, genaamd Coudenhoveland in de Vrijenban van Delft, zoals hun tante Katherine het leen opdroeg. In 1369 wordt Jacob van den Dorpe vermeld als inwoner van het ambacht Maasland. Van 13xx-1388 heeft Jacob van Dorp 4 morgen land onder Maasland-Schipluiden in pacht van de heren van Voorne. van Schipliede, Jacob Jan Coppaertsz (I506447)
172952 wordt te Amtwerpen als 'werkman' en ook wel winkelier genoemd de Loecker, Petrus Josephus (I685382)
172953 wordt toegelaten tot de Ridderschap van Drenthe in 1652 vanwege het Huis te Peize. Hij is Ette van 1664-1679 en Gedeputeerde in de periode 1667-1678.
Op 6-2-1691 wordt vrouwe Conincks opgedragen, op 10-10-1693 wordt juffer B? Coninck begraven en op 14-3-1696 nogmaals een juffer Coninck. Op 13-8-1698 wordt ritmeester Coninck begraven. Ook schenkt H. de Coninck 12 gld. aan de armen ter nagedachtenis van zijn oudste zuster en kort daarna 3 gld. vanwege luitenant Coninck. Op 26-1-1703 wordt luitenant Stefenus de Coninck begraven. Gedeputeerde Justus de Coninck betaalt 12 gld. die is nagelaten door ritmeester Coninck en een jaar later nog eens de rente over 100 gld. die zijn broer Stef. de Coninck aan de armen heeft vereerd.
Volgens het Lottingsprotocol van 23-12-1692 heeft dan de maagscheid plaats van de nalatenschap van de kinderen van wijlen Jr. Bartholomeus de Coninck en zijn vrouw Margaretha Ripperda. De dan nog levende kinderen zijn Anna Christina, Justus, Frederik, Wigboldine, Steven en Maria.
heer van Peyse
1667 - 1678 gedeputeerde van Drenthe uit de Ridderschap 
de Coninck, Bartholomeus (I1412828)
172954 wordt vermeld als zal. eldermutter in een erfeniszaak van de kinderen van
zal. Br├╝ckenm├╝ller Claus en zijn vrouw Gela Santhenn (haar kleinzoon ?) 12
maart 1514

kinderen vermoedelijk 
Brelle, Margaretha (I72556)
172955 wordt vermeld in 1400
geen kinderen. 
van Assendelft, Gerrit III (I1422674)
172956 wordt vermeld in de haardstedenregisters van Lhee van Drijberde, Jan (I509455)
172957 Wordt voor het eerst genoemd in 1457, stond omstreeks 1460 met zijn broer Willem te Drempt (bij Doesburg) op de riddercedel van de Graafschap, in 1473 ingeschreven als burger van de stad Doesburg, burgemeester van Doesburg over 1475 en 1476, in 1476 schepen van Doesburg, in 1478 door Katharina, regentes van Gelre, beleend met de hof te Baeck, overleden v├│├│r 9-1-1522 (mogelijk al v├│├│r 25-5-1497, want op die datum werd dochter Henrica met het goed Brugginck beleend door de heer van Keppel)
14-04-1484 beleend met 8 Hollandse morgen te Brienen. 
van der Hoevelick, Jorden (I495092)
172958 wordt voor het eerst vermeld in 1442.
Hij pacht van de graaf het baljuwschap te Schiedam van 1469-1475. Op 21 april 1457 zegelt hij met ... merletten zoomsgewijs, rechts boven vergezeld van een vrij kwartier (...) Hij is o.a. burgemeester van Schiedam van 1482-1498. Op 21 juni 1494 wordt hij vermeld met de leeftijd van 66 jaar, zodat hij omstreeks 1428 geboren zou zijn 
Muys van Holy, Anthony (I647418)
172959 Wore Quaker clothing until her death Fox, Sarah Cooper (I4093)
172960 Worked a sampler in 1842 Wedgwood, Sarah (I133666)
172961 Worked as a beautician in Green Bay, WI. Patrickus, Elizabeth Camille (I249724)
172962 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I372411)
172963 Worked as a Fire Captain at the 6th and Kaighn Ave Station in Camden.
Buried in the Harleigh Cemetary in Camden N.J. 
Chambers, Harry Martyn (I431592)
172964 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I480241)
172965 Worked as a Locomotive Engineer. Black, Morton N. (I431600)
172966 Worked as a servant in the home of John Corman, 4747 Smick Street, during the later years of her life. McHenry, Catherine (I270750)
172967 worked as a teacher and administrator in the New York public schools Ann (I52381)
172968 worked as a teacher in area schools.
Soon after their marriage the couple moved to San Francisco where Phoebe gave birth to their only child, William Randolph
In 1873 Phoebe took young William on a grand tour of Europe where the two spent more than a year visiting castles, museums and various cultural centers. This trip would prove to be a pivotal inspiration for William's later endeavor constructing Hearst Castle.
When George Hearst was elected to the United States senate in 1887, the couple relocated to Washington D.C. where Phoebe entertained many guests and statesman. Four years later, Phoebe became the sole heir to her husband's valuable estate upon his death in 1891.
After George's death, Phoebe again returned to California and renewed construction on a palatial residence in Pleasanton, California that had been started by her son a few years earlier. For the project, Mrs. Hearst commissioned Julia Morgan as architect. She would later become the architect behind Hearst Castle.
Throughout her life Phoebe was dedicated to education and, when her financial status allowed her to, she became a generous philanthropist of various educational endeavors. As early as 1891, she made a large gift to the University of California, Berkeley in order to endow several scholarships for women students. She also funded an international architectural competition for a master plan for the University of California, Berkeley, endowed a scholarship program for students at the University and presented the campus with the gift of the Hearst Memorial Mining Building and Hearst Hall.
Later she financed a school for the training of kindergarten teachers and in 1887 she founded the first free kindergarten in the United States. She eventually opened up six more of these free schools supported by her time and money. In 1897, she founded the National Congress of Mothers, a forerunner of the National Council of Parents and Teachers, better known today as the PTA.
In 1897 she became the first woman Regent of the University of California, serving actively on the board from 1897 to 1919. 
Apperson, Phoebe (I482379)
172969 worked as a Vintner, Finsbury Place in 1796 (Poll Record) James, Joseph (I507366)
172970 Worked as a waitress in many resturants in Camden and Gloucester Counties. Raised 3 sons on her own. A very independent woman.
Liked to bowl and play bingo.
Founder of the Westville Eagles Football Cheerleaders Group.
Member of the Westville Little League Auxillary.
Member and Sunday School Teacher at the Victoria Methodist Church.
Buried in the 1st Baptist Cemetary in Salem N.J. Her ashes are buried in her mother's grave. 
Sanderlin, Anna Rebecca (I431537)
172971 worked as an Apprenticed to his uncle Joseph James as a vintner. Record indicates in 1770 in
London. that Richard James, his father, is in Devizes and a wool stapler. 
James, Joseph (I507366)
172972 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I373941)
172973 worked as an engineer and cartographer in Northern Germany van den Honert, Joan (I651405)
172974 Worked as an eye doctor in Chicago area. Witt, Arthur C. (I250964)
172975 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I448110)
172976 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I373934)
172977 Worked at D. J. Rohrer sawmill and later for City of Clintonville. Buried at St. Rose Cemetery. Died of acute cerebral vascular accident, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and congestive heart failure. Witt, August Heinrich (I249675)
172978 Worked at Orial College Oxford

In Memory of
20th Bn., Royal Fusiliers
who died on
Thursday, 28th June 1917.

Commemorative Information
Cemetery: ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN, Seine-Maritime, France
Grave Reference/
Panel Number: P. II. I. 11B.

Location: St. Sever Cemetery and Extension is situated about 3 kilometres south of Rouen Cathedral and a short distance west of the road from Rouen to Elbeuf. Coming from Elbeuf/Caen on the N.138 follow Avenue Des Canadiens right down to the roundabout. Take the fourth exit into Rue Stanislas De Jardin, and the cemetery lies 150 metres on the left. If coming from station Rive Gauche, Gare St Sever, follow Quai D'Elbeuf, Quai Jean Moulin, Quai Cavelier De La Salle into Avenue Jean Rondeaux, Av. De La Liberation, Bd. Du 11 Novembre to the roundabout. Take first exit into Rue Stanislas De Jardin, the cemetery lies 150 metres on the left. St Sever is part of Le Petit Quevilly. The first CWGC signpost is just when you get to the entrance of the cemetery.

Historical Information: During the 1914-1918 War, British camps and hospitals were placed on the Southern outskirts of the city, a Base Supply Depot and the 3rd Echelon of General Headquarters were established at Rouen. The Hospitals at Rouen remained there in almost all cases for practically the whole of the 1914-1918 War. They included eight General, five Stationary, one British Red Cross and one Native Labour Hospitals, and No. 2 Convalescent Depot. A number of the war dead from these Hospitals were buried in other cemeteries, but the great majority were taken to St. Sever; and in September, 1916, it was found necessary to begin using the Extension. The last burial in the Extension took place in April, 1920. In the Extension there are 8,363 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war, 28 of which are unidentified. There are a further 310 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-1945 war. In addition 8 Foreign Nationals are buried here. The cemetery covers an area of 49,885 square metres. The War Stone is on the boundary of the original Cemetery and the Extension, facing the City of Rouen War Memorial. The Cross is raised on a terrace on the further side of the Extension. The Chapel, cruciform and surmounted by a dome, is in the middle of the Extension. 
Whitbread, Ernest Augustus (I369919)
172979 Worked at the Mount School, York. Ecroyd, Mary (I27182)
172980 worked developing computers Darwin, George Pember (I514445)
172981 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I101887)
172982 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I101838)
172983 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I226191)
172984 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I226192)
172985 worked for the Civil Service in Ceylon Festing, Richard Arthur Grindall (I1384734)
172986 Worked for the Des Moines Register and Tribune for more than 50 years. Family F138971
172987 worked for the Des Moines Register and Tribune for over fifty years. He was a life member of the Crusade Masonic Lodge in Greenfield, Iowa., and the Eastern Star. Roscoe and Addie retired to Long Beach, Calif. Graham, Roscoe Samuel (I351132)
172988 worked for the Egyptian Ministry of Education Crowfoot, John Winter (I675288)
172989 Worked for the Railroad. Was married. Very intelligent - self taught. Knight, Patrick (Pat) (I211158)
172990 worked for the Yokohama Specie Bank Ono, Eisuke (I513443)
172991 Worked in brothers Tailor Shop in Ohio Hause, Emaline (I196535)
172992 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I373163)
172993 Worked in the printing business for many years. Played tenor saxaphone. Merwede, Edmund August (I503006)
172994 Worked in the US Embassy in Islamabad for 18 years as Assistant to the Consular Officers. Mulk, Prince Khushwakht-ul (I351026)
172995 worked with Arbuthnot & Co Vans Agnew, John (I496331)
172996 worked with Arbuthnot & Co Fraser, John (I496332)
172997 worked with George Bush as a deputy assistant. Blakeman, Brad (I1365141)
172998 works as a journalist for a few newspapers writting about beautiful houses, and d├ęcoration, and works in the show business, (movies) as a decorator de Riquet, Alexandre (I264274)
172999 works as a radio DJ for 99.9 FM Damone, Perry (I480742)
173000 works at a bank Doherty, Tom (I405013)

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