Matches 168,351 to 168,400 of 169,337

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168351 young van Braam Morris, Owen (I706497)
168352 young Dickson, John Collingwood (I713269)
168353 young Holmes, Margaret (I713971)
168354 young Hamilton, James (I714097)
168355 Young 1820? Smyth, Elizabeth (I514711)
168356 young age Thomas, Mary (I265197)
168357 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I480405)
168358 young blond woman from Northumbria probation office NN (I489259)
168359 Young Chia Chia (I147650)
168360 Young was killed in action during World War I while serving with the New
Zealand Mounted Rifles, New Zealand Expeditionary Forces. 
Quintal, Edward Young (I87573)
168361 young \lang1031 Wright, James (I431565)
168362 Younger Brother Schoolfield, NN (I100890)
168363 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12928)
168364 younger brother.
Colonel in the Bengal Artillery
Alexander arrived at the Cape from Calcutta in Feb 1815 and left for England in Aug 1815. 
Caldwell, Col. Alexander (I1379575)
168365 younger chief of Clan Cameron
14th Chief
2nd of Lochiel 
Cameron, Donald (I579176)
168366 younger daughter Percy, Diana Evelyn (I169836)
168367 younger daughter Archer, Sybil Marjorie (I441801)
168368 younger daughter Graham, Anna Maria (I1391167)
168369 Younger daughter & co-hier of the 3rd Duke of Dorset.
Created Baroness Buckhurst, of Buckhurst, Sussex, in 1864. 
Sackville, Baroness Elizabeth (I101079)
168370 younger daughter and co-heir  Pigot, Petronella (I1393581)
168371 younger daughter and co-heir Abdy, Elizabeth (I1391158)
168372 younger of Airdrie Hamilton, John (I676874)
168373 Younger of Altyre Cumming, Alexander (I674559)
168374 younger of Arley Warburton, Piers (I690440)
168375 Younger of Arndilly Menzies, William George Steuart (I676316)
168376 Younger of Baldornye Gordon, Alexander (I674633)
168377 Younger of Ballindalloch Macpherson-Grant, John (I677284)
168378 younger of Bennetsfield Dunbar, John (I678917)
168379 younger of Caher  Butler, Edmund (I687054)
168380 Younger of Carron Grant, Patrick (I676377)
168381 Younger of Dalrachnie Grant, John (I674431)
168382 younger of Dunrod
appears to have been disinherited by his father 
Lindsay, George (I700470)
168383 Younger of Erneside Cumming, Thomas (I674651)
168384 Younger of Foord Burd, Capt. Edward (I185988)
168385 Younger of Freuchie
Kindrochat of Mar 
Grant, John (I433848)
168386 Younger of Freuchie Grant, Duncan (I186275)
168387 Younger of Glack Elphinstone, William (I576049)
168388 Younger of Glengarry McKean, Angus McAlester (I674637)
168389 Younger of Glenkirk Porteous, John (I676796)
168390 Younger of Glenmoriston Grant, John (I676426)
168391 Younger of Glenmoriston Grant, Capt John (I676498)
168392 younger of Inchmartine Ogilvy, Patrick (I328240)
168393 younger of Littlegill Baillie, Alexander (I714096)
168394 Younger of Luss Colquhoun, Malcolm Rory (I320629)
168395 younger of Newton, 2nd Lord of Burleigh Balfour, Robert (I240363)
168396 younger of Rires Wemyss, Michael (I287027)
168397 younger of Rossie Hill Oliphant, Thomas (I260512)
168398 younger of Ruthven Crichton, James (I314971)
168399 younger of Valleyfield Preston, Maj. Patrick (I711814)
168400 younger of Weem Menzies, Robert (I677744)

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